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1966 Pontiac Tempest Survivor never painted - all GTO Drivetrain and Body Parts

Make: Pontiac
Model: Tempest
SubModel: Custom
Type: Post Coupe
Year: 1966
Mileage: 24,500
Color: Martinique Bronze
Engine: 1967 GTO 400 WT
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: 4 Speed Muncie
Drive type: 400 4 speed
Interior color: Gold
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ballwin, Missouri, United States

1966 Pontiac Tempest Additional Info:

1966 Pontiac Tempest with 67 GTO 400 HO 4 speed For Sale

1966 PONTIAC TEMPEST Sprint 6 4-Speed

Never Painted - True Survivor- Nothing Hidden by Bodywork or Primer - Less than 25,000 miles showing on odometer - car passed Mo state safety inspection with just a few of the original factory installed parts replaced

a 1967 GTO 400 WT engine built to 67 RAM AIR I spec, 670 Heads, Edelbrock Torker, 750 Double Pumper, Hooker Headers, 4 Speed Muncie Transmission with 3.55 Positraction Rear Axle



This is a 1966 Tempest Custom low mileage survivor - car still had all of its original T-3 Headlights, painted amber bulbs, and original brakes on it - indicated mileage is 24,500 and that could very well be the actual mileage. Car has never been repainted so nothing is hidden by bodywork or primer, has a pretty sound body and has all original sheetmetal and interior

An important point - Most cars like this have gone through dozens of high school graduating classes and have been wrecked, painted and repainted numerous times over shoddy bodywork and in the hands of novice mechanics and abusive drivers - not this one - it was just tucked away after the original owners family played with it a little bit - we found the insurance card of the 70 year old man that sold it in the glove box further proving the claims of the people we got it from

It is a Kansas built paint code T-T Martinique Bronze exterior, Bronze interior car. The same color as the GTO in the movies Knight & Day, Drive and Faster and basically the identical car in a Tempest as a Kansas built 1966 GTO we previously owned that recently sold for $89K at auction. For less than 1/5 the price you can have the same visual impact with this car with a little work!

It has a 1967 GTO drivetrain with a January of 1967 build date engine, factory code WT for manual transmission GTO, with no vin number stamped on the engine so it is correct for just about every manual transmission 67 GTO. I have seen those bare blocks alone go for good money. It has the correct 670 heads and the Ram Air I cam, Muncie 4 Speed and 3.55 posi. The Muncie transmission also has no vin on the case so it would be correct for many GM muscle cars from a restoration standpoint. I have seen those cases alone go for good money. Even the gear shift alone, which is a rare 1964-66 Chevelle factory correct reverse lockout unit can be seen sold in another ebay auction for $550 just by itself. Tons of value in just parts alone

Car was originally an OHC 6 4 speed car - this means all of the correct 4-speed parts are in the car including the steering column. We did not PHS this car since it is only a Tempest, but have decoded it pretty well. We do not have the original OHC engine as the engine swap was done by the original owner. The car runs extremely strong and has a very solid suspension. This car passed Missouri State inspection with all of its original suspension parts aside from a new idler arm, one new ball joint, new shocks and brakes and of course tires. That's it. Aside from that it is running all of its 51 year old parts and they are in spec!

Naturally passing state licensing inspection requires all lights, blinkers, wipers, horn etc. to be working as well as all suspension components to be tight and in spec, complete unleaking exhaust out to the rear bumper, good tires, good glass, no leaking fluids, good brakes and more.

We replaced the original 1966 brakes and shocks, and couple of the original T-3 headlights and obtained standard non historic vehicle plates on it. It also has new coil springs and some new bushings, but they were upgrades to heavy duty spec and not required

The body is very solid over most of it with the typical minor rust found in the problem areas. We have repair panels for most of these areas. This car could be driven the way it is or restored. It is a perfect candidate for one of the "clear over patina" finishes that are in fashion these days of you are into that sort of thing.

Another important point - We have all of the original GM factory GTO parts to go with this car - Factory GM Hood, Grilles, Turn Signals, Emblems, Grab Bar, Interior Emblems and of course it has the 1967 GTO 400 and stick already in it - it would be an easy body restore and conversion to GTO trim and not with restoration grade parts either - all factory GM

In addition to the GTO parts and maintenance parts there has been many thousands spent on performance parts and restoration items

The total cost to date is well over the sale price offered here - the way this car runs and handles, and with all of the expensive GTO parts already sourced I am firm on the price - I have seen cloth bench seat, column shift, 307 Powerglide Chevelles sell for as much in worse shape!! I have seen people trying to sell similar cars all disassembled and in boxes of who knows what parts for almost as much. This car has never been apart aside from the engine swap and all of its original fasteners are still in place. All of the bolts we have removed to change parts have come loose easily and went back together - nothing seized or snapped - all in all very hard to find these days - we had a hard time finding cars this clean and original 30 years ago

This car starts easily cold, idles, has instant throttle response, gains RPM very quickly and pulls through all 4 gears hard, has tons of power that can keep the wheels spinning through 3rd gear at 80 MPH if you want, shifts perfectly, handles great for this type of car thanks to the sway bars, new springs and shocks, and drives straight, brakes straight and is very pleasant to drive - I have included videos of these facts including demonstrating acceleration in each gear only lasts about 2 seconds.....

No matter what this sale is a give away - you could not build this car for what I am asking even if someone gave you a clean Tempest to start with for free!

The car is a turn key running, driving, inspected, licensed vehicle. The interior smells like an old Pontiac, not some nasty "barn find" or field car - no dirt, rodent, over rich exhaust or mildew smells at all - very hard to find in this condition this late in the game


Original carpet was removed - floors are in good shape with minor degradation - an easy save in my book. Same with quarters and fenders. Inner quarter drops are there and savable same with trunk floor - wheel houses are fine. I wouldn't replace any of it - if you are moderate or better on bodywork you should be in agreement. The lower windshield channel needs replacing and we have that part. Lower fenders need patching and we have the drivers side piece. Quarters can be patched too. Doors hang perfectly square with zero hinge sag. Front end sheetmetal lines up perfect. Sides are straight aside from one scrape on passengers side from a garage at some point - it is easily fixable.

Nothing is being hidden by bodywork or primer -

All body lines are original and untouched, Bumpers are decent and spare rear bumper and deck lids are included. All of the GTO conversion parts listed above are included. The interior is original and not destroyed, but it is worn and most would be getting replaced, but it is not bad for 51 year old original stuff and as I have said it is usable the way it sits for a budget driver project

Use the pictures as reference on these comments and also get with me on the phone if you need further info - I have included many including under car shots and video demonstration to prove mechanical soundness and capability. Naturally you will have your own opinion on what it may need and that could be any where from a full restoration to just a few upgrades OR you could just drive it the way it is! We have been doing just that, enjoying the heck out of it, and that is from a guy that has several other near perfect muscle cars including GTOs - This one is plenty fun for what it is and especially for the price

Too much to go into here - List of brand new and newer parts is about 70 items long - cash only firm buyer please no lookers - Please know what you buying here - buyer should have an understanding of these cars and know what is up - I really don't have the time it will require to finish it so I can't spend that much time just showing the car and explaining everything so please understand this before you reply - cars this untouched and unabused just don't come along any more so that is a very strong point in my opinion

Thanks - it truly is a great car - Please reply with a phone number for a response on specific details that would require a lengthy typed explanation


· 1966 Pontiac Tempest Custom OHC 6 4-Speed - clean surviving car
· 1967 GTO 400 engine correct WT block code
· 4-Speed Muncie transmission
· Engine built to 1967 Ram Air I specs
· 670 Heads
· 3.55 Positraction Rear Axle
· Dual exhaust - Brand New Flowmaster Mandrel Bent Tailpipes
· Hooker Headers - Competition series with emblem badge
· Brand New Accell Ignition
· Brand New Edelbrock Torker Intake
· Brand New Summit Double Pumper Carb
· Engine is extremely strong - Great Sleeper Car
· Many New Suspension Components - replaced original factory parts!
· Original Fuel Tank Coated Internally - New Fuel Lines
· Holley Electric Fuel Pump - Red

· Gearbox operates perfectly and shifts super smooth
· Many Thousands of dollars in new parts
· Car passed MO State Safety Inspection - licensed and driving vehicle
· New Gas Shocks and Coil Springs - replaced original factory parts!
· 25,000 indicated miles believed to be original
· New brakes, Hoses, Wheel Cylinders - replaced original factory parts!
· All new fluids - clean as honey in the Diff, Gearbox and Engine Crankcase
· Never been painted - never wrecked or disassembled
· No accident damage body or undercarriage
· Factory Rear Sway Bar - Large Diameter Front Sway Bar
· Newer Tires
· Newer 4 Core Radiator
· Have All GTO Parts - Hood, Grilles, Emblems, Grab bar, etc. - Included with full price sale
· Many new sheetmetal pieces included
· Clear Title - current inspection & registration - turn key ready

ZZZ GTO Factory GM Hood
ZZZ 66 GTO Extra Decklid
ZZZ 66 GTO Extra Bumper

New Sheetmetal and

small fraction of new parts

The following videos are to validate the claims made in the auction text. They were shot with a full tank of gas and the ones inside the vehicle are with 4 occupants adding about 750 lbs of people and at least 140 lbs of fuel. They are easy shifted, not power shifted, easy roll on of the throttle, no clutch slipping or dumping, on concrete and on new date code fairly large 255 tires. Each gear last about 2 seconds until 4th with solid acceleration even through tire spin proven by the video counter. Most GTOs and "clones" don't run anything like this unless they are heavily modified - I have owned many and test driven hundreds - there is a local clubmembers E-Headed Butler Stroker 4-speed with more in just his engine than this entire car is being sold for that cannot beat this car in any competition aside from braking (his has 4 wheel disc)











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