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1941 Dodge WC (Power Wagon)

Make: Dodge
Model: Power Wagon
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Year: 1941
Mileage: 7500
Color: Grey w/ Black Fenders
Engine: 217.8 Flathead 6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: none
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Buffalo, New York, United States

1941 Dodge Power Wagon Additional Info:

Dream Truck! Offering is a 1941 Dodge WC and is from before WWII and before there was a Jeep and before there were Power Wagons. Military spec and different from the Power Wagons made after the 1945. This has the period correct 217 ci. engine and is a stock chassis and drive train. Engine is Dodge D2. I had one more vehicle in me and this was exactly what I wanted. This a Great old truck and not a "Show Truck" and is a "driver". Paint is "Smoke Grey" over flat black fenders. Take a look to see how this is different from most Power Wagons. This is what many restorers start with https://m.roadkillcustoms.com/sergeant-rock-stacey-davids-1941-dodge-power-wagon/ Sgt. Rock and https://www.weavercustoms.com/fmj.php These are not what my truck is … but it is where they started. The frame is a 114 inch wheelbase (Short) and the frame is straight not dipped before the cab. The height at the top of the roof is 84" and the short wheelbase makes the "stance" perfect. 6 1/2 foot bed and a fine wood front bumper. Later Power Wagons had 9 foot beds and they had a drop in the frame to lower the cab. This later model Cab is from 1954 and the bed is not stock but is clad with steel diamond plate sides and new aluminum fenders. Running boards are from a truck. From front to back …I had the front clip sandblasted (fenders and hood) and then primed and painted them without any filler or bondo. I attempted to hammer out some dents but the 4 lbs sledge hammer wasn't enough so I left them alone. Cab has been repaired and welded while the roof has some bondo. Bed has no bondo with the repairs made in steel and the gate is not stock. It has a Pintle hitch and 2" receiver. Glass is new and tinted with the windshield frame hinged at the top although the interior crank is not operational. Interior seat is from a Dodge Dakota and the interior cab liners are new from Vintage Power Wagon. Truck has been converted to 12 volts and wiring is new and hand made. I have a battery kill switch in the cab. Lights are LED in the rear with side markers (new) and stock headlights and an extra set. Dashboard is stock and toggle switches for lights and ignition. Engine has 20,000 miles on it with a GM single wire Alternator. Water pump is new as is the aluminum radiator. Ignition is Pertronix and wires are new. Single wiper is new for Driver side. In the bed I have a new 22 gallon poly gas tank and electric fuel pump. The 12 volt battery is also inside a wood box in the bed. Truck Bed is unfinished wood. Brakes are new including shoes and lines (from Vintage Power wagons) along with master cylinder. Wheels are from post war Power wagon (safer split rings) and I have 5 original 1941 Power Wagon wheels. Tires are 9.00x 16 Michelin Military radials with 80% tread. Running gear is fine and the 4wd works great Original speedometer says 6,000. It has the stock 1941 transmission and transfer case along with the axles (F&R). Since this is a WC 1941 the axle ratio is 4.89 and normal driving never uses 1st gear (low). Later Power Wagons were 5.83 with 2 speed transfer cases. This is a 78 year old truck and was designed to go everywhere and anywhere in 1941 and this was prior to highways in USA. Not a fast truck! The stock tires were 7.50 x 16 so when the larger 36" tires (9.00) are on a 4.89 axle I can report that 70MPH is possible but not recommended or comfortable. So you can drive normally around town but you will lose every drag race if presented with a challenge. But if you hook up bumper to bumper…. no worries! Many of these are swapped to a Cummins Diesel (4bt and 6bt) and different axles. Good for them. This is essentially stock and a real crowd pleaser. I have driven this 1,500 miles in the past year and it drives like a truck. Steering is not "nimble" but ot has a new steering column from Vintage Power Wagons and double clutching is necessary. I have a step stool for my family to get in (it is a tall truck) I own a '41 Chrysler 4dSd and '37 Dodge coupe. This truck is impressive and draws a crowd and most cannot stop smiling while looking it over. Why am I offering it? I have 5 other old cars and I got married in the Chrysler 46 years ago and brought my daughter home from hospital in the 1937 (it was my college car from 1971). The reason was to make a "dream truck" the way I wanted so it could be driven as a truck…anywhere anytime. I Live in Buffalo and yes it is GREAT in the snow. Perhaps it can be taken to shows and yes it will be appreciated more than the new Mustangs and Corvettes (not a fan) It also could be for a 4 wheeler family for a fun ride (low gear as all you need). One short point is the truck is 78 years old. The lubricants do not stay where I put them (weeping). Just as you can expect …where you park…. you'll leave a mark. I know this is unusual since it is not a finished Show truck and it is not a survivor. It is a fixed up truck and not by a professional. But it is startling and majestic. Bigger and taller than anything out there. Ask about the Carburation. Contact 716-866 8159 Christopher