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1976 Ferrari 308 GTB "Vetroresina" Fiberglass!

Make: Ferrari
Model: 308
SubModel: GTB "Vetroresina" Fiberglass!
Type: 2-door Berlinetta
Year: 1976
Mileage: 12,213
VIN: F106AB *19397*
Color: Red
Engine: 3.0-liter V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 5-Speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Other Color
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: San Diego, California, United States

1976 Ferrari 308 GTB "Vetroresina" Fiberglass! Additional Info:

Model308 GTB
Chassis No.Ferrari F106AB *19397*
Engine No.Ferrari F106A *01789*
Gearbox No.F106AL *1795*
Exterior ColorRosso Chiaro (Paint Code 20-R-190)
Interior ColorTan Leather with Black Vinyl Inserts
Production Sequence No.1
Scaglietti Body/Job No.13A
Ignition Key No.14152A
Door/Glove Box Key No.2270
CompletedMay 1976
Mileage12,213 Miles
Ferrari F106AB *19397*
This particular 308 GTB “Vetroresina” or “Glass-Reinforced-Plastic” was sequentially the 156th of a total of 712 knownexamples completed and the first of just 100 examples completed for the North American Market. Production began inSeptember of 1975 and ended in December of 1977. Beginning in June of 1976, Ferrari began to introduce steel-bodied 308salong-side their plastic-bodied counterparts. Production remained over-lapping until December of 1976 when the fiberglassvariant began to be phased out. The two distinct versions remained in production until as noted in December of 1977 whenthe last “Vetroresina” example was completed.

“19397” along with three other sequential serial-numbered fiberglass 308 GTBs were part of a block of 20-similar examplesthat would comprise a total batch of just 100 examples destined for the North American Market. These differed from theEuropean production examples in several ways. A dual distributor, dual exhaust system engine replaced the single distributor,single exhaust system engine found on the European version. The engine also relied on a more traditional and simpler “wet-sump” oiling system with revised oil-cooler arrangement. The North American variant also utilized revised side-marker andtaillight lenses as well as having a speedometer in miles per hour and labeling and badging compliant with DOT and EPAregulations.

“19397” was completed on Scalietti job/body number 13A and on North American Production Sequence Number 1. It was asuch the very first assigned chassis number of an initial batch of four vehicles. (The other three examples were assignedchassis numbers 19399, 19401 and 19403.) “19397” was assigned engine number “F106A *01789* and gearbox numberF106AL *1795* both of which it retains to this day. The exterior color was recorded by Ferrari as Rosso Chiaro, No. 20-R-190.The interior was tan-leather with black vinyl seat inserts. The original order for this Ferrari was initiated by Chinetti-Garthwaite Motors and was later revised to reflect the additional order of three more vehicles, all of which were received byALGAR (Al Garthwaite) Enterprises after shipping to the States. “19397” was completed in early May of 1976 and followedshortly thereafter by 19399, 19401 and 19403.

On arrival in the States, noted Ferrari historian and author Stan Nowak inspected and evaluated 19397 recording both thecolors, engine number and the mileage as well as noting the key numbers and that their were three complete sets of keys. Itwas seen and inspected again later that Summer still at ALGAR in August of 1976 by Gerald Roush of the Ferrari MarketLetter. The car was not initially sold but instead remained on display and used for test-drives as well as to promote additionalorders which came in shortly thereafter. Ferrari continued production of the North American Models and assembled a furtherbatch totaling 100 examples by December of 1976 at which time as previously noted, steel-bodied variants began tosupplement the original GRP-bodied examples.

ALGAR eventually sold 19397 late in December of 1976 to television writer, producer and well known personality, Mr. John D.Tutterrow of Las Gatos, California. Tutterow took delivery later in the Spring of 1977 when the car was again observed byNowak at a local Ferrari Owners’ Club Gathering. It was next recorded by both Nowak, Dr. Robert B Marvin and the FerrariOwners’ Club USA registrar still being with Tutterow who was now living in Sunland, California.

Tutterow used this Ferrari sparingly over the next several years until 1988 when he agreed to a sale to new owners, Chris andNancy Springer who at the time lived in nearby San Jose, California. The Springers likewise enjoyed their new Ferrari over thenext several years taking it with them when they moved to Bear Valley, California. This 308 was again observed and usedboth on the cover and as a featured vehicle by Gerald Roush’s Ferrari Market Letter in his June 11th, 1988 (FML Volume 13,No. 12) edition which described the Fiberglass 308s in great details.

In 1995 the Springers began a full cosmetic restoration which lasted several years. During the disassembly of the vehicle thephotographed and recorded a variety of unique and special details as well as some 40 different grease pencil and stencilmarks showing the production sequence No. 1 as well as the body number 13. After not being driven for several years whilethe bare-body paint and interior work was being completed, it was decided to have the engine and gearbox sent out for acomplete overhaul by noted specialist, Bob Wallace in Phoenix, Arizona. Since the completion of the full mechanical andcosmetic restoration of this Ferrari the car has covered very few additional miles. It remains fully serviced and carefullypreserved and still has all of the original tools, new, never-used emergency light, pouch, cable, jack kit original Neimanignition key, SAFE door/glove box key and ultra-rare original "A.E Lorioli" Milano key FOB as well as the original owner’smanual and a selection of 1980s era California road maps collected by the car’s first California owner in the days before hand-held GPS devises and smart phones. In addition to the above noted items, a copy of the Ferrari Market Letter, (FML Volume13, No. 12) will be provide to this very special vehicle’s next fortunate custodian.

This is of course a completely accident and rust free as well as all matching numbers example with just two owners and12,213 miles having been covered since being sold new.
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