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1984 VW Rabbit Cabriolet

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Rabbit
Type: Convertible
Year: 1984
Mileage: 122,000
VIN: wvwca0159ek014589
Color: Gray
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Item location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Additional Info:

Everything I know. Disclosure: I am not a professional (or even amateur) mechanic. All work was done by hired professionals, and I didn't tinker at all. All information is relayed without any warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.
To my knowledge, has never been in an accident. The car has a valid Missouri title and is currently legal to drive. It is registered to the end of the current month (Sept 2018). Ebay's automatic vehicle check form shows that the car was issued a salvage title back in the '90s sometime. I don't know about that. When I bought the car, it passed inspection and was registered without trouble.
There's some sort of issue with the relay panel that causes the fuel pump to suck too much power. The car revs too high (at about 2000rpm, even with the throttle adjusted all the way back) and the fuel pump wears fast. Some of the fuses installed are the wrong value, and some are just wired inline to a wire hanging out of the fuse box. This issue burned out a fuel pump completely, and I had the pump replaced shortly before I parked it. I was going to start working on the fuse box, but I never got around to it. This model has a known issue related to the antenna breaking off, and water dripping through down on to the relay panel/fuse box. My car has the antenna broken off, but whenever I've used it I've had it garaged or covered by a car cover. Before I had it though, I think the relay panel was water damaged and then replaced by a previous owner. That's just my guess.
Mileage: When I bought the car in 2013, it had about 110,000 miles on it. The previous owner asserted that they were all the original miles, and that the car had been in a barn before he made it roadworthy again. I've put on the 12,000 since then myself, doing local trips.
Brakes: Discs and calipers replaced shortly before I parked it. Parking brake is non-operational.
Canvas Roof: Will need to be replaced sooner or later. The seals will not keep rain out (they did at first; as they failed I stopped driving it in the rain) and there is a largeish hole on the driver side at the back. The lifting mechanism is a little rusty, but one person can fairly easily raise and lower the roof unaided. This model was not equipped with an electric roof.
Exterior: Very little rust anywhere on the car. I didn't drive it when it was icy, and I guess neither did the last owner. There is a slight ding above the driver's side headlamp, and the paint is generally faded, but not flaking or scratched. Antenna is broken off. The gasoline cap has been replaced with a locking cap (key included). The doors and trunk lock fine. The original hubcaps are included but are not attached. Wipers work. Tyres have tread but need replacing.

Interior: Leather seats are in good condition, although some seams have popped on the driver's seat. Aftermarket CD player with 1/8" iPod jack is installed, but the plastic tab that keeps the faceplate on snapped off. Bad design. Some of the knobs and dials on the dashboard are missing, and while the AC seems like it's trying to work, I never had it charged and it doesn't blow cold or hot. The carpet on the floor is very unpleasant and needs replacing. New aftermarket speakers installed in the doors behind original grills.
Engine: Present. The things that are supposed to have fluid in them have fluid in them, and the right sorts. The engine leaks a little oil, but I would only have to top it off annually, so not much oil. The clutch cable was recently replaced. A small plastic grommet in the gearshift broke, and the mechanic replaced it, but apparently not very well: since he worked on it, it is now quite difficult to shift into first (driving away in second is a piece of cake). If you buy the car and want my opinion, I can show you which piece it is on the exploded gearshift diagram. Ask me your questions and I'll do what I can to answer them, but as above, I am not a mechanic, nor even a dabbler.

Email me and I'll answer your questions, or I'll send you my 'phone number if you're interested but want to speak to me about questions you might have. I will not deliver, but I don't mind helping you to find shippers at your cost. Local (Kansas City) buyers are welcome to contact me and arrange a viewing.