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A Familiy Heirloom from Dodge Brother's "Glamour Years" Between the World Wars

Make: Dodge
Model: Other Pickups
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Trim: Rare Vintage Classic Dodge Pickup Truck
Year: 1935
Mileage: 16746
VIN: 39P8147696
Color: Red
Engine: Flathead 6 Cylinder
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual Floor Shifter
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lancaster, Ohio, United States

1935 Dodge Other Pickups Rare Vintage Classic Dodge Pickup Truck Additional Info:

Extremely rare and very solid 1935 Dodge farm pickup truck from Dodge's "Glamour Years". This has been in my family longer than even my 84 year old mother can remember. Whether restoring, keeping stock or making into the coolest truck hot rod in town, this little beauty is a rare find in this condition. Cattle-catcher grill, curvy running boards/fenders and bug-eye headlights make this an all-time classic.

Always kept indoors, even the original steel bed (the first time steel was used for a truck bed) is still intact and there are areas underneath the truck where you can see the red paint. The floorboards are solid and I can easily stand on the ultra-cool running boards. It features typical wear and tear of 50 years of farm use which adds to it's character, but it can restored, if desired.

When my grandfather parked it last, was was running fine. Unfortunately, I was 600 miles away and in college, so it stayed parked in the garage at the farm in Connecticut until the family farm was sold. Even now, after being in storage since 1981, when my grandfather bequeathed it to me shortly before his passing, the oil level is still full and the tires still hold air! Since I had kept it in storage for more than 35 years, I had poured into the cylinders many quarts of Marvel Mystery Oil and Sea Foam Deep Creep deep penetrating oil to make turning it over easier. I am back in Connecticut these days and have not had an opportunity to double check the engine, but feel confident that it will not be stuck. I also have purchased new plugs for it.

The truck comes with my grandfather's handmade black painted wooden sideboards, although one side has broken. But they can be used as a template to fabricate new sideboards. I also have a couple spare tires that I will include. The two front wheels have hubcaps (one Dodge, one Chrysler), but the rear wheels do not have hubcaps. A spare tire can be mounted on the post located along the passenger side front fender. The rear window is cracked and the side windows were replaced more than 35 years ago with acrylic. I do not know if the front windshield cranks out easily, but it should. An electric fan was mounted on the steering column for "air conditioning"!

The engine block number, P8 147696, indicates that the engine is from a 1939 Plymouth De Luxe. I asked my 84 year old mother if she recalls a time when her father did not have the truck and she replied that it had always been there and that she does not recall the engine ever being replaced, so I am pretty sure it was pretty close to 1939 when she would have been only 3 or 4 years old. My grandfather's best friend was an expert auto mechanic and most likely was the person who changed out the engine. Also, the radiator cap has been missing the entire time I have owned it, but we have kept the radiator opening covered. I have seen replacements listed online.

The chassis plate number located on the driver side firewall is H-1-2-LR 2978, which is not the VIN number, which is stamped on the passenger side frame and listed on the vehicle's registration.

Just look online for another one and see how few will show up in your search - especially ones that are unrestored and not rusted thru! Less than 57,000 were ever produced. Since vehicle registrations in the mid 1930s listed the year based on when a vehicle was purchased rather than manufactured, the registration will list the year as 1936, but it is a 1935 model year.

I recall riding in the truck down the bumpy winding country roads in rural Connecticut in the 1960s with my grandfather, or in the tiny bed holding onto things as we came back from buying items to use in his wood shop. The truck is my last tangible memory of both my childhood spending every summer up on his farm and of my grandfather who was a lasting role model for me and watches over me still.

If it wasn't for my medical expenses and related debt, I would never be selling this truck. I hope to find another person to cherish it as much as I have, although I never had the time or money to restore it. But it still looks exactly like it did when I was a kid. I chose not to wash it in case that would induce rust under the paint (applied by brush by my grandfather), and always kept it indoors. I compared a photo of my grandmother and my niece from around 1985 to photos taken recently with the truck parked in my wood shop and the same Barn Swallow droppings are there, but no new ones. My niece now has children older than she was in that photo. And now, I love woodworking like my grandfather.

(Please say your prayers or send positive thoughts and healing energy to the person who had made the last offer but suffered a severe accident prior to finalizing the sale. I wish for him a quick and complete recovery.)

A non-refundable deposit of US $500 is required immediately once the purchase price has been agreed to by both parties. The deposit can be made using PayPal in order to reserve the truck, but I would prefer receiving the funds either through a bank direct wire transfer, cash or cashiers check. The buyer has the option to pay a larger deposit or the full price immediately, but not through PayPal.

The balance in US Dollars must be paid either in person with cash or a cashiers check, or by bank direct wire transfer. The balance must be received within 3 business days from the date of payment of the deposit. Cashiers checks and wire transfers must clear all financial institutions prior to the vehicle's release and ownership transfer. Once payment is received, the sale is final with no returns or refunds.

Buyer is responsible for all associated inspection, preparation, transportation, registration, title & import/export fees, taxes or duties. Arrangements must be made for loading and transporting the vehicle manually since the truck has not been started for more than 35 years. Assistance can be provided, but not guaranteed. I have a forklift and tow straps to help roll the truck into position. I have never used the forks to move the truck or lift it.

The truck is being sold As-Is with no warranty or guarantee. All efforts have been made to accurately describe the vehicle, its condition and its history to the best of my knowledge (and my mom's). If you have any questions or need additional answers, I will do my best to get that information for you. Vehicle examination or verification can be arranged with 24 hours advance notice.

As per eBay regulations, I communicate exclusively through the eBay messaging system. Until the sale is made, I will not give out or message using my personal email or phone number. I can reply through eBay with up to five additional photographs if requested and available.

Okay, that's it for all the serious stuff. Now imagine how cool it would be to cruise around in this classic beauty! Now's your chance - go for it! Make me an offer I can't refuse!!