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Very Rare 1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief 2.1 Turbo Diesel 5 Speed 215K 34 MPG No Res

Make: Jeep
Model: Cherokee
Type: SUV
Trim: Chief
Year: 1985
Mileage: 215000
VIN: 1JCBL7834FT143840
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 2.1 Renault Turbo Diesel
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Burgundy
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief Additional Info:

I am relisting after the winning bidder got cold feet. Please be sure you want it before bidding.Here is my very rare 1985 Jeep Cherokee 2.1 Turbo Diesel 5 Speed Manual 4x4 for your consideration. This vehicle is being offered with no reserve for parts or repair. Please read the thorough description to determine if this car is something that you would like to bid on. I think this car was the holy grail of SUV's when it was new, but it was pretty much spent and rusty by the time I purchased it in 2009. It has 215K miles, but this sweet little engine could go a million miles with the right kind of treatment. It has been a very dependable car, and I have spent thousands on it over the years, but have never addressed the rust issues. The drive train is good, and it rides great. I have enjoyed smooth highway performance over long distances, and it will go anywhere. The steering is super easy, and it is fun to drive. I will disclose all the problems that I know of in this description. I have a good mechanical aptitude, and I would recommend that any perspective buyer be knowledgeable, or know someone that is. This machine is complex, but could be driven as it is, or have repairs done to it to make it all good. The parts are very rare, so a person could also part it out for profit. I would not sell it if I had a garage to perform some of the repairs which may take considerable time. It is unlikely that you will find a mechanic that would take on the job, because of the challenge of finding the parts. I have recorded 34 MPG on the turnpike at 70 mph, but it will probably average about 30 MPG. Here is a link for a nicer one that is worth checking out for more info on this incredibly rare Jeep:
The battery, wiper blades, and filters are new. The front drivetrain has been rebuilt with new hubs, seals and bearings, and it has new Monroe front shocks. The clutch has been rebuilt, including a very rare new clutch arm. The steering column has been replaced with the authentic locking tilt wheel option. The water pump, power steering pump, and alternator have been replaced. The glass is good all around. The front pads and rotors have been replaced along with all the brake lines, except the left rear short line to the wheel cylinder. I have the rear shoes, left rear wheel cylinder, and front brake hoses, but have not found time to replace them. The emergency brake cable is new, and works fine. The tires have plenty of rubber, but they are old, and have been plugged. The rims need replacement. I have changed the front right wheel with the spare, but now it has a shimmy at about 60 mph. New rims and tire balancing should get it running straight and true again. I will miss the wing windows!
Now for the problems:
Of course, there is the rust which can be seen in the photos. Some panels are rusted through, and so is the driver's side floorboard. The frame is rusty, but seems solid.
The glow plugs are probably original, and only three of the four are connected, and they barely work. The car has started every time in the coldest weather with a shot of starter fluid into the intake vent. I have been doing this since I bought it, but it would be so nice to have this repair done. It will be challenging to find a pro that would take the job, as the glow plugs will have to be removed to get the part number, and then ordered probably from France where the 2.1 Renault engine was made, so it will require considerable down time. I would have tried this repair myself, but the vehicle is parked on the city streets, and cannot be left in one place for such an extended period of time. If you think you might try it yourself, then be advised that the cylinder must be pressurized before removing the glow plug, or debris is bound to fall into the chamber, and will destroy the engine.
There is a significant oil leak at the oil filter adapter which can be corrected with just an o-ring and a gasket. The o-ring can probably be sized, and the gasket can be made, but the job is labor intensive, and it would be challenging to find someone to take on the job. The OEM part numbers for the o-ring and gasket are T3065090 and T306509, but the parts have been discontinued. I did see a site in Moscow that said they had these. The engine does not seem to burn oil, but the leak will probably lose a quart of oil every 200 miles or so.
The heater blower will probably need to be replaced. It has been working intermittently for a couple of years. It may be due to some electrical problems that are a result of a leaking windshield, which has been resealed, but the water damage has caused corrosion around the fuse block. The power seats were working the last time I jumped the wires, but I cannot be sure now without testing it again.
The brakes work well, but the left rear wheel cylinder and brake line still need to be replaced. I have the parts for this, too. I have a service manual, and other extras, as well.
The speedometer and odometer works, and the oil pressure gauge shows more than 60 lbs. The tachometer does not work, nor does the fuel gauge, but I think the low fuel light will light. No dash lights are working. All the exterior and interior lights work, including the signal and flashers. I do not know about the rear wiper. The rear hatch is heavy and does not stay open. The driver's seat is torn as can be seen in the photos. The dash has a crack as shown, as well.
The original radio works, but the speakers are distorted. The A/C and cruise control never worked. The left front wheel has a mangled lug nut, and will probably have to be burned off.
I have driven the car regularly, but always carry tools with me, and check the fluids often. Please ask questions. I am quite familiar with this machine, so I should be able to answer well.
This car could be repaired, or even restored. It is unmolested, and accident free. There are many valuable parts installed. Perhaps someone will just use it for off road fun, or it could be a great work car, or it can be driven off into the wilderness. It will drive through some pretty deep water, as long as it is not deeper than the top of the grill.
Thank you for viewing my auction!