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1970 Chevelle, base Malibu trim - Very original two owner time capsule

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Year: 1970
Mileage: 56627
VIN: 1363701512904
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Waterford, Connecticut, United States

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Additional Info:

II have enjoyed the car for 5 years and have driven the car to work for most of this summer, but I would like to move on to another project so the Chevelle has to go to make room. To clarify the status of the title, while I do own the car free of any liens so it is a "clear" title, there is no actual title because the state of CT does not issue titles for any car over 20 years of age. It will be sold on a bill of sale and registration.

Equipment - The car is equipped with a 307 V8 and 4 speed manual transmission. It has a Hurst completion plus shifter the original owner had the dealer install before he took delivery of the car. The Hurst installation instructions are included.It has power steering. manual drum brake, AM radio, bench seat, and two tone paint. Body code tag reads paint code 2825, Fathom bluebody with Astro (light) blue top.

Condition - The car is in very good condition for a highly original, 49 year old car. The paint shines but is craze cracked as old laquer does and there are numerous dings and scratches from years of parking lots. The body is solid with NO RUST! The only thing better than a southern car is a northern car that was not driven winters. It is still rust free but has lower miles and the interior is not baked from heat. If you are looking for a solid foundation to build that SS clone you've always wanted, this is it. I elected not to disturb this one because "they are only original once”. I doubt you will find a better, unmolested, base Malibu trim, 4 speed car anywhere. The frame is solid, the usual rust spots behind the wheels and in the floors are totally rust free. The chrome is perfect. Re-chroming is a huge expense when restoring a car and this car does not require any to be done. The glass is good with some scratches here and there but it should not need any new glass. It retains 3 of 4 original T3 head lights. The interior is excellent with one small ¼ inch cut in the driver's seat that looks like someone sat down with a sharp object in their pocket. The rest of the interior is very good. Carpets look like new with rubbers mats in place to protect them. Seat belts are good with belts for 5 passengers. Original owner removed the front center belts. The trunk looks like new and contains an original bias ply white stripe tire as the spare, the original jack, and trunk liner.

Upgrades - Because the car was 40+ years old and had been driven very little the last 10 years before I got it, it needed some work. I replaced the gas tank which had pinhole leaks in the bottom. I removed the corroded original shocks in favor of new ones. The brakes were not stopping well so I went through the system and installed a new master cylinder, 4 new brake cylinders, and replaced the front drums and shoes because the drums were worn beyond spec. I did a complete fluid change to the car of all system fluids which includes brakes, coolant, transmission gear oil, engine oil/filter, power steering and rear differential. I did a complete ignition tune up with points, condenser, cap, rotor, wires and spark plugs. The original owners replaced the exhaust system in 2007 with a proper dual exhaust when the original single system finally gave up after 37 years. Belts and hoses had also been changed. I had trouble with the original Rochester 2GV running lean and after a rebuild kit and attempts to adjust the low end I opted to install an Edelbrock 4 barrel set up that I had. This cured the lean run condition and provided a significant improvement in performance as it no longer runs out of breath as the revs com up like the 2 barrel did. I have preserved all of the original parts I took off and they will come with the car. The car wears Cooper cobra radial tires on 14 X 6 rally wheels. The car as sold will include the original hub caps which are in great condition and 3 of 4 original steel wheels, (First owner told me the 4th wheel was bent on a curb and scrapped) and a 5th rally wheel and a spare hub cap. The car is ready to be driven as it sits or you can plan that dream build you've wanted to do. I am happy to answer all questions. Anyone who lives close enough and would like to view the car may do so. It is located in SE Connecticut.