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1971 International Harvester Scout 800b Comanche (1 of 1500) # G447827

Make: International Harvester
Model: Scout
Type: Cab & Chassis
Trim: 800b Comanche
Year: 1971
Mileage: 99,000
VIN: G447827
Color: White
Engine: 304
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Salvage
Item location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

1971 International Harvester Scout 800b Comanche Additional Info:

Beauty can REALLY be just skin deep. This auction is going to be short and sweet. For those in the IH community, you've seen all the details in previous adds or listings on binderplanet. For those of you who have not, I can send you the link.
History: This Scout was rolled by a previous owner. It traded hands and someone began mocking up new sheetmetal. It traded hands again and then I found it on craigslist and bought it - for way too much money! The tub, in my honest and humble opinion, is not worth saving at all. There are several structural issues, mainly around the windshield frame down to the passenger and driver kick plate where the force of the roll-over crinkled sheetmetal and the windshield frame is cracked where it attaches to the body. The latter is not a big deal, I've welded those up a few times but the damage to the tub - again in my opinion, in addition to the structural rust issues (mainly the bed and floors) makes this tub not worth saving if you can find a better tub. For a true Comanche restoration nut, yes, you could bring this tub back to life. I do not know if the fenders and rear quarters are original or not. I know they welded 1/4 of a scout to the driver side, from the driver floorboard to the end cap so I know that side is not original. I doubt the passenger side rear quarter is original because it is riveted in place. So, I doubt the front fenders are original either (although all of that sheetmetal is great - damn near awesome quality). Even the front grill surround was crumpled but amazingly, the original hood seems like it made it unscathed - original Comanche butterscotch puke yellow under that primer. I believe one door is original (not pictured but I have two solid doors, just with some workable dents but rust free) but the other door is not original. There is no top, undoubtedly it was destroyed in the roll-over.
The frame serial number has been verified to be a Comanche by the IH gurus but I have not ordered a linesetting ticket. I believe with every ounce of my soul the 304 v8 is original just by the way the truck was presented to me and the condition it is in. I just pulled the original Borg Warner automatic transmission and there was no evidence that anybody has ever been on those bolts or anywhere else in the engine compartment. I can get the serial number off the block for you but it won't do you any good without ordering a linesetting ticket anyway.
The Scout came equipped with a 304 V8, Borg Warner automatic transmission, Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear with factory powerloc, 3:54 gear ratio. I don't know what, if any other options it had. Of course, I was told it ran when parked - or should I appropriately say it ran when rolled?! The fluid in the transmission looked and smelled like it was well cared for. The transfer case shifted smoothly, even the shift cable for the transmission wasn't locked up. Unfortunately, someone along the way removed the carburator and now the engine is frozen up. I don't think it's frozen up very hard but expect it to need a total rebuild. I've made no effort to soak the cylinders, pull the valve covers, heads, etc. It should be noted the rear axle bearing went out while dolly towing it home and the rear is going to need some work. There does not appear to be any damage to the center diff but the axle sustained damage when it went flying down the interstate so I already tossed that. It will at a minimum need a new axle, brakes, and a small amount of metal dremeled off the inside of the bearing area before getting put back together. The rear diff with springs has been pulled but will be included with the sale.
Yes, this Comanche is an absolute HOT MESS but in parts alone, well worth my buy it now price, not to mention the Comanche frame and motor to the right person.
I currently have all parts listed for sale separately so I reserve the right to end this auction or modify what is available at any time. If there is an active bidder, I will contact you prior to me removing any additional parts. Otherwise, this auction is for the sale of the entire thing.
I do not have a title! I am selling it without a title. Having said that, I am willing to work with a buyer for me to obtain a Texas Bonded Title in my name and immediately transfer that title to you. You must know it will cost you about $460.00 in fees for the title and the Scout needs to go to a TxDMV inspection, which occurrs every Wednesday here in San Antonio. I make no guarantees about the scout, however, I work at the DMV and there is no longer a history of this Scout in the TxDMV system, which means the records have been archived. It looks like the plate on the Scout came from the early 1990s. I am familiar with the process to get a bonded title in Texas and it is transferrable to a new buyer. It's basically a title with an insurance bond purchased (part of that $460.00 price) to protect the owner or future buyer. Otherwise, it is just like any other title. Again, I am not guaranteeing an end result and I'm not going to do it for free. I'm already at a major loss on this Scout and I have no intention of losing another nickel.
I am cutting the rear quarters with inner bed walls off this weekend to make available to sell so this is going to be a very short auction. This is a last chance auction. I've had several people in the IH community interested in it, wanting to drive from somewhere in the East to come and get it or arrange shipping for it but it never happened.
I am selling it WHERE IS! It is up to the buyer to make any and all arrangements for pickup, auto shipper, coming out with a trailer, waiving a magic wand, whatever the buyer wants to do. A $250.00 non-refundable deposit will due upon closure of the auction and the rest in cash when you pick it up or your driver comes to pick it up.
If this auction disappears, it's because someone is coming to get the quarters, fenders, hood, etc.
This is my third Comanche. I thought I could save them all. As it turns out, I don't even want to save them all, let alone actually be able to! I am getting rid of all of my IH stuff, moving on to other things for now.
For a potential buyer, I have a fairly decent rolling 1970 800a tub, no title on that either but it's a half cab tub and it's pretty solid and I was going to use that for the restoration. That can be negotiated along with the sale of this Comanche, however, at this time, it is NOT INCLUDED with the sale of the Comanche. Originally, I had one other truck along with this package but it was a logistical nightmare for anybody interested to come and get all three so the package has been broken up. The Comanche is the last thing to get broken up, hate to see her go but oh well.
Currently condition: dash and everything with it pulled and sold. The one seat sold. The borg warner and transfer case has been pulled for sale to someone but they haven't come through yet. Steering column and wheel gone. Engine, main, and rear wiring harnesses gone. All grill trim and lights gone. Tailgate is gone (I have a pretty decent one of those laying around right now too).
Pretty much what you are getting is: Tub, Frame, Engine, Axles with steering and suspension, front fenders, rear quarters, end caps, hood. If there is a buy it now out there and you have the means to pick this up and you catch me in a good mood, I will likely throw every single piece of Scout 800 anything I have into this deal, to include the rolling 70 tub. That is my son's but he is leaving for the Marines so I don't think he'd mind. If you were to ask anyone who dealt with me in the past, you are likely to end up leaving my house with more than what you came for and a lot of the time the extras are free. When I determine something needs to go because I am done with it, it all goes.
Drama will not be tolerated whatsoever. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me before bidding or buy it now. We can talk on the phone or if you are in the area, feel free to come and take a look. I do not live where the Scout is! I have quite a few pictures and I'll list as many in this that I can and I might have a few more on file I cannot list but I cannot run out there "real quick" and take a picture of this or that. For me to take you a picture right quick, it's going to take me about 3 hours of driving. Scout is located in Bandera, TX 78003.
I cannot stress enough that pictures you see in this add may or may not represent the current state of the Scout or parts you see on the scout! Read this listing, again, and again, and feel free to contact me prior to listing.
Buyer will have as much time to come and get the stuff as you need but if it's longer than 30 days, payment will be in full for me to hold it any longer and you must be aware the Scout is not going to be in a secure location (It is sitting on our vacant land) so after the sale, I take no responsibility for it whatsoever and you can leave it at that property at your own risk.
For the record, those appear to be true Scout 800b fenders and rear quarters! Specific to late 1970/1971 800b with correct holes for side markers. A scout vendor would charge you all of the squirrel's nuts for those alone.
This auction WILL NOT be relisted. This is a pre-cutting-up auction.
If you are remotely confused, please do not bid.
another note - the rockers are no good, obvious body filler under the primer, a horrible job. The inner and outer rockers are also separated. Just thought I'd mention that - full disclosure and all!
NOTE: It does not have a "Salvage" title! It has no title at all!