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Make: Chevrolet
Model: Master
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Year: 1937
Mileage: 77,177
Color: Black
Engine: 6 Cylinder
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1937 Chevrolet Master Additional Info:

If you were a Chevy guy in the 1930s, his 1937 Master 2-door sedan might have been your new car. It was affordable, andsome, ell-built, nd every bit a match for the V8 Fords across town, nd the same is very true today. To be honest, e don't see many of these that haven't been cut up into rods, o this is a rather unique find.Basic black was by far the most popular color in the Depression era specifically because it wasn't flashy. That's why this car looks so right today, dding a formality and giving it presence that shines easily through the years. The streamlined styling was fresh and thanks to GM's all-new and all steel "turret top" design, he fabric insert on the roof was no longer needed. The 2-door sedan body style was both spacious and dashing, ot quite as frumpy as a 4-door but eminently more practical than a coupe. The black finish is nicely done and was finished two years ago, o it still looks fantastic. Truthfully, t's rare to see a car like this refinished to this level, ut it's obvious that they were sweating the details when they were doing the bodywork. Gaps are excellent, he trunk lid fits well, nd the side-opening hood snaps shut without a fight. The gloss is appropriate, ot a hard shine like modern urethane, ut much more accurate and like it would have been new, hich is another impressive feat by the body shop guys. The chrome bumpers and tall waterfall grille make it look far more expensive than it is, ut there's a restrained look overall that fits the Chevy perfectly.The tan mohair interior is also very faithful to the original look. This was a no-frills car, ut you wouldn't know it from behind the wheel. There's lots of room, he carpets are deep and plush, nd the door panels have an expensive feel. A full array of instruments show bright markings in a simple rectangular panel, look that's mirrored on the passenger side with a glove box door and clock. Standard shift means a familiar 3-speed pattern and the big steering wheel makes the unassisted steering feel light and nimble around town. The back seat is big enough for adults and climbing back there is easy with the folding seat backs up front. And even the trunk is bigger than expected and includes a spare tired under what appears to be the original wood platform.Chevy's 216 cubic inch inline six, ore commonly known as the "Stovebolt," provides energetic performance and silky smoothness that belies its blue-collar roots. 85 horsepower is plenty in the lightweight 2-door sedan and it's a pretty modern design with overhead valves and a downdraft carburetor, combination that continued for decades. It's been rebuilt and neatly detailed, ot quite authentically but quite cleanly. The gold valve cover adds some flash and all the equipment is standard issue, o modifications here. The chassis offers the same durable ladder frame and rigid axles that cars had used for decades and the single exhaust system gives it that '30s grumble that you hear in old movies. It isn't restored underneath but it's in very good condition, erfect for driving and having fun. Even the rolling stock looks right, set of wide whites on beautifully restored artillery wheels with pinstripes and hubcaps.You won't find many of these, et alone one restored to this level. If you want a great '30s cruiser that isn't a hot rod, his little Chevy is an excellent choice. Call today!