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1953 Willys M38A1 Military Jeep Restoration Project with Complete Second Jeep

Make: Willys
Model: 439
Year: 1953
Mileage: 1
VIN: 17193626786
Color: Green
Engine: 4 cylinder
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Peyton, Colorado, United States

1953 Willys 439 Additional Info:

** new info added, see below
Up for sale are both my 1953 M38A1 military Jeeps, 24 volt. I was restoring the Jeep that you see disassembled inside and could never get back to it. It has been sitting for about 10 years now and I realize that Ill never get back to it. So instead of it sitting here rotting, I'd like to sell it to someone to finish. The complete Jeep you see outside is one that I bought to use as a sample Jeep so I could use it as a reference when putting the other Jeep back together. I purchased it because it was totally unadulterated and never modified or taken apart. This Jeep does not run but is complete. I did disconnect one or two of the floor board access panels and an oil tube on the engine.
The Jeep inside that is being restored: We spared no expense on this Jeep. What you see is an accumulation of 4 Jeeps to get the best parts. My wife originally had a 1953 M38A1 Jeep and we decided to restore it. The only thing that we used from that jeep was the rear axle because everything else was in rough shape. We bought Chucks parts Jeep and used the frame, transmission and front axle from that Jeep. The frame was totally unadulterated and in perfect condition. We had it sand blasted and powder coated. That cost a ton of money. I had the transmission fully rebuilt at an old timers transmission shop in Van Nuys California, NOT AAMCO!!!! We also replace all the clutch parts with new parts.
The Jeep that you see outside had a decent rebuildable motor tossed in the back so we rebuilt that. The motor was fully rebuilt by a friend of mine who was a radial engine mechanic and was the crew chief on the B-25 Mitchell Heavenly Body until his death.
The body you see on the dolly next to the Jeep frame we bought at Antelope Valley Salvage in California. It is an arrow straight body that was in excellent condition. The body, fenders, hood, front grille, windshield post, etc was sand blasted and painted in Van Nuys California. All of those parts are in excellent condition.
Both axles were rebuilt by Hoopers Rear End in Sun Valley California. I fully rebuilt all the brakes and used all new parts. The backing plates were powder coated. Both drive shafts were fully rebuilt. All 5 wheels were powder coated and all 5 tires are brand new. I think the leaf springs are new but its been so long, I cant remember. Because we spared no expense on this Jeep, they are probably new. All the shackle parts are new, that is sure.
Inside the Jeep body is many thousands of dollars worth of new parts that are all original surplus Jeep parts. Plus, there are many many extra good used parts from my wifes original Jeep and Chucks Jeep. Some of the new parts are things like new wiring looms, fuel and brake lines, all new lights front and back, switches, etc. Just too many to list and its been far too long to remember.
I have thousands of dollars in these two Jeeps, far exceeding $10,000. This is a very good restoration project for someone that wants something of value and something that was started in the right direction. I have no idea what the original mileage was on any of the Jeeps donating parts to this project so I put 000001 in the mileage box. Its being restored so does it matter?
**In one of the photos you see a clip board full of receipts along side other boxes of parts in the body. I grabbed this clipboard and started going through the receipts. Here is what I found:1. I spent not less than $3772.38 with Peter Debella in New York for parts with the receipts to prove it.2. I spent not less than $2980.65 with Antelope Valley Equipment and Truck Parts in Lancaster California and I have all the receipts to prove that.3. I spent $577 to have the transmission rebuilt by A.B.E. Transmission and Gear Co in Van Nuys California and I have the invoice to prove that.4. I spent $1950 at Dura-Glo Paint and Body Center in Van Nuys California to have the Jeep body and all related parts such as fenders, hood, etc sand blasted and painted and I have the invoice to prove that.5. I spent $597.56 at Coker Tire to purchase 5 original military Jeep tires and I have the invoice to prove that.6. I have some other receipts for various things totalling about $300.7. I have over $2000 in receipts from Ajax Sandblasting and Welding Services in Van Nuys California having the frame and other Jeep parts sandblasted and powder coated.8. This does not include the engine rebuild costs which I have no invoices for. However, with parts and labor, that should have costed about $2500 give or take.9. The complete Jeep outside cost me $4500 which includes the transport costs from Michigan to California. I do not have an invoice for that.My addition tells me that I have not less than $19,177.59 in these two Jeeps and this is just those costs that I can prove, with the exception of the engine and complete Jeep outside. I think it is safe to assume that nobody gave me the complete Jeep outside and it obviously has some value. And the rebuilt engine must have cost something as well even though I do not have any invoices for it.
I strongly recommend that interested buyers come to look at the Jeeps and inspect them. We can go through all the parts, paperwork and receipts of items that were purchased and work done. I have a thick file of most of the paperwork. I also have a photo library of the Jeeps that were involved, and Jeep manuals.
I will not arrange shipping, that is something you need to do. However, I will help to load the Jeeps if necessary. The body is on a dolly with wheels and is easily moved. The frame with engine can easily be moved as well. The Jeep outside can move and be rolled up onto a flat bed or trailer, however, it doesn't roll easily.
Both Jeeps are being sold in "AS IS" condition. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind expressed or implied. What you see is what you get. However, not all parts are pictured but you still get whatever is with or part of the Jeeps.