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1971 vw bus camper van volkswagen

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus/Vanagon
Type: Van Camper
Year: 1971
Mileage: 111111
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

1971 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Additional Info:

Estate sale item. This belonged to a lifelong vw mechanic, it was his daily driver. He made the interior entirely rust proof by gutting it and treating & painting it. Very nice inside for being all original!Perfect new clean regular NC title in my name ready to sell.
The interior is all original and looks great for age…see photos (accept front seat covers look aged) . The shifter knob is a rare German part, one sold on eBay $350. The radio is also a valuable piece as it is an original radio. He upgraded it with speakers pro installed behind the front seats.He hard wired in all sorts of cool stuff. A shut off I think, oil gauges I think(?), an engine compartment work light, a special hand built metal elevated tray for battery so it never rusts underneath, another thing under the seat I don’t know what it is but it’s electrical with a red key.Everything looks all original that I can tell.71 is the best year of the vw bus because it’s the first year of the good disc breaking system and good steering. Otherwise if any older it’s a pain to drive. Yet, 71 is the last year to still have the old fashioned body style. So, it’s the most collectible and sought after year bay bus. It’s a tintop camper, has fold out bed and many cabinets. Tintops are often preferred because pop tops tend to leak and require maintenance of canvas. Lotus white. Looks like it was painted once but original paint can also be seen in many places. See photos!
As is of course, no warrantees or guarantees. I’m a school teacher helping an older lady out by selling her husbands VW things. Already transferred into my name and ready for the new owner.
$1k deposit due at time of purchase via PayPal or cash or bank wire. Remaining can be cash, or bank wire, within 3 days. This helps validate the many scammers! My goodness! Feel free to come see it Before you purchase it.
I’m available to meet for pickup on Thursday afternoons, Fridays, or Saturdays.
The engine was last taken apart and worked on to ensure reliability, about 3-4 years ago by hicks vw in Durham NC. They work only on aircooled VWs and have for 30plus years.
There is one rust spot on inside I see near seatbelt, There are small spots outside of bus with rust spots that I see.The engine was my engine from my bus,1600cc I believe vw block I think, that has been my reliable daily driver. A mechanic came over & put it in the bus for me. It was maintained by Hicks VW. This bus had a dual carb engine that I had swapped out to try it out. Mechanic was only here for one day, so it’s in but not finished hooking up the spark plugs, wires, etc. So new owner will need to finish that detail. It has my carb, generator, coil, etc. All were completely reliable. It will need a back bumper if you want one, a back apron and lid..if you want those perfect because they are my warped ones. I took those pieces off cause my bus was lightly hit. They are quick, easy, cheap to replace. I drove around for a long time with those pieces warped, didn’t bother me.This bus appears to have never been in an accident in 52 yeas! I don’t see any areas of repair on it! It has much of what appears to be the original lotus white paint showing!All four corners look perfectly smooth and original, Rare for a bus! The condition looks in par with my bus…which I was lucky & got a few years ago for $15k. Fabulous price for someone who can put in a little effort or doesn’t want to pay 2-3xs for a restored one, or someone who prefers all original & to restore it themselves properly! The hard and time consuming work of taking apart the inside and rust proofing it has already been done. Patching one seat belt spot still needs to be done, see photo that shows rust spots in front right door wheel well section. Id replace that wheel well piece. People usually replace them because they seem to be the first thing to go on a bus.
Putting in a back area floor is incredibly cheap and easy, it may take me an hour, but I’ll leave it so new owner can pick their own taste in floor & see it’s in great condition n underneath. I’d be happy to put a floor in for you for a couple hundred bucks+material.
Looks like owner changed a back window to be solid instead of flipping open, to prevent the typical leaks these busses get from that flip window! Very cool! Can’t even tell cause many came with a solid window.
There is a crack on the muffler. I will put the same style muffler in bus for new owner to install & use as a replacement, as he happened to have a backup.we ran the bus before swapping the engines.I don’t recall noticing anything that didn’t work or was broken or missing. Feel free to ask any questions though to verify anything specific you need to know. Original Radio needs to be hooked up, but looks easy like everything is there. I was told he was ecstatic about having located a replacement original radio. Not easy or cheap!I don’t recall seeing any chips or cracks on any glass.Two front seat covers are actually the original covers!!! I removed the brown seat covers that were over them. Def needs new front seat covers!
Curtains actually look original! They are too old to look good or work properly, so I’ll put three original looking new curtains in the bus instead. Former owner had them in a bag in his parts storage.
A tag is in glovebox from 1990 with last owners name, So I’d deduce he had it at least 33 years.