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Make: Volkswagen
Model: GTI
Type: Hatchback
Doors: 2
Year: 1984
Mileage: 216,611
VIN: 1VWDC0178EV085777
Color: Red
Engine: 1.8 Liter I4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1984 Volkswagen GTI Additional Info:

This is it, he car that started the entire hot hatch phenomenon, he 1984 Volkswagen GTI. We wouldn't have cars like the Subaru WRX, he Ford Focus RS, he Mitsubishi Evo, r anything else with four cylinders designed only to make the driver smile. And with all that in mind, ollectors are waking up to the fact that the GTI is a sure-fire future collectable that's still a ton of fun right now.Bright Royal Red was one of three colors offered on the GTI (the others being black and white) and shockingly enough, his is original, olfsburg-applied paint. It's shockingly well preserved, specially given the fact that it's more than 25 years old and has seen 216,000 miles (don't worry, ll the mechanicals are new). Original paint means that it's never been wrecked or rusty and the quality of the lowly Rabbit shines through here, ith great panel gaps and doors that fit remarkably well. There are, f course, igns of use, ut they're far gentler than you'd expect from a car designed for fun on the road, nd the overall presentation is pretty impressive. The GTI also got a number of unique upgrades, ncluding the blacked-out bumpers and grille with red surround, ifferent taillights (that were actually borrowed from the Euro-spec Golf), s well as the GTI emblems on the hatch. Oh, nd that hatch was blacked out to give the rear end a sleeker look, n effect that still works rather well today.The interior was upgraded over the standard Rabbit fare, tarting with deeper bucket seats that were better-suited to the spirited driving this car would enjoy. The cool plaid upholstery was Europe only, ut the red striped fabric used here is NOS, o it matches what would have been here in 1984. The rest of the interior is original, nd again, t shows that this is a car that has been loved from the very beginning, ecause it's in fantastic condition. The factory gauges are housed in a rectangular pod that's pretty basic, ut the GTI got a special 4-spoke steering wheel and a center console with auxiliary gauges. You'll also note that there are five gears on the transmission knob, ot four as in the standard car, hich makes a big difference in performance and comfort. There's a period AM/FM stereo and yes, his one is equipped with factory A/C, nother rare find. The back seat is actually big enough for real-sized adults and the cargo bay is neatly upholstered in matching red carpet.The GTI got a warmed-over version of VW's 1.8 liter inline-four, ut it wasn't about horsepower, t was about the total package. This one has been recently rebuilt, ncluding a fresh bottom end, o it's ready to rock. It starts easily and idles nicely thanks to factory fuel injection and it pulls with enthusiasm through the gears. There's an aluminum radiator up front and the A/C compressor takes up what little space is left up front. Clutch take-up is light and the entire suspension has been rebuilt and features new Bilstein struts and polyurethane bushings. The brakes were also rebuilt and seem more than adequate for the lightweight GTI and it's just shockingly clean underneath. The exhaust is recent and gives the little VW a snarky growl and it hunkers down on correct 14-inch alloys with 185/60/14 performance radials.Don't let the mileage discourage you, his is a very clean, traight, ell-maintained GTI with fresh mechanicals that's ready to go. Relive the great days of the mid-80s with an icon. Call today!