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1966 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa convertable

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvair
Trim: Corsa convertable
Year: 1966
Mileage: 4,000
VIN: 107676W150885
Color: Red
Engine: 180 HP turbocharged #TI221RC
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Frederick, Oklahoma, United States

1966 Chevrolet Corvair Additional Info:

This 1966 Corvair was moved out of an abandoned building because the roof was about to collapse. It had been stored there for 20+years. The owner of the building had no interest in restoring it and it would deteriorate further if left to the elements. The engine turned over by hand and the body seemed complete and undamaged. There was oil in the crankcase and no water residue.I bought itto get it running and hopefully find someone interested in restoring it.

I bought new tires and battery, alternator and fan belt, and fuel pump. I replaced the master cylinder and 4 wheel cylinders and flex lines, fresh brake fluid and flush/bleed. Added new plug wires. Drained the oil which was un-contaminated and added a new oil filter. The pan gasket leaks oil but the F andR main seals do not leak.

The gas cap was missing and the tank reeked of old gas so I put a gas can in the engine bay with fresh fuel. I primed the turbo and cranked it. It fired up after a few cranks. The oil pressure went up immediately and the lifters quieted down injust a couple ofminutes. It starts hard cold but fires right up when warm. Sometimes it hesitates a bit on acceleration, but recovers quickly and has plenty of power. I suspect a carb kit is needed and will include it in the sale.

Compression lest last winter shortly after getting it running showed Cyl 6- 150 cyl 5 - 175

4 - 1503 - 160

2 - 135 1 - 160

The brakes are all new and work well, including the mechanical parking brake. I did not replace the shoes. All were in spec except one rear trailing shoe which is marginal but useable for now.

The shifter and 4 speed transmission is tight and positive with no grinding. (VW's and Porsches should have been this good.) At first the clutch seemed to grab just a bit on pullout in 1st gear but this has smoothed out the more I drive it.

The doors and both front trunk and engine lid are fully functional with sound hinges. The rear window winders work with some difficulty, the front windows are smoother. All the glass is intact. The body panels are straight and will require little body work before paint. The chrome trim will require minimal repair/replacement. The floors are rusted but sound except for the left rear floor. Holes in this area are apparent in the photos and videos. There is a rust hole about 1" diameter at the passenger front door post. This is below the radio antenna. The sill on both sides is intact - jacking under the door causes no distortion.

The interior could be rebuilt buta lot easier and cheaper to replace with new pieces. But all the chrome do-dads are present on the seats and interior panels. The front seats and the rear seat back would be repairable but the rear seat cushion is bad. The top needs more than duct tape repair (!) but a replacement is easily available. It has a top cover and a tunneau cover which should be repairable, The interior drain plates (4) and front trunk drain plate are with the car including the original screws. Same with the center tunnel underside cover, and the "Fisher " chromed sill covers.I removed thesefor cleaning. and evaluation. The speedo (odo doesn't turn), tach, oil pressure, ammeter, and head temp gauges work. It has the original radio. I have not tried the other gauges and switches. It will need a new wiring harness as I can see a length of household lamp wire along the driver's side door sill when I removed the sill cover. The top is electric and I can hear a relay click when I flip that switch.

This car has a Fitch Sprint badge but I have no documentation regarding its history. I came across it two weeks after it was moved outside and couldn't bear to see it go derelict.

I have a new gas tank, filter sock, sending unit, J-bolts and nuts, gasket and retainer. I also have a carb kit, all ordered from Clark's. ButI have two 914's, a 912and a VW taking my time. My goal was to pass this on to a Corvair restorer. I hope it findsa good home. Corvair people know this wasa better car - and a lot less expensive....and just as good looking!- than the same year Porsche. Ithas a currenttitle, tag and insurance.

These videos were taken last winter.




Here are two taken this weekend.