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1971 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 Convertible....42,000 original miles LOWERED PRICE!

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
SubModel: LT1 convertible
Type: Convertible
Year: 1971
Mileage: 41,843
VIN: 194671S105022
Color: yellow
Engine: LT1 330 hp GM 350
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: saddle (brown)
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Conrad, Montana, United States

1971 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 convertible Additional Info:

Let's try this again.......Please......examine ALL photos closely, and only buy if you're certain you'd like the car. Retracted bids KILLED the last auction....people smelled a possible scam involving the "uncovering" of max competing bids, and simply decided to retract their bids as well, or just refrained from additional bidding. I DON'T BLAME THEM. People contemplating spending this sort of money desire and EXPECT to be treated fairly and honestly. I'm going to keep it simple and straightforward and price the car with a "buy it now" of $28500. Read, look, and if you agree it's a deal.....buy it. Thank you!!That being said:
Well with changing times comes changing interests, so up for sale is my '71 Corvette LT1 convertible. I purchased this car in October of 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta as the 3rd. owner. I have the past owners history from its original purchase on Jan. 21, 1971. The salesman at the dealership kept track of the car through the years, and purchased it for himself 12 years later when it came up for sale. After owning it for the next 18 years he decided to move it along and consigned it to the auction I purchased it at. Having owned it for now for 15 years, and putting a total of only 500 miles on it in all that time, I've decided it's time to pass it to someone who'll do more with it than I seem to be able to do. Free time seems to be a rare commodity now-days, and any well-intentioned project involving the car just seems to get kicked down the trail from one year to the next.
Structurally the car is rock solid. The frame and bird cage appear to be in great shape as far as I can tell....only light surface rust here and there on the undercarriage from 45 years of life. I removed the drivers-side kick panel to inspect the body mount there, and can vouch for its integrity. I TRULY don't believe there's any situation involving rust on the car to be concerned with. The body was completely stripped and re-painted in 2002 at a cost of nearly $8000, and the paint still looks great. HOWEVER.....the car was originally a paint code 989 war bonnet yellow car, and at the time I couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money on a color I didn't like. Yea....I can hear the purists coming up the driveway now.....torches lit and pitchforks at the ready! I truly thought I'd own the car forever, and just wanted it to be a color I liked at the time.....'02 millenium yellow. Trust me, if I had it to do over again I would paint it the correct color. Maturity perhaps....or just the fact that I actually kind of like that damned color now! Whaaaa??? Anyway, the paint looks great....it can be up to the next owner to do what he likes.....but you'd have to grit your teeth a little to see sandpaper taken to it.
The second owner represented the car as being unmolested, and I believe he was honest. The engine and transmission stampings are all correct, and the intake, exhaust manifolds, carb, alternator, etc. are correct. All glass looks to be original, and is in good shape. The transistorized ignition is not currently on the car, as he said he tired of trying to keep it working properly and replaced it with an HEI distributor. Egads huh? Because of this, the tachometer on the car has no drive so doesn't function. He gave me a box with the distributor (and pieces), shielding, etc. in case I wanted to convert it back, but that's another thing that will be left up to the next owner. There are HEI distributors out there now that have a tach drive on them, but if the original system is salvageable I'm sure it would be great to put it back to original. See the accompanying photo for what's there.
I've got some documentation for the car, including a report from GM Vintage Vehicle Services Canada, an odometer statement from the 2nd. owner, and the protect-o-plate and warranty guide. We used a tiny camera and smart phone one evening to peak at the top of the fuel tank, and the tank sticker is there and looks to be intact. We could see lettering etc. through the dust, but couldn't make out much from that weird angle. That can be some fun for the next person!
The interior is great....no worries. The console has a small crack on the top where somebody no doubt leaned a bit too heavily on their elbow. I've got a new one in the box from Eckler's purchased years and years ago.
Other things that need attention: 1. Speedometer read a bit slow last time out....cable perhaps? 2. Brake fluid leak on driver's side front wheel....caliper? 3. Very very small leak on timing chain cover....looks like one of the previous guys tried to apply some sort of sealant with limited success. 4. Just had a new top installed a couple months ago, and the release cable needs to be adjusted.....have to pull cable by hand to release. Worked perfectly when I took it there but what do you want for $1200 right? I think the RH rear hold-down for the top needs adjusting also....have to press pretty hard to get it to seat now that there's new seals etc. 5. "door ajar" light stays on...one of the sensors must be faulty. If there's anything else I've forgotten it's minor....
Overall this car's a great car, and I have mixed feelings about letting it go. I gotta be honest with myself though and realize I'm not doing it justice letting it sit all the time. I hope to buy something I can jump in and just drive without worrying about putting miles on it (C6 Z06). I put the B.F.Goodrich's on shortly after the purchase, so the tread is like new. Also put $1100 into the brakes a couple of hundred miles ago...hence the frustration over the leaking caliper! New under-car chambered exhaust sounds absolutely perfect...
Please examine all photos closely. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer as quickly as possible. We're smack in the middle of harvest season here in Montana, so my hours out and about are strange right now to say the least. I'll check back as often as I can!
If you've had any desire to own an LT1 chrome bumper car, here's your chance. She's not a perfect car, but she's a GREAT car with tons of potential to take to whatever level you desire. This car starts and runs perfectly, and rows through the gears like nobody's business. I'll add photos of anything pertinent such as the options list etc. I just purchased a brand-new flannel cover for it, and will include that as well as another great quality cover I've had for quite some time. Also included is an extra set of the PO2 wheel covers I acquired sometime through the years. Anything else I stumble across will be included as well. If you've been wanting to come see Glacier National Park or do some blue-ribbon fly fishing, here's your excuse to get here! Come for a visit and we'll put her up on the lift and have a look, go for a drive, and throw a steak on the grill! If you could drive it, I guarantee you'd like it. Thanks for looking, and good luck! NOTE: I believe all photos except the one with the car on the lift shows the old top. The new one looks MUCH better! Also, I should mention that all fiber optics and vacuum operated items (windshield wiper door, headlights) work well.