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2 IDENTICAL 1993 Ford F350 XLT Crew Cabs Dually 4x4(6x6) IH 7.3 Diesel, 5sp O/D

Make: Ford
Model: F-350
SubModel: XLT
Type: Extended Crew Cab Pickup
Trim: XLT
Year: 1993
Mileage: 200,000
VIN: 2ftjw36c9pcb16502
Color: Gray
Engine: 7.3 Diesel
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Burgundy
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Dolgeville, New York, United States

1993 Ford F-350 XLT Additional Info:

Hi Folks, I have here for sale TWO (2) 1993 Ford F350 XLT, 4 door Crew Cab, 4x4, 7.3 diesel, 5 speeds with Over/Drive, 6 DEEP Dish (think Bud Wheels) steel flat bed, 8' foot pickup trucks for sale. They just do not build them like this anymore. About 200,000 original Miles on each truck. They both will start and run well once you (MECHANIC??) get her Fuel issue fixed. Most of my trucks because they are so closely identical have ALL ended up with the same kind of fuel issue problems. A mechanic friend looked at them once and said after 20 years of NY weather, I am sucking AIR into the fuel lines somewhere (fuel lines themselves or the tanks were rusted away creating "pin" holes and the easiest fix was new steel fuel lines and fuel tanks. Both items are very cheap but I just do not do my own repair work anymore so my loss is someone Else's gain.
BOTH these trucks will not start now in the dead cold of winter nor can neither be driven off my land for obvious insurance reasons. They BOTH must be towed back to your homes/shops/wherever. One of the trucks (last 8 photos is a NY truck and what will be refereed in this ad as the NY truck and the other truck will be called the Vermont truck (as seen in the first 4 photos and has the green plate on the front bumper of it.
These TWO (2) trucks when they are on running condition were Everymans' DREAM truck with amazing load hauling capability and versatility because they have the VERY, VERY, RARE 5 speed transmissions with OVERDRIVE and a gear ratio of 3:55 to 1 (which will let you do 80 MPH easy at only like 2200 RPMS) and gets 18 to 20 MPG when equipped with the OPTIONAL TURBO in 1993 which BOTH trucks have from the FACTORY. These two trucks are MIND NUMBLINGLY RARE to find anymore. Just look at the build numbers.
What I find most incredible is that these two trucks serial numbers are only about 1500 numbers apart so they were virtually built the SAME week, on the SAME assembly line. in Canada.
The NY truck, the grey and maroon (two toned exterior) is very rusty and has a broken rear spring shackle BUT it could be made to run and work again but right now, my original intent was to remove it's rusted away rear deck as well as it's rusted front fenders and just scrap them. Then Because the Vermont truck interior was horribly molested by the former owners dog, I was just going to remove and install the NY trucks, perfect conditioned, (original factory MATCHING color) interior and to put it all into the completely RUST FREE Vermont truck that has no rust anywhere on it at all except for some in the normal places on the underside frame and chassis.
Basically build one very good looking, well running, truck out of the PARTS from the two vehicles combined. And still have what's left of the cannibalized truck for any part in the future.
But now under Doctors orders, THAT is not gonna happen for me, so it is time to give all my unfinished PROJECTS new homes. If there is the first signs of Noticeable rust on these 1993-1997 trucks is always at Bottom of front fenders, bottom of rear cab corners, and because of poor design flaw, the front & rear bumpers tend to rust out from behind (where they collect road grit).
These two trucks will also need 2 complete sets of sneakers (tires) if you intend to make both trucks road worthy again or just one set for a single truck obviously. The tires that are currently on both trucks so the trucks are like "rolling chassis" are like brand new and NOT meant for these two trucks. They all came off other working trucks. I will consider selling them for an additional 150.00 each for both deep dish steel wheel and mounted tire which is half again my original cost. The brand was Hercules (A generic Cooper tire with snow traction cleats)
I also HAVE a Meyer snowplow undercarriage mount & 9' ft commercial plow that are available very discounted if interested due to needing some fixing and wiring harness for lights. Both these trucks are a beast of a truck individually, I just will never be able to drive either of them again so I guess it's time to go. Doctors orders.
I have a health condition that my doc says it is not advisable for me to drive anymore at least not by myself and since I live alone.........well you can see the problem that presents. Haha
So unfortunately for me, all these projects I thought I would have the time to fix and enjoy once again, is simply not gonna happen anytime soon, so ALL my trucks and heavy equipment is becoming priced, as I feel so inspired, to write out these auctions.
These 2 trucks still have very low miles relatively speaking to most this age at only about 200,000 each. Most of these trucks I find are like 350,000 miles old. The Oil used to get changed every 6k miles with Rotella Diesel Oil but has not been changed since the trucks were parked a couple summers ago. I have a clean and clear title for the NY truck and a valid registration for the Vermont truck because Vermont does not use titles but either way you will have no problem registering either truck.
The other problem around here is I live in the sticks and most mechanics around here only know how to work on Gas engines so it is virtually impossible to find a fairly priced, mobile, diesel mechanic so that is why nothing has been fixed on most of the stuff around here previously. Everything I own is DIESEL. And now I am sick and am done "fixing" things. These trucks and equipment I will be offering are not JUNK. You will notice in the photos background, I live in a "white pine" forest and as is seen on the last NY picture, most everything on the property here gets covered in that yellow "pine" dust and makes paint jobs look horrible (as well as my horrible photo taking) till you give the vehicle a bath and a good polish. The green truck I am offering looks great once it is detailed. And these grey trucks could too. They all just need a little TLC and someone who knows how to work on heavy duty trucks and do the repair RIGHT the first time.
When running, these trucks put out some seriously hot interior heat in the winter but I don't know anything about the Air since I never use it. Both trucks have working power windows and door locks, factory tinted windows and some front and side window glass covers to keep the rain and snow from coming inside when your windows are open a crack for fresh air. Both trucks also have the old style manual hubs (much preferred as less tendency to break internally like electronic ones of today) and fully functioning, manual lever, transfer case.
Dana 60 straight front and 10.25 ring & pinion rear with the 3:55 to 1 Axel ratio for BEST fuel economy in a 5 speed Diesel .

This particular Body style and package configuration is ULTRA, ULTRA RARE. How many of this exact configuration have you seen in your lifetimes?? It took me 10 years to find the 5 that I own. For the first 10 years of trying to find more than one, most people who had one would never sell it even AFTER the powerstroke engines were introduced. They just LOVED the durability that Ford built into these Mid-90's trucks
These 7.3 diesels are the original 7.3 International Harvester (IH) IDI School Bus and Straight Truck TRUCK DT 466 engines and NOT like the weaker engines Ford produces today for just their pick-up truck models. And if you do find one of these, it will usually only be a 2 wh drive model or if it is a 4x4 it will usually be equipped with maybe a MONSTER Sized Gas engine that only gets 5 miles to the gallon. I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff here so please feel free to contact me with your questions.
1993 Was Fords first real HARD plunge into using an INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH engine in a large CREW CAB style TOWING truck as well as one that could carry very heavy loads in the pick-up bed without the truck even "squatting".
Previously they had tried with a 6.9 and then a 7.3 non-turbo motors from 1986-1992 but in 1993, Ford jumped into the diesel market both feet adding the TURBO as an "option" and the difference in performance and power was simply incredible.
All the Ford F-350 built trucks in the 1993-1997 years only made up .008% of just 1% of the TOTAL F-350 production Models. That means that out of every ONE THOUSAND (1000) F-350's built in any of the 4 model years, ONLY 8 were built in this overall 4 dr, diesel, dually, configuration. Just think of how few are still on the road today. These trucks I have are ULTRA RARE versions that Everybody wants in a truck but could not afford NEW but my trucks are now new and for the right price, could be yours today.
It's almost like finding a 1964 GTO 389 Tri-Power 4 speed in a barn that has long been forgotten about. That's how RARE these Unmolested, totally factory buil, Numbers Matching, Heavy Duty, 4 door Crew Cab, 6x6 Dually Diesels have become.
Unfortunately for me, last summer, a local "meth" head dirt ball in the middle of a summer night stole the radiatora and two batterys out of each of the (4) manuel transmission trucks I have here so both these trucks are missing their batterys and radiators but EVERYTHING else from the factory is still there. Radiators are fairly inexpensive on ebay and in salvage yards as I am sure you know. Sorry about this. When is it going to become legal again to shoot trespassers like it was in the 1800's and not be sued by the surviving family??

I have a couple MORE trucks, vans, and heavy equipment to offer up, but that stuff will be listed in future auctions. Be sure to bookmark my page and keep an eye out for upcoming offerings.
To ask any questions please click on the link "contact seller" in the upper right side of the page and we can set up an APPOINTMENT time for you to come by and look over the trucks yourself. Please no tire kickers or "just lookers" as we do not want to waste each others time, right?? And ALL my auctions are NOT buy the auction and then decide you do not want to BUY the vehicle when you get here because these auctions are quite expensive through the Bay and it is a BEAR of a time for a "seller" to get their already deducted "fees" back.
If you win the auction please send $500 immediately within 24 hrs via pay pal and bring the balance in cash or certified/cashiers check upon pick-up.
Again most all of my trucks and equipment are NOT currently registered or insured so they MUST be trailered off my property. Nothing here is registered or insured for you to drive home. Please do not even think about it.
I have tried to "cover" everything I could think of here but please email me with any questions. If you just want a particular part off one of my other trucks, let me know and I will put your name on a "list" OR the smarter thing to do would be to buy an entire truck from me and then "SELL" the parts you do not want on your own at your own home or shop.
Exporters welcome. These trucks will BARELY fit inside a 20 foot container (with their WIDE fenders but they WILL fit) and are worth two (2) times as much in a Southern Hemisphere country.
I have had people buy power boats on trailers (see my other auctions) and 2 IH backhoes once that ended up somewhere in South America. All export papers will be on you to arrange, but I DO have "clean and clear" TITLES for all the vehicles that I sell. You will make BANK on these trucks even after the cost of the container and other expenses if they were shipped out of country.
Obviously, ALL vehicles are being sold "as-is, Where-is" with no warranties expressed or implied.
Thank you in advance for reading this ad and good luck to the best bidders.