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JDM 1987 Toyota Hilux Surf 4WD 2L-T Turbo Diesel 5-speed manual RHD *NO RESERVE*

Make: Toyota
Model: 4Runner
Type: SUV
Trim: SSR Limited
Year: 1980
Mileage: 124,960
VIN: 11111111111111
Color: Gray
Engine: 2.4L 2L-T Turbo Diesel
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Oakland, California, United States

1980 Toyota 4Runner Additional Info:



Model:Hilux Surf 4WD SSR Limited

Chassis Code:LN61

Color:Gunmetal Gray


Engine:2.4L 2L-T Turbo Diesel


Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Mileage:201,105 km (124,960 miles)

Due to eBay motor's inability to recognize a direct import vehicle for verification purposes, we must disclose that the correct model year is:1987, and the correct VIN is:LN61-0015428

Financing is available for Imported Vehicles through JJ Best co., please inquire for more information or consult JJ Best co. for pre-approval.

The JDM imports that we offer for sale, including this 1987 Toyota Hilux Surf 4WD, are 100% legal to own and operate in the USA. This is because they have been imported under the 25-year federal exemption from both NHTSA and EPA requirements. The necessary US Customs documents are included to successfully register and title this vehicle in the US.

This particular Hilux Surf 4WD is in great shape with a solid running turbo diesel engine, smooth shifting transmission, and minimal rust issues.

Mechanically the engine and drivetrain are functioning without any problems. The engine fires up, cold or hot, without issue and incorporates an idle bump dial for colder starting conditions. The idle is steady at all times and the gear changes are smooth and direct. The 4WD gearbox functions perfectly, and goes in and out of 4WD L & H with ease. The power band is similar to a 22R which likes to be driven at low RPMS. The 2L-T is a great engine, but is by no means a high performance engine. It's strengths lie in good MPG, simplicity, and longevity. Drivability is similar to a 22R. There is a minor oil leak originating from the transmission drain plug, a replacement washer is recommended. The front upper control arm bushings are blown out, and should be replaced. The truck has a slight steering input delay as a result of the blown out bushings. There are 20 service records starting from 1996 when the odometer read 63,803km, which also help to validate the mileage as true and correct. The timing belt was changed at 91,570km in 2000, and should be replaced soon. The oil was recently changed at 197k, and is good until 205k.

The exterior is very nice, and is very impressive for it's age. The worst of the imperfections are fading on the top surface of the removable top, two small rust bubbles underneath the fuel cap less than 1'' in size, peeling chrome finish on the front grill and side window trims, and a small scratch on the rear hatch underneath the license plate area. Otherwise the body has been nicely repainted to the point where you have to look very carefully todistinguishthat the paint is not factory original. The door seams match, the paint is smooth to the touch and glossy, the paint is even and the clear is very low on orange peel. The underside of the Hilux Surf is rust free in the critical areas; inside the wheel arches, along the frame rails, under the floor boards, and around suspension mounting points.

The interior is in decent shape, and is complete including the rear trim panels. The driver seat has small rips to the side bolster, the climate control face is cracked but still functional, the dash has a 5'' crack, the center console arm rest is worn down to foam, and the shift knob is cracked. Otherwise, there are no foul odors, the seats, door panels, carpet, and headliner are clean. And like it's US counterpart, the top is also removable.

This Hilux Surf features power windows, power mirrors, and power locks. The A/C turns on, but does not blow cold. The heater does work. The radio works, however it does not pick up the same frequency that US stations are on.

Driving this Hilux Surf is a unique experience, it chimes when you exceed 110km/hr (68mph), as if to say: "what's the rush buddy?". While driving this truck I tend to appreciate my surroundings more, and I feel as if I'm not in a rush to get anywhere fast. It's very clear that this truck comes from a different place, where speed is not always the emphasis.

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Please allow 4-6 weeks for the title to arrive after the completion of the sale. If the new owner wishes to title the vehicle on their own to speed up the titling process, we can provide them with all of the necessary paperwork to do so.

This vehicle will come with the following documents; US customs forms authorizing the vehicle for entry into the USA, EPA compliance forms, NHTSA compliance forms, Export Certificate with translation, and bill of sale.

It should be noted that it is the buyers responsibility to do their due diligence in respect to registering, insuring, and operating this vehicle in their home state. If you are unsure about the laws regarding registration and operation of an imported vehicle, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

California buyers must meet C.A.R.B emissions compliance standards in order to legally register this vehicle. Please inquire if you are interested in operating this vehicle in California. We have a program in place that legally registers and titles imported vehicles in California. It can be done.

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