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STUNNING CONDITION, 2-Tone Silver & Charcoal over Oyster, PRICED TO SELL!!

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
SubModel: Only 22,775 Miles
Type: Coupe
Trim: Only 22,775 Miles
Doors: 2
Year: 1978
Mileage: 22775
VIN: 1Z87L8S439710
Color: Silver
Engine: 350ci
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

1978 Chevrolet Corvette Only 22,775 Miles Additional Info:

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Specs Engine Size 350ci Transmission Automatic Bodystyle coupe Doors 2 Exterior Color 2-Tone Silver over Charcoal Interior Color Oyster Mileage 22,775 VIN 1Z87L8S439710 Stock # 439710 Description


Please call Matt directly at 513-708-1468 with any questions about this car.

Seven Hills Motorcars is tremendously proud to offer this gorgeous numbers matching 1978 Corvette in outstanding condition with only 22,775 original miles. This Corvette looks stunning, runs great, and is an excellent driver. The car is totally solid with nice lines and no rust issues. It is finished in the highly desirable color combination of 2-tone Silver over Charcoal with Oyster Leather interior.

This Corvette is "Numbers Matching" and almost every part we checked on the car is correct with the proper part numbers and appropriate date codes. We have run the numbers on literally hundreds of Corvettes over the years and there are very few that are so correct and original. Even very detailed parts like the distributor, carburetor, and even all the windows are correct and original. The last six digits of the VIN are stamped on the engine pad, which is pictured in this ad, and the engine is original to the car. The transmission is also original with the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the main case and pictured.

This Corvette is ready to be used and enjoyed. We have this car priced to sell and are offering an excellent opportunity to own a very desirable Corvette at an unbeatable value. One could easily buy this car now and sell it for more than the purchase price in years to come as the market on C3 Corvettes is very hot right now and on the rise, especially for low mileage and original examples like this car. The original T-Top bags, owners manual, Goodyear tire booklet, 1978 Chevrolet Maintenance Schedule booklet, aluminum wheel information sheet, and Consumer Information booklet are all included with the car.

It is absolutely loaded with appealing options as one can see in the extensive list of RPO codes in this ad such as Gymkhana high performance suspension, factory 8-Track Radio, tilt wheel, sport mirrors, air conditioning that blows cold, rear window defogger, power brakes, and power windows. The low original mileage is verified not only by the condition of the car, but also the clear Ohio title, showing the mileage as "Actual." Please peruse all of the photos, video, list of numbers, and other information to get a true sense of how nice, clean, and original this Corvette really is.

As a side note, this Corvette is not a dealer auction vehicle. We hand pick each car after careful inspection. Our Corvettes come from owners who expect their car to go to someone that will give the vehicle the same care and attention as they did. We invite and encourage you to examine the car in person or have the car inspected. Please take the time to scrutinize each picture. We photograph each vehicle to the greatest extent so you can feel confident about your purchase. If you have a question about the Corvette, just give us a call.

Model Description

Chevrolet marked Corvette's 25th Anniversary in 1978 with the most extensive redesign of the car since the introduction of the C3 body style in 1968. The new Corvette introduced a large fastback style rear window that drastically increased luggage space in the rear compartment behind the seats. The interior of the 1978 was also significantly redesigned. The speedometer and tachometer were redesigned in a more square and vertical mode. A glove box was added on the passenger side to replace the pocket. The door panels were also completely new and included screw on arm rests to replace the molded style that been the standard since 1965. 1978 Corvettes featured special 25th Anniversary emblems specific to that year.


The 2-tone Silver and Charcoal exterior is in excellent driver condition. As one can see in the photos the finish has a terrific gloss, deep shine, and smooth finish. Both doors open and shut nicely. The original YJ8 slotted aluminum wheels have a brilliant finish. The Goodyear Eagle GTII white letter tires have about 90% tread left and are correctly sized 225/70R15. There are few small rock chip touch-ups and tiny blemishes that were too small to show up in the photos, but nothing else that is really noticeable from about five or ten feet away. As one can see in the many photos of the underside of the car, it is very clean and this Corvette has absolutely NO RUST ISSUES. The frame is totally solid with no rust around the "key hole" area in front of the rear tire and I have seen no evidence of corrosion around the windshield, which are the two most notorious spots for rust on a C3 Corvette. We have included specific photos of the areas most prone to rust to show how nice this car looks.

Window Date Codes

Please note that ALL of the glass on this Corvette, both pieces of door glass, the rear window, and even the windshield, are all date coded and original as each piece predates the car's body build date of August 21, 1978 (L21). Original glass is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never sustained significant damage.


The Oyster Leather interior in this Corvette is in outstanding condition. The seats look just in person as they do in the photos with no holes, split seams, or excessive wear. The driver's seat is not worn in the typical area on the bolster where the driver gets in and out. The gauge faces are clean and crisp and the lenses are clear. The carpet is also in great condition with no rips or holes. This includes the rear carpet which is often neglected. The dash and console look awesome with no cracks or sun fading. The door panels are in fantastic shape and, unlike many Corvettes of this age, they fit well and tight to the door. The door pulls are solid and intact. The jack and jack handle are still with the car, stored correctly behind the passenger seat. The original spare is still with the car and has never been used. This Corvette has never been smoked in; there are no burns marks and no aroma of cigarettes.

Corvette interiors from this era are not known to wear well, especially with a very light color like Oyster, and the excellent condition of this original interior is a huge testament to the meticulous care and attention this car has received throughout its life and another great verification of the very low original mileage. The original black T-top bags are also included with the car.


This Corvette seems to be in very good mechanical condition. The car starts right away every time, runs well, and idles smooth. It drives great on the road and at highway speeds. In the video below one can observe the car accelerating on the highway up to about 70mph, shifting through all the gears, braking to stoplight, and going through some curves. Please note that there are no strange noises or vibrations and the car performs quite well overall. This Corvette has plenty of power and is quite fast. Also, the engine compartment is beautifully clean, detailed, correct and complete as one can see in the photos. Even the ignition shielding, original air cleaner, original valve covers, and catalytic converter are all still in place.

The radio works as do all the exterior lights, interior lights, indicators, horn, wipers, power windows, and rear window defogger. The blower works on all speeds and the a/c also works and blows cold. One can observe the a/c compressor clicking on and engaging properly in the video. The vacuum system for the headlights works correctly. The headlights go up quickly, evenly, and with no binding in the mechanism. Also, the headlights go up correctly with either the headlight switch or vacuum override switch. There complete operation form both switches can be viewed in the video. All of the gauges work with the obvious exception of the clock. Not enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car, especially with the T-tops out on a beautiful day.

Overall Condition

Overall, this 1978 Corvette is in fantastic condition. The originality, the very low miles, the desirable color combination, the great options, and the excellent overall condition make this car especially important and hard to duplicate. Ultra low mileage C3 Corvettes, like this car, draw a great premium in the current market. Numbers matching is very important in Corvette pricing and as one can see this car is very correct. There are photos below of the VIN stamp on the engine block, suffix code, engine assembly date, transmission VIN stamp, transmission assembly date, and transmission casting date. This Corvette always gets a ton of attention driving down the road. It is apparent that the vehicle has been well taken care of by its previous owners. The prices of C3 Corvettes have increased considerably over the past several years. They are secure and wise investments for a collector. One could easily enjoy this vehicle for several years and sell it for more than the purchase price with minimal effort.

Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.

VIN1Z87L8S439710The first digit, "1," indicated the Chevrolet division of GM. The "Z" is the series, Corvette. The "87" is the body style, 2-door sport coupe. The fifth digit is the engine, L, correct for an L48 car. The sixth digit, "8," indicates the model year, 1978. The "S" is the plant where the car was produced, St. Louis. The last five digits are a sequence number so this is the 39,710th Corvette made for 1978.
Body Build DateL21"L" corresponds to August and "21" is the twenty-first day of the month meaning this Corvette's body build date is August 21, 1978.
Engine CodeV0727"V" means the engine was build in the Flint, MI plant. The "07" is the seventh month of year and the "27" is the twenty-seventh day of the month meaning the engine was assembled on July 27, 1978. This is correct as it precedes the build date of the car.
Suffix CodeCUTThis means the motor was intended for a 1978 L48 Corvette with an automatic transmission, which is correct for this car.
Engine VIN Stamp439710The last 6 digits of the car's VIN, 439710, are stamped on the engine pad and pictured below, meaning this engine is original to this car.
Engine Block Casting Number3970010The engine block has the correct 3970010 casting number for a 1978 Corvette.
Engine Block Casting DateG 20 8"G" is July, "20" is the twentieth day of the month, and "8" is the last digit of the calendar year so the engine block was cast on July 20, 1978.
Intake Manifold Casting Number346249The intake manifold has a correct 346249 casting number.
Intake Manifold Casting DateE 30 8"E" is May, "30" is the thirtieth day of the month, and "8" is the last digit of the calendar year so the intake manifold was cast on May 30, 1978.
Distributor1103353The distributor is original and correct for an L48 Corvette with an automatic transmission with a 1103353 stamping. This distributor was only on Corvettes with a CUT suffix code, which this car has.
Distributor Date Code8F27The "8" is the last digit of the calendar year, the "F" denotes June, and "27" is the twenty-seventh day of the month meaning the distributor was made on June 27, 1978. This is correct as it predates the assembly date of the engine.
Transmission Casting Number8640820The main case of the transmission has a 8640820 casting number.
Transmission Casting Date7-78 3The "7" is the seventh month of the year, the "78" is year, and the "3" is the third day of the month so this transmission main case was cast on July 3, 1978, this is correct as it predates he assembly of the transmission.
Transmission Date CodeB8K24NThe "B" means the transmission as build in the Parma plant. The "8" is the last digit of the calendar year. The "K" is the seventh month of the year and the "24" is the twenty-fourth day of the month. The "N" is the shift in which the transmission was made. This would mean the transmission was made during the night shift in Parma on July 24, 1978.
Transmission VIN Stamping439710The last 6 digits of the car's VIN, 439710, are stamped on the main case of the transmission and pictured below meaning this transmission is original to this car.
Carburetor17058206The original carburetor has the correct stamping for a 1978 L48 Corvette with an automatic transmission, a/c, and a late build date. The fourth digit, "5," means the carb was built in the 1976 - 1978 production run. The fifth digit, "8," means it was built for the 1978 model year. The six digit, "2," indicates that it is a 4BBL carb. The seventh digit, "0," means is was built for the Chevrolet division of GM. The last digit, "6," means it was intended for use in an automatic transmission car such as this.
Carburetor Date Code1448The "144" is the 144th day of the year. The "8" is the year, 1978. This mean that the carburetor was made on May 24, 1978. This is correct as it predates the assembly date of the engine.
WindshieldTJ"T" is August and "J" is 1978 so this window is original, made in August of 1978.This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Driver's WindowUJ"U" is July and "J" is 1978 so this window is original, made in July of 1978. This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Passenger WindowIJ"I" is June and "J" is 1978 so this window is original, made in June of 1978.This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
Rear WindowLJ"L" is March and "J" is 1978 so this window is original, made in March of 1978.This is correct as it predates the build date of the car.
exterior color code
interior color code
122Oyster Leather
rpo codedescription
1YZ87Corvette Sport Coupe
A31Power Windows
A51Bucket Seat
C49Rear Window Defogger
C60Air Conditioning
D35Sport Mirrors
FE7Gymkhana Suspension
K30Cruise Control
L48350ci V8 Engine
MX1Automatic Transmission
NA5Standard Emissions
N37Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column
QGR225/70R15 White Letter Tires
UM2AM-FM Stereo Radio with 8-Track
U81Dual Rear Speaker
VK3License Plate Mount
YJ8Aluminum Wheels
ZX2Convenience Group
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