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1964 Datsun L320 Pickup Rare, Original Survivor, Great Condition

Make: Datsun
Model: L320 Pickup
SubModel: 1/2 Ton
Type: Pickup
Year: 1964
Mileage: 37,300
VIN: L320-302442C
Color: Gray
Engine: 1200 cc
Cylinders: 4 Cyl
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 Speed on Column
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray, White, Red
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Belmont, New Hampshire, United States

1964 Datsun L320 Pickup Additional Info:

What you see here is a pretty rare little truck. This was the original series of little trucks in America and started the mini-truck trend. Only 8300 were imported in their 4-year run. Yes, that's 8,300! Most of these went to the West Coast and many became contractor or pool-boy trucks and just got used up. These are rated at ½ ton! The bed is in awesome condition with only a couple of small dents and most of the paint is still intact. There are a few "bumps" in the body for character, but nothing bad. There are pix of them. Of course the paint is faded and scratched, but if you're into patina, this is perfect!

This is an unrestored truck in its original paint. It only has around 37,300 miles on it! That will change as I'm still having fun driving it. Some items have been replaced for repairs and maintenance, but it's mostly as it came from the factory. Here it what I know has been changed: The seat was reupholstered in gray velour by a previous owner. Looks very nice. I just installed a new padded vinyl headliner which is like the original. An electric fuel pump was installed by the previous owner, but the mechanical one is still there. I replaced the points distributer with an electronic one. It looks completely original, but the truck runs so much better! I went through the brakes and they are new. The parking brake works perfectly. I replaced the front wheel bearings and seals. I replaced the hoses, fan belt and front motor mounts. (The rear mounts look good) I installed a new water pump and thermostat. I'm thinking I should have used a hotter thermostat as it runs very cool. (Way better than too hot!) I put new brushes in the generator and it charges very well. The tires are radials and are still at least 70% I'd say, maybe better.

Because it came from the desert, much of the rubber was turning to dust, so I replaced the windshield rubber seal, the door seals, the side window guides, hood bumpers, under hood weather strip, and some other misc. bumpers. The previous owner had already replaced the rear window seal. The glass is all nice and there isn't any cracks, wiper scratches or the effects of sand-blasting. The chrome is all very nice, and, it's all there, even the little rear bumpers. The original cloth covers are still on the tailgate chains, but are worn. It still has the original rubber floor mat in very good condition. The door panels are there, but are not perfect. They'd make great patterns for new, or are good enough to be left. There's a bias ply spare, maybe original? Also the original jack and other tools are still in it. Even the hand crank for the engine is still in it! The truck isn't rusty at all. To be completely honest, there are 3 small (1/8") holes where the door weather-stripping had held water. They aren't enough to even think about, but I want to tell everything I know. Mostly, the factory paint is still underneath, only missing where its worn off. The floors and rockers are perfect, except for the afore mentioned little holes. The exhaust is in great shape, with no leaks.

The 60 hp engine runs great! It runs, drives and stops really well. No smoke or problems. It has been getting at least 30 mpg. These are known for hard starting, but I cured that with an electronic ignition. Now it starts immediately and runs much better than with the old points. It even looks stock. The original distributer will go with it, in case you want it. It has a 4-on-the-tree, which is something you don't see everywhere! It's pretty cool! The clutch works fine. All the gears shift as they should. The wiring is all original and is in good shape, not hacked up or corroded. The only change from stock is the addition of a fuel pump wire and a hot wire to the distributer. Oh, the horns are there, but don't work. I haven't looked into that yet. The blower motor works and the heater core doesn't leak, so I'm guessing the heater works, but I haven't messed with it, its pretty simple. The radio delete plate was broken so I replaced it with one from a different car. Looks ok. I have a couple of boxes of parts that will also go along with it.

I was told that this truck was part of a large collection in Las Vegas for 30 years before going to Arizona for the next 7 years. That's why the mileage is so low and the condition so good. It really does look like the mileage is accurate. I have the title in hand as well as the past title and the mileages recorded on each all agree.Repairs have been made during its life but it’s never really been changed much from original, making it even more rare. I bought it to modify it, but I just can’t. It’s too untouched, almost a time capsule. They are only this way once. I'll find another one to soup up, not this one. Its driving and ready to just enjoy it as is. I love driving it and get a lot of thumb's up! Everyone loves it!

Look at the pix and ask questions. I'll take more pix if you want. I don't have a lift and work full time, so bare with me. I'll watch for questions and answer them as quickly as possible. This really is a very good survivor that you can be happy driving!

It is advertised locally, so it may be sold by me prior to the end of the auction. I reserve the right to end this auction early or to cancel bids solely at my discretion and shall not be held liable for any such cancellation.

I can help with shipping and could deliver it if not too far for an agreed additional price. In fact, you could drive it home I'd imagine.

Reasonable trades could be considered