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Make: Honda
Model: Accord
Type: Hatchback
Trim: Original, Unmolested. A Boomers Delight
Year: 1981
Mileage: 146,424
VIN: JHMSM5326BC045435
Color: Blue
Engine: 1.8 L
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ramona, California, United States

1981 Honda Accord Original, Unmolested. A Boomers Delight Additional Info:

In storage, indoors and/or covered, for the last 10 years. It's time to let go. This car is has been in the care of true HONDA Lovers, all its life. It has lived in the Southern California area, garaged and/or covered. It has had only the best available care, on a routine basis. Never hot-rodded or abused. Considering its age, for a used daily driver, it is in as nearperfect condition, inside and out, as can be found.Never wrecked or smoked in, even the interior is in amazing condition. Not a single dashboard crack or upholsterytear. The "Beauty Rings" don't even have curb rash.The paint did suffer recent damage, when two young, overly zealous,"Lookie- Loos" abruptly tore offthe cover. It had stuck to the recently waxed paint, gotten damp overnight, then dried and hardened. The damage is not too serious. To preserve the original finish, itwill need tobe touched-up by a professional "Ding & Dent" man, with an air-brush. It was a regrettable incident that would have been avoided, had I been present when they showed up. Thepaint will need polishing and a re-wax afterward.The listing price has been adjusted to compensate.The body panel lines are all arrow straight without any rust. Please examine photos closely. First two are stock. Have many more upon request. Please see the attached photos foritswell preservedcondition, as well as thepaint damage, Door dent and Hood scratch.
Other than the minor cosmetic damage, the car is in great condition. All the chromeand stainless steel is 100%straight, complete and in good shape with no pitting or rust. The rubberis intact with no tears. Lighting, inside and out is works perfectly. Even the "High Tech" Cassette Deck works. There is also an all aluminum rear window louvre included. I think it's genuine "Chastain". It's been removed, asthe lock clasps were damaged, but it can be repaired and reinstalled if desired. The louvre itself isin good shape.Body damage is limited to one scratch on the right, leading edge of the hood and a "Shopping Cart" ding in the right door. See photos fordetail of damage. Other than that, the body is virtually perfect, with no rust at all. Can find no indication or evidence of accident damage anywhere.The glass and weather-strips are all in very good condition. The windshield has a veryfewminor pits, but is not "sandblasted". It looks to be theoriginal (ASAHI) glass as well.
Maintenance has always been performed on time (or earlier), by professional technicians, Honda Specialists or dealerships, with quality parts. Service records are available, as well as original paperwork.
The engine was recently Freshened Up By a Well respected 45 year career Honda-Car Technician, with an intimate knowledge of this particular car. The engine work included:
New piston rings, connecting rod and thrust bearings, bottom end gaskets, a complete valve job (including auxiliary valves) with all new top-end gaskets and seals. A new timing belt with a cam and crankshaft seal and external belts. Thermostat with new gaskets and o-rings. A thorough carburetor cleaning and adjustment, Etc. Etc..It starts on a dime with a smooth fast idle, runs and performs like new, with NO leaks. The clutch and transmission are smooth and positive, with no noise and freshly changed fluids. Tires are nearly new Michelin X, in almost new condition, with no cracking. Suspension is tight and quiet. No strut squeaks or leaks. Brakes are smooth and quiet, with plenty of material. Fluids and filters are fresh.
Although out of registration, the car is started, warmed-up and driven on a private road, twice a month, to keep things lubricated and in shape. It will most likely need a new battery. the current one charges, but gets weak againafter a few weeks.
This car, was placed in my care, by its original owner, about 10 years ago. She did this, because my local, Independent Honda Specialty shop, had been caring for it for many years. She had to give the car up (in tears), and couldn't think of a better home for it. She left the car to my care, with the promise, that it be protected and preserved. A promise that has been kept.
I am no longer able to properly do that. Rather than watch this great old car slip into a state of slow decay, we've made the decision to pass it along to its next Honda loving charge.
Not being familiar with the car selling end of things, I made severalless than idealattempts to list this car on Ebay. When I bungled and made several major Ebay rules and etiquette fumbles, I was promptly accused of being some kind of slick, car scheister, feigning ignorance. (Listing in the wrong catagory, putting a "Buy it Now" price, lying about the mileage, jacking up the price, Etc.). Pretty bad stuff, according to the Ebay Pros. Attempts to apologizehave fallenon deaf ears. Feeling "felons guilt", I gave up andpulled the listing(s).
After my initial attempts (and the lambasting that ensued), I decided to try different venues. Once again, not knowing the "Biz", I found myself in hostile, uncharted waters, beingaccosted by some of the weirdest, rudest, most inconsiderate and greedy folks on the planet. Genuine, card-carryingSouthern California ME MONSTERS.Still need to sell the car, what to do?...
I came to the conclusion that(done properly), Ebay is by far the best online venue for the novice seller. Sometimes it can be a little confusing especially with cars, but still the best hands down. My other selling experiences withEbay have been great.We have listed several items with no issue, gotten a fair price and absolutelyno complaints.I promise tomake every effort to getthings right this time. Starting by using "Ebay Motors", rather than regular Ebay. I don't know if it is appropriate to voice experiences or opinions in the middle ofa car listing. Maybe I'm thin-skinned, orjust want to avoid another whipping. My apologies toanyone offended.
You will be hard presses to find an 81 Accord in better condition. The odometer shows 46K. If it weren't for records it could easily pass for just that (fact is, it's 146K). It's a great little car, with a long healthy life still ahead. That's the truth.
Offers from dealers, Flippers, Brokers and/or people involved with thr film, video, entertainment production industry will not be considered. Even on a "Buy it Now" basis. Would prefer the car be sold into a"friendly environment". IE: NO road salt,low humidity, stored indoors.