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1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina

Make: Ferrari
Model: 308
SubModel: GTB Vetroresina
Doors: 2
Year: 1976
Mileage: 99,621
Color: Red
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: San Diego, California, United States

1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina Additional Info:

This 308 GTB is sequentially No. 185 of the 712 total cars built. (100 USA wet-sump cars and 612 Euro-dry-sump cars.)

Year 1976
Make Ferrari
Model 308 GTB
Type Vetroresina
Chassis No F106AB 19483
Engine No F106A021 00256
Gearbox No F106AB 285
Sequential Production No 185 of 712
Production Sequence Job No 237
Completed May 1976
Exterior Color Silver (Original)
Interior Color Dark Blue (Original)
Exterior Color Red (Current)
Interior Color Black (Current)
Mileage 99,621 Kilometers (61,901 Miles)

Production of Ferrari's ultra-cult collectible Vetoresina 308 GTB models began in September of 1975 and ended in December of 1977 when the 712th examples was finished. Beginning in June of 1976, Ferrari began to introduce steel-bodied 308s along-side the original plastic-bodied counterparts. Production remained over-lapping until December of 1976 when the fiberglass variant began to be phased out. The two distinct versions remained in production until as noted in December of 1977 when the last "Vetroresina" example was completed.

The North American Market 308 GTB Vetroresina models differed from the European production examples in several ways. A dual distributor, dual exhaust system engine replaced the single distributor, single exhaust system engine found on the European version. The engine also relied on a more traditional and simpler "wet-sump" oiling system with revised oil-cooler arrangement. The North American variant also utilized revised side-marker and taillight lenses as well as having a speedometer in miles per hour and labeling and badging compliant with DOT and EPA regulations on those sold in the States. The USA versions were rated at 240bhp but actually produced 225bhp.

The European version was designed from the outset as an homologation vehicle for those interested in racing. The lighter fiberglass bodies and a production build of more than 500 units along with the dry-sump oiling system provided the basics for a competitive Group 4 racer and even later Group B rally cars. Even in "as-delivered" showroom configuration, the single distributor, single exhaust outlet, dry-sump European 308 GTB models were rate at 255bhp but actually produced 270bhp. Specialst tuners, privateers and most especially, Michelotto would quickly bring the stock output of the 3.0-liter V8 to well over 300bhp. Before the end of their contemporary racing days were behind them, the addition of Kuglefischer, slide-valve fuel injection saw output on several of the racing variants exceed 360bhp, all out of the stock-displacemnt 3.0-liter engines.

F106AB 19483
While originally conceived as a racing homologation special, the majority of the 612 European dry-sump Vetroresinas were bought purely for enjoyment on the road as was the case with this particular example. Chassis No. 19483 was a standard European Dry-Sump GTB. It was completed in May of 1976 with an exterior color of nonmetallic silver with a very complementary dark blue interior. This Ferrari was ordered and sold new by the official Ferrari Agency in Rome, Italy, 19483 would remain in Italy for just two years until coming to the States in April of 1978 as a private one-time import waiver entry by an American owner in Los Angeles, California. At the time of import the car was showing just 12,500 kilometers and it remained in the original delivery colors of silver/blue.

One month after arriving in the States this Ferrari was offered for sale by OverSeas Imports Ltd. of Costa Mesa, California. It was listed several times that month in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times which was for many years a mainstay way of listing such vehicles for sale. Overseas Imports also listed the car for sale in May of 1978 in the Ferrari Market Letter. It was sold shortly thereafter remaining with a private owner over the next ten years until being purchased in April of 1988 by Brian Burnett, owner of Ferrari of Las Gatos in Las Gatos, California. At the time of their purchase this Ferrari's odometer showed 41,000 kilometers and the car had been repainted to red and an all new black interior had been installed. They sold the car shortly after acquiring it to Steve Barney, Owner of Foreign Cars Italia in Greensboro, North Carolina. They sold it immediately to nearby resident, Lawrence (Larry) Gitmed. Gitmed had the car for only a very short period of time and sold it back to Foreign Cars Italia later that year with the odometer now showing 43,000 kilometers. After servicing the car, Foreign Cars Italia sold it to Chapel Hill, North Carolina resident Watts Hill. In May of 1988 the car was again serviced by Foreign Cars Italia. At the time of servicing, the car's odometer showed 46,434 kilometers. This Ferrari remained largely stored and un-used by Mr. Hill during his ownership.

In 1991 Watts Hill sold this Ferrari to Mr. Stephen V. Caggiano of Fort Lee, New Jersey. At the time of his purchase, the car still had just over 46,000 kilometers on the odometer. Caggiano did little with this Ferrari until authorizing a sale via Gaylordsville, Connecticut Ferrari dealer and broker Peter Sweeney to European Auto Sales and Restoration in Costa Mesa, California on March 22nd, 1995. At the time of purchase this Ferrari still showed just over 46,000 kilometers and it remained red with a black interior. European Auto Sales and Restoration sold this Ferrari shortly thereafter to a Japanese Museum Collection. It was imported to Japan on July 8th, 1995 and issued plates "33 5648." At the time of import and registration the car's odometer recorded 46,500 kilometers. This Ferrari would remain in Japan in the same private collection for the next 21 years during which time another 53,000 kilometers were added to the odometer. In May of 2016, we purchased this Ferrari in Japan from the long-term owner. Total original kilometers are now 99,621 (61,901 Miles.)

This particular 308 GTB Dry-Sump, European Model, Vetroresina is completely matching numbers with absolutely no rust or signs of accident damage anywhere ever. This vehicle has just been issued a new title and has had all services completely brought up to date including the belt service. There is zero time on the vehicle since all work was completed. New tires have been fitted to the original fully refurbished rims. Engine compression is perfect with the following results:

Cyl No. Pounds Per Square Inch
1 170
2 175
3 170
4 170
5 180
6 170
7 170
8 170