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Make: Austin Healey
Model: OtherSPECO
SubModel: CV
Year: 1962
Mileage: 10
VIN: AZ359006
Color: RED
Engine: 302 FORD
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Drive type: AUTO
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Bullhead City, Arizona, United States

1962 Austin Healey OtherSPECO Additional Info:

This car has never been completely finished.I bought it,thinking, could finish it,but,i retired,into a gated community,and they will not allow me,to even raise the hood,let alone work on it.It needs a few things,but I think it has a lot of potential.I will try to list,evrything,that I can think of,that needs to be done.Im shure I will miss something.It has a mustang 302,with automatic transmission.Motor runs well,but is cold blooded.I put a new 2 barrel carb,on it,but did not get the automatic choke hooked up,before,they raised holey heck,with me.Has great oil pressure.no noise in motor,I was told by the man I bought it from,that it had been built by MANLEY PERFORMANCE RNGINEERING CO,fromBloomfield N.j.It has a 10 bolt limited slip rear-end.Has mustang front-end,with disk brakes.Drums on rear.Body is great,no damage.Has a slight nick,or 2 in paint,but overall,it is really good.They bought the kit in 1987,as near as I can tell.The doors,need to be adjusted,a little.Window regulaters are assembled,and ready to be put in.Door glass is thereWireing,is from the mustang.Lights,and tail lights work.Turn signals work,but are on toggle switch.The original mustang steering column,was about 3" too short,for the turn lever to clear rhe dash.I bought a new chrome tilt,that I was going to put in,but never got that far.I have the hood latch,but it needs to be installed.Has rack,and pinion steering,and is set for power,steeri, if you wanted to.Exaust might be a little loud,for some.It has a couple of cherry bombs,on it.I like it,but my wife doesn't.Tires look new,but have been on it a long time.Emergency brakes are there,but needs the cable anchored to floor,or frame.Needs the netural safty swirch hooked up.If yo look at the engine,you can see that wireing,needs to be put in a loom.I did all the paper work on it and titled it for the first time,just a few months ago,and put az lince on it,so all the dmv stuff has been done.I hav onley driven it around here in the park,never been on highway.Car mabe has 10 miles on it.I have the books,for the build,and the mustang motor book,for it.It just needs a lot of little stuff.I think the main mechanics are good.It has a smaller steering wheel,and is a little stiff,until you get it up to 2 or 3 miles per hour.I have the windshield wiper motor,and heater,and defroster,for it.Needs to be installed.The guy,who started the project,did a few things,that I would change,but were fine for the time.Has torshion bar,but needs bracket made to anchor to the frame.I have it boltet in place,with one bolt,just to keep it from dropping down. Book,says you don,t need it,but I thin you do.This thing is kind of scatty.I would have the tow in checked,before,i took it on highway.He said he set it up,with level,and square,but I would still check it.Gas gauge,has loose connection,sometimes it works,sometimes,it don,t.Has an electric fan,that may be a little small,but I have a new,bigger one,that can go with the car.I took the generator,off,and put on a one wire altenator,which works good.I bought a new eltronic distrubarator,for it,but have not got it on either.Old point system seems to work great.The picks look a little pinkish,but it is a bright cherry red. If you look at the last pic,you will see,that there is a crack,in,the very corner of the windshield..Email me with questions,and I will try to answer them.Thanks for looking.