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1963 Dodge Dart (truck)

Make: Dodge
Model: Dart
Trim: Base
Year: 1963
Mileage: 31,000
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Dixon, Missouri, United States

1963 Dodge Dart Base Additional Info:

Ok, don't like going here, but, truly tired of all the non-payers, scammers. Seems to have gotten worse over the years.
If you don't have more than 5 feedbacks, contact me before bidding.Also, please note paypal acct. and deposit within 48 hours. You can keep the car here as long as needed (plenty of room) after full pmt. but, don't expect to show up with a trailer and a cashiers check from some third world country and expect to leave with the car.
Only bid if you have the funds. If you want to look at the vehicle, no problem, contact me and we'll set it up, but, before the auction ends.

1963 Dodge Dart "truck"
I bought this from the original Dodge Dealer several years ago. (Beck Dodge, Freeburg, Mo.). It was converted in 1963 and so well done, you can't tell it wasn't from the factory. They used it as a promotional tool for years. (Parades, Christmas, Meets, etc. Small town stuff) and then it was on the showroom floor for several years, and finally used as a parts truck (running up to Jefferson city for parts) about a 50 mile RT from Freeburg, and then ended up in the basement until I bought it.
Originally had a Slant six 170 and a three on the tree transmission with 31000 original miles. I replaced the tires, (dry rotted) exhaust, bled the brakes and gave it a tune up. You couldn't even hear it idle. I drove it like that for a couple of years, never had to touch a thing, and pulled my 1941 Gruman teardrop trailer (see pics) with it. Can't tell you how many thumb ups I get with it. Anyway, after a few years, I wanted to upgrade, as I thought I'd pull a bigger trailer with it. I was also thinking of putting a retro ac unit in it, and bigger tires than the original 13".
I also have a 1952 Nomad teardrop trailer (much bigger and heavier than the Gruman) (it's also posted on ebay now) so wanted more h.p. I bought and had rebuilt a slant six 225 and since I was towing and wanted an automatic, a 2 year only (push button cable) 904 transmission for it. I've also sourced out the correct drive shaft, push button transmission dash assembly, and some misc other parts for it.
The 225 now has 0 miles on it (it's been broken in to set the rings). The transmission is in also, but the car needs re-assembly. An easy finish up project. As I said, this is a 1 only vehicle. converted by the Dealer, has beautiful lines, and is a perfect restoration project. No rust or rot anywhere I an see, was mostly stored indoors for it's life, and even the chassis only has maybe 35k miles on it. Everything is tight on it, and was a wonderful cruiser.
I'm going to list is for way less than I paid for it, with no reserve, and less than half of what I have into it with the new motor and transmission as it needs some assembly. Pretty straight forward though, and about as solid a rig as you can get. The slant six's are legendary for reliability, and the crank is massive on this motor. It will last a life time. The 904 auto is also a strong, solid transmission, was designed for this motor (2 year only push button cable) and has been rebuilt.Anyway, since it will be asked why I'm selling, I've blown out my rotator cuff (2 times in the last few years) and I'm getting rid of my toys/projects. Can't affort to keep repairing the same shoulder turning wrenches.
So, Here's what's going to be sold also via ebay and will be posting over the next few days.1952 Nomad tear drop trailer (Found in the Calif. desert in the 90's and restored. Only one known to exist and about as rare as it gets) big for a teardrop, with Fins no less :). It sold1965 Rambler Cross Country Classic (Station Wagon) Original paint, optional 287 V8, never hit, Crager rims, long story will have in listing1969 Dodge "Family Wagon" camper (high top) made by traveco on a A-108 Van body. 318 Auto. It sold1965 VW Baja Runs like a hot monkey.........1641 dual weber. Mostly towed behind one of my campers and filled with camping gear. lots of new stuff. It sold
Almost forgot, It's in youtube. copy and paste to your browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58-XZ7nTys&t=14s
or, look up 63 Dodge Dart Lake trip in youtube. My user name is cptglen