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Porsche 1970 911T Targa

Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Trim: Targa
Year: 1970
Mileage: 72,210
VIN: 9110110121
Color: Conda Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States

1970 Porsche 911 Targa Additional Info:

I have a 1970 911T with a targa top and matching numbers in Porsche Conda Green available for sale.
This car came to me as someone else's abandoned "80's look" project. Previous owners spraypainted the body white, blacked out all the trim, dyed the interior black, and in general, made a mess out of a classic car in attempts to capture the "Miami Vice" look that was so en vogue at the time.
Knowing we had a real task ahead of us, we went through most of the hard work so you don't have to.
The first hurdle we dealt with was the exterior. If you take a look at the "before" pictures, you can see that not only was the car poorly painted overall, it was covered with numerous dents and evidence of attempted DIY body repair (as shown by large swaths of body filler over various sections of the car). Since that won't do at all, we had the car taken to a professional paint shop, where they took the car down to bare metal, fixed all the dents, and then painted the car back to it's stock color, which is the Conda Green (Porsche paint code 2610 222) you see now.
While the car was apart for paint, we also seized the opportunity to fix the various other problems this car had. All the other exterior parts that were spraypainted black (including the targa hoop, door handles, and all other chrome trim) were either restored to their original finish (like the the hoop), or outright replaced (like the door handles and emblems).
With the exterior being taken care of, we turned our attention to the interior of the car. As mentioned, the previous owners had tried to dye the original tan interior to black, but used one of those cheap dye kits, and in the process, missed quite a few spots (where you could still see the original color), and in general, made a mess of things.
As the carpet and seats covers were past the point of no return, we bit the bullet, and completely replaced it all. The carpet is new, and we had the seats recovered with new material, as well as the door cards and the other interior bits. On top of that, the car came to us with an incorrect dashboard (another remnant of the previous owner's attempts to modernize the car), so that was replaced with a new period-correct dashboard straight from Porsche Classic.
With the interior sorted out, and looking as nice as the exterior, we also took care of a few electrical gremlins that were plaguing the car. At some point in time, one of the owners added fog lights, an aftermarket radio, as well as an alarm system to the car. Unfortunately, the way those parts were wired ended causing havoc to the rest of the electrical system, as wires were tapped that shouldn't have been tapped, or connections were made where there shouldn't be connections. So, we took out the "additions", and repaired and/or replaced various parts of the wiring harness to get everything working properly and safely, just like from the factory.
With the exterior and interior looking good, and everything electrical-related running 100%, we turned our attention to the heart of the car: the engine.
The previous owners had tried at some point to convert the car to a fuel-injected setup, apparently failed, and then tried to go back to the stock carbuerated setup. Unfortunately when trying to go back to stock, they damaged some parts, which led to the engine running poorly.
So to make sure this Targa runs the way it should (or better, really), we replaced the Zenith carbuertors (which on their own were notorious for being tricky to deal with) with Weber carbs, replaced various other parts (such as the exhaust), and then had the engine rebuilt and tuned to make sure it was at it's peak.
Of course getting power to the ground is just as important, so we repaired/replaced/refreshed the suspension, as well as refurbished the wheels and mounted new tires.