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Ford F100 Stepside, collector, rare, no reserve

Make: Ford
Model: F-100
Type: Flareside Short Bed
Year: 1964
Mileage: 60,072
VIN: F10JR522288
Engine: 6 cylinder
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 3 Speed Manual
Drive type: 2WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Salem, Oregon, United States

1964 Ford F-100 Additional Info:

1964 FORD F100"Tonka Toy Timmy"
60K mile SOLID SURVIVORRust FREE West Coast Truck
Auction Ends 10/30/16 at 7:30 PM Pacific Standard TimeUp for sale in this NO RESERVE AUCTION is a RARE 1964 Ford F100 that I call "Tonka Truck Timmy" because it reminds me of the great metal toy trucks that Tonka used to sell back in the day. Tough, built to last, and super classic body lines back then. Sitting in the drivers seat will put a smile on your face when you feel how solid and well built things were built back in this era. No plastic to break, no rattling clipped on parts etc.
This truck was built in California and spent its whole life in sunny California until January of 2016 when it came up to Oregon. My research indicated that there were only 28,876 F100 flaresides built in 1964 so this is a fairly rare truck, especially when you factor how many have been wrecked or destroyed over the years. There probably are not a whole lot of these out there, and definitely not in this original condition. It comes with the original CA license plate shown in the photos below. The front plate is some kind of replica plate that completes the look, but is not original to the truck. This was a 2 owner truck and the previous owner guaranteed the miles to be original. I tried to verify with vehicle history reports like carfax, but it is older than they can verify in their system. Judging by the overall condition, I am hard pressed to not believe him. This truck has been loved its whole life and it shows. Anything can be rebuilt or restored, but its pretty hard to find true survivor rigs that have always had great care over the years like this one.
The body on this truck is truly unbelievably solid. This is the nicest, rust free, most original truck I have ever had in this vintage. Most of these have rust issues even on the west coast. We have a pretty mild climate and do not salt our roads, which make rust free West coast cars very desirable. The floor and rail steps on this are solid. The common cab areas are all solid. The bed rails are single wall material and in great original condition. The tailgate is amazing, the drip rails on the cab are very nice as well. The inner fenders under the hood still bear the 52 year old original paint and look great! The original wood inside of the bed is in nice shape but does show well cared age. This truck has obviously been kept out of the weather over the years. There are a couple of small spots on the roof that have minor bubbles showing that appear to be due to less than stellar prep work when it was being painted around 20 years ago, not rust. There are very few minor dings and paint chips that I have taken up close photos for you to inspect. (see photos) This was a one time repaint and the original colors were closely matched to the way it came off of the assembly line. This truck has been maintained, meticulously cared for and well preserved over the years. It is a very honest truck with no surprises here. I always am apprehensive on fresh paint jobs on classics, because it takes a few years to show what may be hiding under that shiny new paint. No worries on this truck!
Well, now you know that the truck is solid with a very nice body. But how does it run and drive? Unlike many old vintage pickups out there for sale, this one is turn key ready to DRIVE and ENJOY! The 6 cylinder in this truck purrs like a sewing machine and even starts easily when cold. The transmission shifts through all of the gears crisp and precise. There is no wandering going down the road, it is a "one finger on the wheel" type of driver! Starts, runs, stops, and drives how it should. The truck really is a very nice rig to drive and you will be hard pressed to wipe the smile off of your face going down the road. Truly a joy to drive! I am amazed at how many thumbs up I get while driving this around, people just really seem to love this truck!
All of the gauges work on this truck. The tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and the temperature gauges work properly. The radio works, doesn't sound bad either! The heater works well and the A/C in this is "2 windows rolled down at 60 mph", so I guess you could say that works great, too. All of the turn signals, running lights, brake lights, headlights, and gauge lights work. The horn works from a aftermarket relocated button on the steering column. This truck is ready for you to drive!
People spend a lot of money to try and replicate awesome patina like this. This is a true survivor truck that would look great pulling a vintage travel trailer for camping. You would be the envy and talk of the campground pulling in something like this!
While I think it would be a shame to modify a survivor truck like this, it would be a great candidate to slam with air ride suspension and drop a V8 in it. Your own high dollar "Gas Monkey Special" kind of truck.That would really be a sharp and unique truck! I think it would be a great look, but I will leave the option of modifications to the new owner. I tried to keep this truck true to what it is - and that is a very original classic truck. The inside wood in the bed while very nice for its age, could be replaced so it would be perfect. But, the truck can only be original once, and very few, if any trucks out there can boast a presentable original wood floor in the bed. I replaced the side mirrors to a sleeker, more modern and usable mirror that suited my preference better. I have the original larger mirrors that will go with the truck to its new owner. The hubcaps are vintage Ford caps that I liked better than the original 1964 caps, so while general period, they are not original to this truck. I have also put brand new modern radial tires on it so that it performs its best and it is a much safer alternative to the original bias ply tires.
The interiors of these old trucks don't have a whole lot to them. However, everything that is inside is in REALLY NICE SHAPE! The metal dash is unrestored original paint and is in very nice shape. The gauges look very nice and are original 1964 Ford, not aftermarket replacements. The seat is in great shape and form with only a small wear tear/crack on the drivers side. (Small wear NOT ripped up please see pics) The steering wheel, knobs, shifter, controls, etc. all look nice. It does have carpet on the inside for additional insulation below the rubber floor mat. Overall, the inside is surprisingly spacious and very comfortable to drive. I'm 6'3" and cannot say that about a lot of newer cars out there today!
This truck is ready for you to enjoy. Whether that means Sunday drives, cruise ins, car shows or parades, I believe you will be happy to do any of the above in this beauty of a truck.
I have taken many pictures of the truck to give you an overall feel for this one. I have many different angles and close ups to try to capture the great solid condition of this truck. Please study the photographs first and if you have any specific questions on the truck feel free to contact me. I am open to discuss a BUY IT NOW option, if this interests you please call me at (541) 974-5346 Thanks, Paul.
I have over 170 detailed pictures below for you to study. I have tried to give a very detailed description both visually and verbally. Feel free to contact me to schedule a viewing in person, I would love to show it to you. That being said, this is a 52 year old pickup being sold as is.
Thanks for looking and bid with confidence!NO RESERVE AUCTION ENDS 10/30/16 at 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Paint peeling behind the cab
Carpet under the rubber, I prefer mat but the carpet is nice!
Too nice of a survivor to paint the engine compartment. I wanted to keep a vintage original look.
Original wood, didn't want to replace and ruin survivor vintage look, lots of patina here!!
Blisters in the paint above rain gutter, NOT RUST
Small hole in the side of the seat
Very nice rockers, NO RUST!!
Factory mirrors included
This silver dollar size rust spot in the corner of the core support is the only cancerous rust I could find on the complete under side of the truck!
Folks, this is where it gets truly amazing. I have photographed the complete underneath to show you how original and rust free this truck is. It is a true SURVIVOR, very solid throughout. No oil drips, really AMAZING condition! Please look at all of these photos closely. Note that the rockers, cab corners, and floorboards are in excellent original condition.
Cab corners are amazing!