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Citroen DS ID19 D Super in pristine condition

Make: Citroën
Trim: ID19 D Super
Year: 1971
Mileage: 61,500
Color: Red
Engine: like new
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual 4 speed 3 on the Three
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: British Columbia, Canada

1971 Citroën Additional Info:

Citroen ID19


In pristine condition

One of the most thought after collector’s automobile ever built

View my feedbacks and Bid with confidence


You are bidding on a 1971 France production

Citroen ID19 D SUPER

Pictures show the actual car offered in this auction.

Description, condition and history

I’ve sadly decided to sell few of my rare and highly collectible Automobiles.

Bid with confidence, note feedbaks from other ebayers who purchased few other of my personal collectable automobiles I’ve sold on ebay before. My collectable cars are always truly one of a kind, and not average old cars being sold on line as collectable

This ID19 D super is in amazing condition, mechanically and cosmetically, 100% rust free and in no need of repair of any kind.

Car has always been babied and maintained by myself and previous collector owners like myself.

You are looking at one of a kind Citroen. This Citroen has been driven to few shows and out only in nice days. Hardly ever seen rain or cold days, always garage kept, never parked outside over night, never used as daily driver.

Note that the car can be driven and used as daily driver but due to exceptional condition it would be a petty to drive to the mall or parking lots where you might get door dings from other cars or even dirt on the road. This Citroen is just way too beautiful to use as a daily driver, but of course is up to the new owner how to use it.

Equipment, Technical detail and upgrades

All the following parts are Genuine Citroen parts, mostly brand new, some refurbished but came with same warranty

All the following service and parts replacement was done less than 1000 miles-2 months ago:

1- Complete new clutch, everything related to clutch was replaced brand new, genuine Citroen parts

2- All brand new brakes (genuine parts), brake fluid also flushed and is fresh.

3- All brand new Michelin Tires, (less than 500 miles on new tires) car comes also with 4 extra tires used but still in good condition

4- New/refurbished carburetor that runs like new, not in need of adjustment or repair

5- All brand new spheres and accumulator (NOT refurbished but all brand new)

6- Newly flushed and fresh brake fluid

7- Complete new ignition system including distributor cap, ignition point, all wires, coil, spark plugs etc.. all genuine parts

8- Full service including, fresh engine oil, Transmission oil, hydraulic system fluid etc..

9- Valve has been adjusted and seals have been replaced

10-Brand new water pump, genuine part

11-All belts have been replaced

12-Original radio which looks like new, use to operate fine but not working at this moment

13- New genuine wiper blades on original 2 speed electronically controlled system

-- 13

-- Buyer gets all the old parts that were replaced since by new parts since they’re still good to have in case needing them later on but

-- Car runs practically like new, starts with no hesitation and does not stall ever.

-- Car can be driven to any distance without any issues.

-- There are no oil leak anywhere, no oil burning, no funny smell.

-- Hydraulic system and height adjustment work like new at your command

-- There is no water leaking anywhere in the cab.

-- Floors are all dry with brand new higher quality carpet

-- Windows all operating smooth, they’re tight and solid with no funny vibration anywhere and no cracks.

-- All electrical instruments work as they should except the original radio which was actually working till few months ago and just stopped, I’m pretty sure it must be a ground short somewhere but I didn’t have it fixed since I don’t really use it anyway.

-- Front seat covers have been replaced last year by genuine Citroen seat covers and still looking like new. Rear seat covers aren’t like new but they are still strong and look beautiful showing character which is important with these collectable automobiles. Both front and rear seats feel like soft but strong and like new, feel like you’re sitting in a brand new Citroen.

-- Both Headrests and middle Armrest (not shown in pictures) look and feel like new

-- Paint is deep red (similar to Ferrari red) is not original but is a thick and well done paint job looking beautiful with great shine without the need of polishing or respraying.

-- Car has never been evolved in any accident, never been restored, never had any rust to be repaired, body parts and panels are all original and not in need of any kind or repair.

Note, you shouldn't own or drive an automobile like this if you don't like attention and genuine smiles and thumbs up at every corner you tun to.

People of all ages ask for your permission to take pictures, some ask if they can go for a ride, some just want to touch the car or sit in for a moment, on and on.

Its always a pleasure to know you're welcome anywhere you drive to, at every stop light other drivers let you got a head out of respect for the beauty and great history behind such a legend

Car runs super smooth, strait, strong and is super fast.

-- You cruise at about 70 MPH with throttle half way pressed. Of course you can drive much faster but I wouldn't, just so we can try and keep her at amazing condition that shes in. At about 70-80 MPH it feels like you’re driving at 30 MPH due to the smooth drive and the way the suspension is designed and the fact that everything is brand new on this beautiful machine.

-- Actual speed is what you see on the speedometer as per GPS speed check.
-- The 4 speed manual transmission (3 on the tree) is always trouble free and operates like new.

-- Engine is strong, smooth, with no vibration, no funny smell, no smoke, no leak, starts first try in any season at any time even if have not been started for 2 weeks.

Brakes stop on a dime without pulling to the left or right or vibrating, no matter at what speed or how hard you may hit the brake.

All in all you’ll not believe how perfect everything work on this beauty, from, engine, to brakes, clutch, suspension system, transmission, on and on and on.=

All electronics but the original radio work perfectly, heater, wipers, all the interior and exterior lights working perfectly, not even one brunet bulb there.

The head lights move to the left or right following steering wheel which is not only an icon, amazingly beautiful, but also useful and practical.

Citroen was the first car with moving headlights and hydraulic height control and suspension system and still up to date is one of the finest invention of 20th century and what made Citroen and French Automobile industry a big hit in all Europe up to this date.

There is probably no other car out there that can match the advance technologies and abilities yet the whole simplicity of Citroen DS and ID, not to mention the value and collectablity of these automobiles.

There’s only 61,500 original miles (98,400 KM) on this beauty but I guaranty she runs, drives and operates like a new D Super ID 19 and you’ll hardly ever see one in such wonderful condition.

Buyer needs to do nothing on this amazing ID 19 but drive to any distance.

Presently this amazing automobile is legally registered and insured in Kelowna, BC Canada and can easily be imported to USA.

The car can be shipped from Kelowna or Vancouver BC, or can be picked up in person at my house in Kelowna.

Car was imported from Toulouse/France to Kelowna BC Canada in 1982, owned over the years by myself and another Citroen collector who loved and babied this ID19 and kept it in great shape that it is in now.

This amazing automobile is absolutely rust free, in no need of any kind of repair or service.

The car can be driven to any distance at will without any worries.

I’ve driven this lovely Citroen from Kelowna to Vancouver and Seattle many times and never had any issues, not even a flat tire. The car has been upgraded with so many new parts and been serviced from A to Z just about 2 months ago, I’m sure she can be driven all the way to California if you wish to do so, thus I welcome professional inspection and pick up in person.

Note, all the parts were replaced just to prevent possible future issues and to keep the car in top condition as it has always been. None of the parts were in need of replacement but I always do take care of my beloved collectable cars before things start going wrong, I believe in prevention before problem arises.

Remember also that this is a great investment, perhaps even better than gold since you can enjoy driving her to where ever you like whenever you like, go to shows with it, win prizes if you go to shows, get attention and honest smiles where ever you go, but whenever you decide to sell you can be sure not only you get your money back but you’ll make profit too

Payment terms and conditions

I'm listing this beauty at a very low or modest buy-it-now price for those of you who love to own such a beautiful rare car but don't want to spend the usual money to purchase at the usual higher prices.

Ive already had a decent offer from a dealer in France which is very expensive for them to ship to, that's where French dealers and collectors should be able to find the most and the best of collectable French cars but obviously there aren't much of the good once available even in Europe or if so they'll be super expensive. For now I like to try and keep this fine example within North America with Citroen collectors.

The last one in this condition, (perhaps not as good as this condition) on ebay sold for over $38000 USD last year but certainly not as nice as this one and not with all these new parts.

You can also find ones that are being sold for peanuts but be aware that those ones are only good for professionals who work on them for several years to bring them up to date and condition where they can ask good money for them. On the other hand you also need to know the ones that are completely rebuilt or restored are beautiful for the first few years but soon they start showing rust and problem starts all over again.

The ones like this one which never had any rust to begin with, and never been restored are the one that will stay this way for the longest if taken care of and not driven on salty roads all winter.


If you withdraw your bid for what so ever reason, I reserve the right to block and/or cancel your future bids on any of my actions.


Please make sure you have funds available to you and you’re able to make full payment within 48 hrs either by International Cashier’s check or International bank draft from a major bank or swiftly and safely by bank transfer, E-transfer, electronic bank to Bank transfer.

Full payment must be made in full within 72 hours from the time auction ends.

A deposit of $500 must be made via PayPal within 24 hours from the time auction ends (if full payment is not made already).

Paypal is not accepted for remainder of the full payment. Only the $500 Deposit must be made by PayPal.

For full payment only method of payment accepted is either by International Cashier’s check which buyer must send over night via FedEx or by cash in person or simply use electronic bank transfer which is the safest, fastest and least expensive way of making payment for your new collectable car as I’ve done several times, selling my collectable cars on eBay using same method, buyers were super happy as you see in my feedbacks.

Shipping term and condition

Shipping from Kelowna or Vancouver BC to most locations in the USA runs in the neighborhood of $1000 to $1500 which always include insurance while in transit.

Buyers are responsible paying for shipping cost or fees, having said that, If you win the auction at BUY-IT-NOW price, I will credit $500 towards your shipping cost, in other words, what ever your final bill for shipping, I pay $500 of that final amount and that's just to prove I appreciate it when I see Citroen enthusiast trying to acquire one of the finest automobile available for sell in all North America..

I will assist buyer to the best of my ability with shipping. Once you win the auction I work with you to find best carrier with good reputation, fastest service and of course lowest cost possible.

In most cases, most shipping companies have the option of pick up the car from my house and deliver to buyers location.

I’ve been dealing with one well known and reputable American shipping company who ships cars all around north America at great prices and fastest I’ve seen.

The above shipper picks up the car from my house and transport strait to your house anywhere in the USA or Canada. I’ve used this company 4 times already over the years and never had any issues with them, so I do recommend this company, they are always on time, polite, friendly and secure but not as expensive as some others that I don’t even trust… And no, I’m not making any profit in recommending a shipping company to anyone, I’m just trying to be helpful and make this a pleasant experience for the buyer.

Of course buyer is welcome to choose and use the shippers of their choice.

At the end of the day buyers pay for all shipping cost, any possible fees, any possible tax or duties etc…

I will not charge any fees to help with shipping, just like to help new owner, period.

Local in person pick up welcome.

Good luck and happy bidding