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Great track car

Make: Mazda
Model: MX-5 Miata
Type: Convertible
Year: 1993
Mileage: 63000
VIN: JM1NA3516P0414240
Color: Red
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Los Angeles, California, United States

1993 Mazda MX-5 Miata Additional Info:

1993 Mazda Miata MX5, NA Generation, JM1NA3516P041240

  • Purchased new in Santa Monica California in 1993 from Santa Monica Mazda
  • One owner, me
  • Red/Black
  • Electric mirrors
  • Manual windows
  • Black interior
  • Tonneau cockpit cover
  • 1/2 soft top tonneau cover
  • Rear spoiler
  • Front splitter
  • Rear window protector
  • Electric retractable antenna

This car can go in some different directions:

1. Add a roll cage, race seat and race steering wheel and go to the track. It currently has everything needed to enjoy track days and autocross.

2. Make it into a class race car, I was going to buy a 1.8L motor and join the Super Miata Series here in California. You have lots of competitive options with this car: NASA, SCCA etc.

3. Use it at a fun beach car. Change the race springs for street springs ($180), maybe remove the turbo and enjoy this car on the street

I was headed down the track car / race path but things have come up and I’ve decided to go into another direction with another car.


  • 62890 Miles
  • Runs, shifts, turns, and brakes great. This is a fast car.
  • SoCal car, always garaged, rust free car. The underside is clean.
  • Oil changed every 3000 miles
  • Very well maintained car
  • The paint is a 4 out of 10, with 8 being a new car (10 = show car)If I were going to keep the car as a street car, in a year or two I’d respray the hood and front bumper. Most people think it looks great. As a track car the paint is perfect.
  • There are a number of small door dings that can be removed via the paint-less method if you are going to turn this into a street car.
  • You can inspect the car on my 4 post lift and see that the car is straight and rust free
  • CA Non Op registration status
  • Clean title
  • Clean Autocheck


  • 949 SuperMiata Wheels - NEW, <20 miles, 15x8. These are fantastic, lightweight wheels.
  • Toyo Proxy R1R rain race tires - NEW <20 miles, heat cycled by the Tire Rack. Super sticky tires. All four are 225/45/15
  • 949 SuperMiata extended APR studs, NEW
  • 949 Super Miata lug nuts, NEW, super light

Suspension, ALL NEW

(arguably the best, most venerated suspension kit for a track focused Mazda Miata, the "949 SuperMiata Big Grip".)

  • 949 Racing SuperMiata XITA 700 pound front springs and dampers (love these). NEW, < 20 miles
  • 949 Racing SuperMiata XITA 400 pound rear springs and dampers (love these). NEW, < 20 miles
  • 949 Racing SuperMiata suspension bushings, NEW, correctly installed by West End Alignment. This really tighten up the car. Removing the old bushings and installing the new bushings was no small task. This took over 16 hours of labor to do it carefully and correctly
  • 949 Racing SuperMiata front and rear sway bars, adjustable links, bushings NEW
  • Manual rack, converted from a OEM power rack. Professionally converted by Miata Cage in OR, experts in the conversion. A power rack is faster (steering ratio) than a OEM manual rack. I think that this really makes the driving experience terrific and very engaging, perfect for a track car. This conversion was just completed.
  • Inner tie rods,NEW
  • Outer tie rods,NEW
  • Lower ball joints,NEW
  • Upper ball joints, NEW
  • OEM concentric suspensions bolts, NEW
  • Track alignment by Daren at West End Alignment in Torrance California


  • Wilwood front caliper, street pads, quiet
  • Stainless brake lines
  • 1994 rear discs and calipers (larger than ’93s)
  • Street pads, 60%


  • Race clutch
  • Race light flywheel
  • Redline gear oil in the OEM gearbox
  • 1994 OEM torsion differential andaxles
  • 1994 OEM rear brakes (larger than 1993)
  • New OEM shifter bushings and shifter seals


  • 949 Racing SuperMiata radiator, NEW. This radiator performs much better than the single and the double core OEM radiators. It is remarkable how this moves BTUs. This cooling system is filled with distilled water and Redline Water Wetter
  • Mocal oil cooler, NEW
  • Remote oil filter kit, NEW
  • NEWOEM lower front pan [these get scratch up]. You can cut a hole in the front pan that will flow high volume air over the Mocal oil cooler and would be good to do if you take this to the track
  • AVO big turbo with about 9 psi and putting out about 185 HP. This engine turbo will make about 210 to 225 HP by simply turning up the boost and doing some dyno tuning. If I were going down that path, properly, I would enlarge the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler. It is too restrictive above 18psi, but is perfect for the lower boost / air density.
  • Flyin' Miata Link Turbo ECU firmware
  • Very large intercooler
  • Link Engine Management. While this is ‘old tech’, it does work very well. The new ECUs have little advantage IMO and see no reason to update
  • Notebook PC and cables. I’m including a notebook PC loaded with ECU software so that you can tune this car
  • High flow RC injectors, serviced and flow bench calibrated by RC recently, like new condition
  • BSP high flow exhaust. While excellent, I’d eventually replace it with a lighter exhaust
  • Partial HVAC removal. The compressor is out. It comes with the car. The OEM lines, coils and wiring are still in the car. If you want HVAC, you can rebuild the pump and install it.
  • Ignition coils,NEW
  • Ignition wires,NEW
  • Spark plugsNEW
  • Fuel filter,NEW
  • Water pump,NEW
  • Timing belt,NEW
  • ThermostatNEW
  • Wrapped silicon radiator hoses
  • CA CARB EO supercharger sticker
  • California Compliant EO numbered Catalytic Converter,NEW
  • Redline oil used since NEW
  • Battery, NEW


  • Flyin' Miata chassis butterfly brace,NEW
  • BSP rear sub brace
  • Racing Beat front sub brace
  • BSP upper rear bra
  • Rear strut bar brace
  • BSP low profile headlights (these look great)
  • BSP aluminum parking brake handle (great feel)
  • BSP aluminum heavy shift knob. (this make shifting this great gearbox really terrific)
  • '94 OEM rear chassis brace, new, not installed. Included with car
  • Rolled fenders, liners removed to fit the oversized tires


  • I have a box of parts that comes with the car
  • OEM wheels with originaltires. The tires are only good for rolling a car around a shop, not road worthy

ShippingI willing to work with your shipping company.