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1992 Dodge W250 2500 5.9 Cummins Diesel 4WD Extended Cab 5sp Manual Transmission

Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 2500
Year: 1992
Mileage: 234000
VIN: 3b7km23c2nm551789
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Huson, Montana, United States

1992 Dodge Ram 2500 Additional Info:

First off let me just say that this has been a fantastic truck, and I drove it and maintained it like I was going to keep it forever ( I thought I would). The only reason I am selling it is because my growing family needed a crewcab. This is an extended cab pickup but if you are familiar with this truck or look at the pictures you know that it is fine for kids or adults on short trips, but not great for grownups on longer drives.

This truck checks all the boxes for a 1st gen dodge. It is a 5sp manual, 4x4, extended cab and 3.54 gearing. The getrag transmission was rebuilt and clutch replaced at around 155,000. Since than it has given me no problems. Clutch is still in great condition and the truck shifts as it should. 4wd works great and has never given me any problems. 3.54 gearing gives great mileage. Without a load and driven reasonably on the highway I have gotten 22mpg. More typical with some cargo and mixed driving I get 18-20mpg.

These trucks are built tough with a dana70 rear and dana60 front along with a NP 205 transfer case. This truck also has extra leaf springs put in by the previous owner. I have always liked this because the truck carries weight well without squatting, but does make for a harsher ride. Just a warning this truck drives like a truck. Coffee placed in the cup holders is likely to end up on your lap. Ride could be softened easily by next owner but it will never be as comfortable as a new Duramax.

I have owned this Truck since 2010 and the 5.9 cummins in this truck has given me almost no problems. The engine is completely stock with no modifications. It is truly an amazing engine that still to this day starts as easily and quickly as my gas Subaru. Truck has a block heater for easy starts in the winter. Truck runs with no visible smoke at operating temperature. In cold weather truck will show light smoke until it is warmed up but this is what is to be expected. Engine oil was changed religiously every 5,000 miles. First 3,000 miles no oil consumption is noticed. From 3,000-5000 miles oil is thinned out a bit and I usually add a quart or two. This is also pretty normal for this engine from what I have heard. The engine does have a seal somewhere on the passenger side that is very slowly seeping oil. It is slow enough that no drips are ever left behind and I don’t really notice significant oil consumption. The only way I even notice this is that the engine is slightly dirtier on the lower passenger side. My plan was to address the seal once oil consumption between oil changes was signifigant.

Body is pretty straight for its age. There are small dings and dents along with scratches. No bondo had every been used on truck. This would be a pretty easy truck to straighten up and turn into a real head turner. Paint has held up well for its age but is nearing the end of its service life. Clearcoat on hood and roof is gone. This truck is not a rusty truck. Body is clean of rust and the undercarriage has the light surface rust of a 27 year old truck. No deep or structural rust. Inside of the cab is pretty clean for its age ( see pictures). AC works great and blows cold. Power windows are a little slow but work fine.Power lock works on drivers side but must be manually done on passenger side. I disconnected the cruise control because it was so primitive it was almost useless and I was told on this model of truck it could cause a vacuum a leak in brakes. Set up for towing with nice prodigy brake controller, with bumper hitch and fold down gooseneck ball. Tailgate opens and closes but opening is a two handed operation.

This is a great hard to find truck but please keep in mind it is 27 years old. For that reason I am selling the truck in as is condition. I have always taken good care of this truck and fixed things as they came up. That being said I am sure in the future as with any old truck there will be wrenching to be done.

I know I wrote a book but buying a truck online is hard. Feel free to call me at 406-552-2235 with questions. I also made a video of the truck on youtube https://youtu.be/kiWGqNM4KVc

A nonrefundable deposit of $350 will be do within 24hrs of the end of the auction or I will relist the truck. Truck will be available for pickup in Missoula MT. Clean title in hand