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1939 Packard Twelve Brunn Touring Cabriolet

Make: Packard
Model: Model 1708
Year: 1939
Mileage: 12774
VIN: B602415
Cylinders: 12
Transmission: 3 spd manual
Drive type: V12 - Manual - hydraulic brakes
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Lakewood, California, United States

1939 Packard Model 1708 Additional Info:

Written 14 Dec 2020...(1)1939 Packard Twelve Brunn Touring Cabriolet. Factory color, was black,,, rose-tan colored cloth interior,,, column shift,,, 473 cubic inch, 12 cylinder (see photos),,, Brunn, custom aluminum bodied, Touring Cabriolet. Engine number B602415 (see photo),,, Clearly stamped, but faded, firewall tag # 1708-2014 (see photo),,, Embossed firewall body numbers # "triangle 412141 triangle" (see photo),,, ( "clean" misplaced, currently lost, CA title, from 1954, with color copy of same.)(2)Purchased by my Father in Law in 1954. (My FiL=Father in Law )(3) According to my FiL, all the following, is, was true ( to the best of my memory, his memory, at the time. ( He told me, these stories, over 30 years, of me knowing him)(a) He, my FiL, purchased this car from the nephew of the original owner, up towards Pasadena, CA. The car, has since spent 66 years, in the Long Beach, California, area, where it sits, unmoved, since 1960.)(b) The original owner, (Original Owner = OO) was a "well to do" banker, in Santa Barbara, CA. He, the OO, had the car, chauffer driven.(c) Upon his passing, (the OO), the car, went to his nephew, near Pasadena.(d) My FiL said, he and his wife, took this car on a trip back east, to visit the relatives, ( near Mobile Alabama, from here, near Los Angeles)... That would have been between 1954 to 1960,,, again the the car was placed into long term storage, in 1960. It has a DMV registration, from 1960 attached to its steering column.(e) The OO had the dealer paint the car tan, before he took delivery, from that dealer, in 1939.(f) The OO had the dealer, completely cover, the interior, with an all canvass overlay, as the OO had dogs, that would ride in the car with him. That canvass overlay, still covers,all the door panels, the rear seats, and it is torn, on the passengers front seat.(see photo)(g)My FiL claimed, for all the years I knew him that all this car needed, was a battery, and gas, and it would run/drive, no problem.(4) This car will be sold on a CA DMV form "REG227" because, the original title, is currently misplaced. However, we have a color xerox copy, of the original title, from 1954, showing my FiL, as the owner, and showing it has engine # B602415. An additional bill of sale, will also be given. The actual sale price, will be recorded properly, as with the rest, of the BOS and form REG227 ppr wrk details(5)A photo, in the gallery, shows that stamped engine number.(see photo) B602415(6) The VN number is 1708-2014 and the data tag, is stamped, with that number ( see photo ) the LARGE firewall embossed number is "triangle" 412141 "triangle" (see photo)(7) Yesterday, I found the original aluminum heads (see photo), facing down, laying flat, on the cement garage floor, under the car. I'm guessing they were replaced, in about 1958. I now placed them, on the back passengers, floor, on a plastic tarp, inside, the car(8)Yesterday, the rear trunk handle, broke off the car.In the two glove boxes, there are some (so Cal) dated state park receipts from 1956 and 1957 (see photo)(9)Yesterday /13-Dec-2020/ I found* an organized rack, of 23 engine valves, and numerous aluminum pistons, near the pass front fender, on the garage floor, all to the side. So I'm assuming, he replaced, some engine parts, when he replaced the heads. That's* (exactly) when I decided to end my "archeological dig" ( that has gone on since January, of this year, (see photo), and simply list the car, as is, (with just leaving all the remaining junk, treasures, car parts, etc, surrounding it, and they are not included in the sale of this car,) with far less than the best, photos. Nothing heavy, was sitting on the car, and the roof had/ has blankets on them, and a 1 inch layer, of dark colored cork board, covering the roof. Anything put on the roof, went on top of the cork board. I believe the original bumper, and luggage rack, are hanging above the hood. ( barely viewable, in the "Marquis" photo). I found newspapers from 1970, on the roof. (Were fun to glacé at)(10) Original rear bumper was removed, to fit the car, into the garage. The rear bumper, has been off the car, since 1960(11) My FiL also collected Packard twelve parts, which I'm now amassing, a small "war chest" full of them, as I have been finding them, during this archeological dig... For instance, I have found 4 (four) Stromberg EE-3 carbs 2V, with the 1 & 5/16th venturi size, which are not included, with the sale of this car. However, I will sell my "war chest" of Packard twelve parts, later...(12) The only parts, coming with this car, are the aluminum heads, the rear bumper, luggage rack,key sets, two kneeling pads, in the back seat, and 2 other door handles and 1 or two driving lites, I believe, go with the car.(13) The heads currently on this car, are cast iron. Factory stock for a 1939 twelve was aluminum heads (see photo of original aluminum heads, found 13-Dec-2020)(14) I was always told by my FiL that the entire car, was aluminum(15) However, (thanks to my trusty, extra powerful 45 year old CB antenna base magnet), I have found out that, is not so. The fenders, hood, running boards, are all steel. Much of the body, and all 4 doors, are certainly, non magnetic ( thus, assumably they are aluminum)
Everything under the hood, appears to be there, belts, hoses, linkage, air filter, wires, just everything, looks correct, like it could run, right now,,,,,, but/except all 12 spark plugs, have long been removed. Again, my FiL, always claimed, the car, was a few simple steps away, from it running again. I'm assuming he poured engine oil into the plug holes, and turned the motor, over,with its starter, after he drained, all gas, from the vehicle(16)The four radio pre-sets, Are for the following stations... KTMS (Santa Barbara radio station) KNX (Los Angles area) KFI (LosAngeles area)... (4th station looks like KEST, cannot tell, from my own, photos)(17) The 2 front doors, are gapped, slightly, at the bottom edge. The doors all seem to be aluminum.(18) I tried the rear pass compartment privacy window yesterday. It has always been in the down position. It rolled all the way, up and down, with precision, and ease. This car, has drivers, and passengers front, vent windows. I've seen one or more Packard Brunn 12's on the internet, that do not, have, these windows.(19) Both Brunn, body, emblems, are in their original position, on the car, drivers, and passengers, front fender, down low, near door edge, with their original, finish, now a greenish, over gold, patina. (see photo)The banjo steering wheel has a couple of cracks, in it (see photo)The odometer, is either 12k or 112k. (12,774 see photo) I don't know which, 12k vs 112k, but both foot pedals, appear to have their rubber covers worn off so I'd guess, it's got 112k. But my FiL never mentioned, the mileage, to me. The 1956 license plate, has a blue, 1960, tag on it...(see photo)(20) He had a 1960 All-State, 6volt, battery tender, hooked up to the car, and I removed it in February, as my archeological, expedition, began.(21) My FiL, and his wife, loved music. They stored records, the last 50+ years on the rear, pass floor. I removed, probably 500 records yesterday. One of them, caught my eye, photo included. Muggsy Spanier and his Dixeyland Band.(22)Three tires, are currently holding air, well. However, The pass tire front, holds air, for one hour, before its flat again. 3 of the tires, are crazy crazy old. 1 tire, is ( un-used) probably 20+++ years old, it's a Goodyear. They are all 7.50x16(23) The rear third, of the roof, is a convertible top....... All funds must clear, the bank, before the car can be released. The car must be picked up, within 30 days, of the funds clearing the bank.(24)"RVK,, monogrammed, painted initials, appear on both rear, side doors.(See photo)I'm sure, that was the initials, of the "well to do" banker, who was the original owner(25)Description of cars,condition is as follows(aa) Non running. No idea if engine will tur, tho FiL put it away, as a running car(bb) Yup, looks like underneath, the tan color, is black paint in some areas, so it looks like, it had been a black car."Packard twelve" emblems, on all hubcaps, and the two side hood emblems,"Packard12,",, looks like trunk rack, has it too, hanging on wall, but it's backwards to my viewing of it.(cc) Engine Bay, looks, incredibly, complete. Obviously, the heads, had been painted iridescent green, upon installation by my FiL.
Everything, to my very minimally trained Packard twelve eye, looks good, under the hood.
(dd) Interior, marvelously complete, some wear, on both side, ft door arm rests, wear,,, fading, top coat, clear coat, pealing, on some interior wood surfaces,,, carpets, everything on floor, door panels, headliner, unique Brunn Cab rag-top, couplings, seating surfaces, covered mostly by canvass, custom fitted covers, just everything looks correct. Two small-wooden "caps," at end of outside, rear seat arm rests, shows definite wear, pealing. Vinyl top, lots of dust on it, outside, surfaces, looks good, can't believe it could be, from 1939, but honestly, idk.(ee) Paint, glossy in some spots worn,, or flat in many others, Some extremely superficial rust spots, on front fenders, lower rear fenders, and of course, only on steel surfaces.(ff) Three tires are crazy old, 1 is useable. ( Pass rear) Which was the only part of the car, you could ever access, without opening, the large garage door. The 2 front tires, likely were not-accessible, since I'd guess, 1970.(gg) Underside, looks pretty good, in regards to rust, or road damage (see photos)(hh) Glass; stone chip on windshield1 of doors has door Widow cracked, small sectio, towards bottom(ii) Brite work, all there, but it's got either grunge, or som, scratche, dents, etc(jj)Side view (spare tire mounted) Mirrors say "PACKARD SEE RITE REG US PAT OFF"
I'd say, the car is 90-95%++ Complete.
(26)Car is sold "as is, where is", nothing guaranteed, description written to the best of my knowledge.
(27) My FiL loved to talk about this car. Now, it's somebody else's turn...