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K30 Chevy Dually 3+3 454/RangerOD-sm465/4.10 (14Bolt/Dana 60)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Silverado 3500
Type: Crew Cab Pickup
Year: 1990
Mileage: 20000
VIN: 1GCHR33N1LF305218
Color: Black
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Montague, Michigan, United States

1990 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Additional Info:

Listing this for a buddy. He built this truck 4 years ago and used it as his daily driver until recently when he purchased a new truck. You should be able to jump in this thing and drive it home no problem. He drove it daily for 4 years. If I didn't already have a fleet of vehicles I would own it. Starting the bidding at $7,500 no reserve. He's probably put close to 20K miles on the truck since he put it back together.
General info:
He really built this truck to haul/tow anything he had. He started out with a C30 3+3 and put it on a 4wd frame. The 454 runs great, and it runs down the road nice. The body that was used was really clean, the outer rockers and cab corners were replaced. Floor is in excellent condition as are the doors and box.
The body on this truck is really clean. I can find no rust or rot on this truck. Corners of doors are clean and shut nice. Floors and underside are excellent! For some reason when he did the rockers he did not reinstall the inners. Maybe to keep from them getting loaded up with grime and prematurely rusting out?
This was an amateur paint job with lots of orange peel. Looks great from 30 foot. There are a couple spots that he tried to do a color sand and buff to even out the paint but ended up burning through the clear coat. Otherwise there is no rust or dents in this truck. Just some typical wear from being daily driven for 4 years.
This is where the truck really shines. Great running 454, Ranger OD unit mated to a SM465 4 speed. Sending power through a 205 t-case to 14bolt / Dana 60 axles. This thing is heavy duty from front to back. Only thing better would possibly be a cummins/NV4500 Swap in my opinion. The Ranger OD is whiney when it's cold. It's was new 4 years ago when it was installed and I just changed the fluid in it with synthetic to see if it would make it quieter but it didn't. Going down the road you don't notice it but when the truck is stone cold idling its got the school bus straight cut gear whine. Which is a common complaint about the Ranger OD. Exhaust is new and sounds great.
Interior:Seats are in great shape. Currently there is only the rear carpet. I started to re-install the original carpet but the front was just too shabby. So there is a brand new carpet still in the box. One of the big annoyances about this truck is the gas gauge doesn't want to work. My buddy has swapped out the sending unit in the tank and re calibrated the gauge a couple times but it refuses to work. May be the gauge itself. This truck has an aftermarket gauge set. There is no radio. Just the sweet sound of the big block rumbling down the road. Heat works / AC is inoperable. Power windows work... but they are slow (typical 80's/90's GM)
Brakes/Tires:Stops great and tires are almost new.
Recap of the Bad:Gas Gauge inoperable.AC system inoperable.Ranger OD is whiney.Poor fuel mileage. (this truck is more about Smiles per Gallon!)It's HUGE! It's not tight parking spot friendly.No RadioYou'll probably have to install the new carpet if I don't have time.
Recap of the Good:It's HUGE! (Room for days in this thing!)Nuke-proof drivetrain!No electronics / FI to fail. (A chimp with channel-locks could work on this thing!)No Rust!Almost everything on this truck is new or rebuilt!Squarebody!You'll have an excuse to build a bigger garage to keep this thing in!You'll become good friend with the gas station attendants!3 pedals!
This is a 30 year old 3+3. So keep that in mind. This truck wasn't built to be a show truck and the price reflects that. What you have here is a very usable heavy duty truck. But if you seek perfection is a fantastic foundation/canvas to build upon. No warranties are expressed or implied. Make sure you have approval from the wife or girlfriend if that is something that is a requirement to finance the truck. The Buy-it-now is basically what my buddy had put into this truck to build it doing all the work himself.
Ebay video/walkaround.
may have to drag and drop this into your browser. I did a walk around of the truck. I forget how awesome this thing sounds! You also get an idea of the "Whine" I'm talking about.