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Make: Acura
Model: Integra
Year: 1993
Mileage: 164,026
VIN: JH4DA9340PS029495
Color: Black
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

1993 Acura Integra Additional Info:

For sale in this auction is a 1993 Acura Integra that I have owned for over 14 years and has been garage for over 12 years. A small side garage that I rarely ever went into, in Las Vegas, where there is never really any humidity in the air. I had some empty boxes stored on the car but otherwise the little bit of dust you see is all that accumulated after over 12 years in the garage. The photo of the car in the garage is the corner it sat in for all those years, but with everything taken off of it (that's why all the dust is so disturbed.) The garage floor has never been mopped in all the years, and you can see how basically clean it is, to consider how rare this garage was ever opened.

Here's all the information on the car, 3 engines, and all the parts:

I bought the car from a friend early 03. It was basically stock with really no major modifications. I don't recall the exact mileage but it was due for a timing belt.

I did not change the timing belt (due tolack of $$)and when it broke late 03 it caused damage to the pistons and head. The disassembled engine photo is this engine, engine 1, which is the stock engine from the car (the disassembled head is nowboxed up in the front seat.) I bought another engine when this happened, which is the engine installed in the car now (engine 2.)

I went to Ensenada Mexico in late 2004, and the car was stolen. It was recovered a short time later and I went down and picked it up. The body was more or less perfect before the trip. Overall everything is still straight and fine but the few dents/etc you can seehappenedwhile the car was down there. Mechanically the car ispretty much how we found it as well. I put the car in the garage when we got back from recovering it, and it's been in there since. I purchased almost everything necessary to put the car back together, but just never did it. Besides a few plastic pieces or other misc items, this auction includes everything you should need to put the car back together, except for aright half shaft, fuel pump, steering column repair, and a catalytic converter.

I do not know the condition of the engine in the car now (engine 2) but I also bought another engine after the trip, engine 3, which I intended to put in the car when putting it back together. One photo shows an engine all assembled, that is this third newest engine, including a computer, throttle body, and a couple sensors (these misc parts are in a bag on the passenger rear seat floor.) As I recall this engine has lower miles, and was well taken care of. I'd certainly blow all the dust out of the orifcies before installing but it should work just fine. I turned the crank, by hand, when I took the photos, and it easily turned. I only turned it an inch or so and didn't want to turn it any further, but it turned real easy, after not having been touched in over a decade!

Of note, I had just done a full vacuum and recharge of the R12 Freon in the system a month before the trip. Of course none of us would know if it is still charged but as it hasn't been touched, it very well could be. Hopefully though you can leave the system charged and simply bolt up the compressor and it will work great. I recall the R12 system in this car is stillthe coldest a/c I've ever felt.

The lowering Tokico struts and Eibach springs only have say a year of driving on them. As I recall I had installed a short shifter. The transmission and clutch still feels to move thru all gears just fine. The brakes were all new and after pumping a few times, they held pressure when I pulled the car out of the garage for the photos. After I recovered the car I went and purchased most all the replacement plastics, including a wiring harness (the black bag full of plastic and wires.) A new Exedy racing clutch is included. All the etc extra parts I had are also included, including all the stock struts, springs, and suspension parts, as well as extra motor mounts. The car sat in the garage on 2 spare tires + 2 junk tires. I had thestock wheels for the car in bags all these years, and put them on for the photos and transportation. All these wheels are included, plus a third spare tire, a chrome rim,a set of stock hubcaps, and a set of lugnuts are also included.

Also included are a stack of lifetime warranty approx 2003 Autozone receipts of parts that are still on the car: a caliber, motor mounts, thermostat, clutch (different than the new Exedy also included), water pump, front and rear brake pads, master cylinder, flywheel, left drive axle, and radiator.

Also included are a bunch of other car parts to get my garage cleared out all at once:

- Wire harness and box of bolts from a 1985 Ford Ranger 4cyl EFI truck that we turned into a carbureted V8 but then dismantled literally down to cab off frame

- New sealed exterior badges for an approx 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Ram Air V6. We took all the badges off the car and it was lease so we bought these replacement badges, but never installed them before turning the lease in. The side mirror is either from this car or an approx same year Malibu

- Rear catalytic converters from a 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0L. Low 100k miles on them and nothing wrong but we put high flow ones in

- OEM headlamps from a 2004 Mercedes C230. The plastics wore so we replaced them. People R&R the plastics and convert these to HID.

- OEM headlamps from a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali

- Sunroof visor from a 2013 Infiniti M37

This car was always a lot of fun and while I enjoyed it I certainly took care of it (I did not abuse it.) I always wanted to get it back on the road but over 12 years proves thatwill never happen, and since I'm moving, I must sell it. The car has never been wrecked to my knowledge, I've never seen any signs of that. Rust free. Basically an entire car + 2 extra engines + tons of other parts! Obviously everything is sold as-is, but as nothing has been touched in over a decade, I am sure everything is just fine as of course nothing has changed sitting in the garage. Good luck, and thank you for bidding!

I can deliver the car to you myselfon a flatbed trailer within 3 days or less for $1/mile based on your zip code to my 89084 zip code, up to 800 miles away.Otherwise just tell me who will come to get the car, and when.

Of course any paperwork we need after the sale for your DMV/etc, we will do. Thanks again!