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Ford F250 Short Wide Crown Vic Swap California Patina F100 Hot Rod

Make: Ford
Model: F-250
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Year: 1969
Mileage: 268,000
VIN: F25HRE50058
Color: Patina
Engine: 4.6
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Evansville, Indiana, United States

1969 Ford F-250 Additional Info:

Where to start on this? The term Hot Rod Truck (HRT) is many times overused in my opinion. Many of these "HRT"s are nothing more than lowered trucks on still stock style suspensions and steering boxes. Maybe a little more HP, maybe still running the stock engine (6cyl?). In addition, there are many patina cars and trucks out there that are nothing more than a beat up old car now running again. This is not either of these. This is a full frame swap truck, running 2006 Crown Vic P71 (ie heavy duty) engine, suspension, frame, etc. All I have to say is I have owned (and even built) many "HRT" trucks, but this is a whole new ballgame IMO.
First of all the stance. Its low. But does not bottom out over every speed bump, driveway, etc. It actually has decent clearance, though making an aggressive turn in the front fenders will rub a little. It rides like a dream in comparison to many of the lowered cars/trucks I have owned or driven. Yes as the saying goes, it drives like a family sedan. Though not as quiet as one (running aggressive exhaust, loud but still manageable). Get into the car and adjust the tilt steering, turn on the radio, a/c and cruise anywhere at 80mph. It absorbs bumps, stops on a dime (4 wheel disc brakes) and will out handle just about any truck out there (independent suspension, limited slip rear differential, panhard bar rear, 17in wheels). Its an excellent combination of driveability and cool looks. You WILL get attention in this.
Truck was pulled out of a California desert where it has been sitting for over 5 years. California truck most of its life, the patina is largely paint discoloring and aging. Rust is almost non-existant on this truck. It sits basically as it was found. It was an F250, so the bed was longer and converted to a short-wide. Some added features are headlights converted to LED, seat recovered after completion several years ago, still has gun rack on the back (and vintage NRA sticker on the windshield). Lights all work, starts right up and goes, A/C works but is in need of freon (I never use it, I like the windows down on it). If it breaks, you local Ford dealer or independent shop can hook it up to the diagnostic machine and fix it. Frame/engine/transmission were all sourced out of California as well, with the transmission recently re-done. Prior owner acquired the complete car (Crown Vic) from the transmission shop where the car was left for non-payment of the transmission work. Engine is super strong and still pulls like a freight train. Do not let the miles fool you, these Crown Vics are built to go 500K in heavy duty work (Police, Taxi, Livery) and are very reasonable to fix if/when they do need a repair. Parts are everywhere for these, so it makes a good choice for the swap.
This truck still has current California registration and title, so it can still be re-registered and titled there (titled as 1969 so no SMOG).
With this swap, there are a couple idiot lights lit up that never got turned off with the swap (door ajar, seat belt). Also included with the sale is a SCT programmer to help tune the engine for additional HP. I do have most of the original stainless trim that is not on the truck included. I like it just as it sits, so never re-installed it.
All sales subject to an additional $149 dealer handling fee, which is also your deposit. I personally drive all the cars I sell, and I buy what I enjoy and like. I have seen many of these swaps out there, but this is one of the better ones I have personally seen, hence why I purchased it. I intended to keep this one for myself, but new showroom is costing more that I had budgeted. Please get permission from the wife, mother, brother, friend, priest, etc prior to placing a bid.