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1992 Toyota Camry 2.2L 5sp manual with 1996 Camry parts car

Make: Toyota
Model: Camry
Type: Sedan
Trim: DLX
Year: 1992
Mileage: 330613
VIN: 4T1SK11E4NU018144
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 2.2L
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Springfield, Illinois, United States

1992 Toyota Camry DLX Additional Info:

This auction is actually for two cars, which an industrious sort can combine into one. That was my plan at least, before I developed a distinct lack of time while chasing my toddler around. Both are 2.2L I4s with the 5 speed stick. Lots of details to break down here, so please bear with me.

Car 1 is the tri-color '92, which was originally maroon. VIN 4T1SK11E4NU018144. Clear title, which has been in my name since 2003, but this was my parents' car prior to that and they were the second owners. As of 2 weeks ago this one was still driven regularly. Then, it blew the hard brake line on an unexpected hard stop. (Thankfully the right lane was open for a quick evasive maneuver.)
Known issues prior to that:

Obviously, it's ugly. Trunk lid and rear lights swapped from the parts car because someone hit it in the Walmart parking lot and drove off. The right front fender was crunched by a young lady that thought it was still too pretty a year ago, just hadn't gotten around to swapping that so the passenger door will open fully since the toddler rides in back. Silver hood is from a deer collision in '03. Front crossmember, radiator, lights, grille and a few other things replaced at that time. No serious damage since it was all above the bumper and the deer flipped over the car. Windshield is cracked. Headliner fabric is out.

Mechanically, runs fine, but the leaks are plentiful, such as oil from the cylinder head. Most recently the water pump started leaking, so the motor swap was not far off to do all the seals. Engine and trans are both original and the only serious previous work was a head gasket at 200K. Clutch was done at 220K, so you get a lot of life out of them. AC was taken off the '96 so it's R134A, although it'll need a vacuum and recharge. I learned the hard way that when you take the whole system apart the leak finding dye gets on everything, rendering it useless, so a leak sniffer would be a great idea, since a charge lasts 2 months, give or take. Has the usual clunk from the rear stabilizer bar. 2 tires are like new (less than 5K miles) and 2 will probably be due at the next rotation. And as mentioned, absolutely no brakes except the hand lever at the moment. I replaced a bunch of burned out bulbs in the instrument cluster, and now when you first fire it up the speedo shoots up to 80mph, and then works its way back to the correct reading after a little while. Tach works fine, so I just go by that.

Car 2 is the black '96 parts car. VIN 4T1SK11E3SU628953 and it's on a salvage title, since I had no intention of fixing it up. I've had it since '13 and it was my sister's before that, she was the second owner. She gave it to me after it failed Missouri inspection due to suspension issues. Mileage is 245437. It was running into '15 because I would pull it in and out of the garage as needed, until I swapped the AC, which shares a belt with the alternator. Engine is original, while the transmission is a pretty fresh rebuild. Don't recall if she had the clutch done at that time or not. Tan interior is complete. It'd be more visible if there weren't boxes holding the removed parts on 3 of the seats of course. So, trunk lid is already on the 1st car, but all other body panels are present, the interior is complete, engine and trans are present. Various states of disassembly, primarily in the dashboard from pulling the instrument cluster for spare lightbulbs and removing the glove box for AC work. Those parts are in the boxes.
So, if you've read this far, I appreciate it. While both cars will roll, only one will be moving under its own power, so include that in your plans. Make sure you understand what it takes to buy one on a salvage title, since the back of that title is different and says some license is required. I realize this whole listing reads like a trap, but I really like the FrankenCamry (yes, it had a name) so I figured I'd see if there's anyone wanting to at least keep some of it alive going forward. Had I enough money to buy a 2 post lift not and not work for a couple weeks, I'd get it back on the road. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely before this auction ends.
Thanks for checking them out. Please, ask any of the multitude of questions you may have (other than ones about my sanity) and if they're pertinent things I've overlooked I'll update the listing.