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1990 Porsche 928 S4... Guards Red with FULL Black leather interior

Make: Porsche
Model: 928
Type: 2 door hatchback
Trim: 2 door S4
Year: 1990
Mileage: 170,482
VIN: WP0JB2922LS860361
Color: Guards Red
Engine: 5.0 liter
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Premium
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: rear wheel drive
Interior color: Black Leather
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Andover, NJ, United States

1990 Porsche 928 2 door S4 Additional Info:

Allow me to give you a history on this vehicle...Its been Impeccably well maintained where everything do to age or deteriorationhas been replace at some point in its life.I've been the owner of this car since June 2007 where Ipurchased this car when it had only 31,500 miles on it. The following day of ownership the torque tube shaft snapped...was i pissed ...needless to say after talking with and purchasing a rebuilt one from 928 International, this is not that uncommon...it must have been a bad parts run issue because they saw others with this issue...I don't know, but I've had no issues since and i've owned 3 other S4's without this issue.In December of 2014 a head gasket failed and caused a forced replace of the entire engine when the car had 162,640 miles on it. So i went on a search to find an exact model year replacement out of a 1990 car. So the swap began in May 2015. My old engine serial # M28/42 81L51734 and the new used engine M28/42 81L51802 with 101,277 miles on it. The engine came from a dismantler in California. After receivingthe engine I freshened everything up...new cam cover seals along with every rubber seal associated with the cam covers.New knock sensors, new hall sensor,new intake plenum gaskets, all rubber hoses under the intake plenum, new idle stablizer,new rubber vacuum elbows, new spark plugs,new injectors, new plug wires which were also replaced with factory Beru ones which I had purchased for the original motor.Thecamshaft covers and the intake plenum were stripped and powder coated and custom paint lettered where it has embossed areas on the cam covers and the intake plenum. Also the flappy value bearings where replaced after the powder coating. The oil pan was dropped and engine inspected,for any slug or debris and wear at critical points such as the thrust bearing. All looked good then the oil pan was installed with a new OEM gasket.At that time the oil cooler, located under the radiator on the 1990 model years forward, was also replaced.A new timing belt, OEM timing belt camshaft gears(which are very expensive) and water pump were installed along with new rollers and the "Porken" self adjusting belt tensioner. All new accessory belts along with a new radiator, (CSFbrand) a high quality aluminum radiator from 928 International.Additionally the motor mounts were replace from ones I purchased from Roger at 928RUS and the steering rack was rebuilt along with new OEM tie rod ends and new dust boots installed. This was all followed up with a 4 wheel alignment when all work was finished.Other work that was done was the replacement of the thermostat and ALL thermostat hosing seals along with heater core hoses and engine vacuum operated heating control (black plastic vacuum valve at the rear of the engine). Now let me stress this point...this car was put back together with every nut, bolt, screw, wire harness, hose, plug wire, etc as it was from the factory!!!.... HOW DO I KNOW THIS.... I DID ALL THE WORK AND I'M VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE DONE...AND I'VE OWNED FIVE 928's since 1995 and i did all the work on them also.Other preventive measures that has been addressed ALL new OEM struts, new rear axle dust boots, all fluids changed, brake fluid, transmission fluid and filter, oil every 3K with mobil 15w-50.New OEM brake master cylinder, new Bosch fuel pump and filter,fuel injector brain rebuilt with life time warranty.New brakes and all rotors replaced. Most all of this work was recently done in the last 7,842 miles!!!! So this car will go for a long long time without issues...NO FUILD LEAKS WHAT SO EVER...... AND THE A/C BLOWS COLD!So currently the odometer shows 170,482 miles but this engine has been refreshed with only 109,119 miles currently..(101,277 miles at purchase +7,842 miles since refreshed)Now to top ALL that off it has ORIGINAL paint that shines nicely,..... NO CRACKS in the dash or dash pod,...... NO CRACKS,SPLITS,TEARS OR STITCHING DETERIORATION IN THE STEERING WRAP OR SHIFT LEVER....., NO TEARS, CRACKS OR WARPS IN THE INTERIOR which is FULL LEATHER ......AND LOADED WITH MOST ALL OPTIONS TO BOOT!The underside of this vehicle is very clean with a black aluminium belly shield from 928 International and the stock smaller one be hide it...Oh the car also has a chrome tip stainless steel rear muffler bypass...I have the original to go with the car if so desiredThe car has minor damage at the passengers rear quarter panel shown in the pic which occurred while parked, where someone hit the car and left.....CAR FAX SHOWS THIS AS HAVING A REPORTED ACCIDENT....THAT IS NOT TRUE...I'VE OWNED THE CAR SINCE JUNE 2007 AND ITS NEVER BEEN WRECKED!!!!..EVER!!!Some further disclosure...There areNO BENT UP AREAS FROM USING THE WRONG LIFT POINTS as i've seen on many other 928s. All electronics work, all glass is clean without any cracks or etching.Soooo now its up to you to make an educated choice...my advice..... choose wisely with someone who has a high quality, well maintainedcar that you know you'll get years of pleasure from and has absolutely nothing to hide...TOTAL TRANSPARENCY or risk purchasing someone else's car where, it appears a better deal, but little or no maintenancewas ever done, let alone preventive maintenance.. One thing I can assure you of,since these cars are up there in age, many have been neglected with maintenance and are deteriorating just do to age,especially rubber seals and rubber parts.These cars are not cheap to repair, nor are the parts, so you better have the knowledge on how to repair them if you do decide to fix them yourself and, I can assure you, that your still going to be into a great deal of time and expense...Good luck to all!...Questions you can contact me directly at (908)470-9530 Kevin