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1966 Volkswagen Double Cab Transporter

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus/Vanagon
Type: Crew Cab Pickup
Year: 1966
Mileage: 97,345
VIN: 266112970
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cambria, California, United States

1966 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Additional Info:

This truck belongs to my Uncle who has owned it since 1981. Hasn't been in use since the mid 90's. Clear title and matching VIN number stamped in the engine compartment. M-Code Plate:linkVIN:266112970Engine Code: H5534392
Additional Photos:link(UPDATED: 9/13 9:30PM PDT) Click the above link. When the page loads, click on photo, then the magnifying glass button to zoom, or the "i" button for a caption.
Videos Starting up and driving in reverse:link Driving forward:link Front passenger door frame:link Driver door frame:link Holes in passenger-side floor:link Holes in driver-side floor:link Rear passenger floor:link Bottom edge of rear passenger door:link Rust below rear passenger door:link Rust on underside of truck by rear passenger door:link Lower edge of windshield:link A dent in the bed:link Opening passenger-side doors and windows:link Opening driver's door and windows:link What Works It starts, drives, and stops One tail/brake light Blinkers All three cab doors except rear passenger inside handle Windows except one window clasp is missing Tailgate and side gates Engine door and gas cap door Gas tank meter seems to work What Doesn't Work Radio Headlights One tail/brake light Interior light Horn Emergency flashers Rear passenger door inside handle Problems of Particular Interest It seems that the windshield leaks water into the cab which has caused rust inside the cab (photo). Some spots on the floor have rusted through (video1 / video2).The truck comes with what appears to be replacement windshield gaskets. There's some heavy rust just below the rear passenger door (video) and on the underside of the truck near the rear passenger door (video).
There's a hole rusted through the battery tray (photo).(UPDATED: 9/13 9:30PM PDT) There's a dent in the bed (video). There are other dents and rusty spots shown in the Additional Photos and the video links.

Problems Not Shown in the Photos or Videos
The gas tank is rusty. I took a half-gallon of rust out of it and cleaned it with rocks, water, and dried it with air. It leaks about half-way up the height of the tank, so it can only hold about half a tank. Gas sat in the fuel system for about 4 years. I flushed the fuel lines with clean gas and installed a new fuel filter. Fuel delivery seems fine, but there could be gunk in the lines. The throttle cable is improperly routed and lays directly on the transmission. It seems that a length of cable housing is needed. The battery works but doesn't seem very strong (installed in 2012). The brakes and parking brake work but don't seem very strong. The exhaust smells like gas. It idles high. If I turn the idle speed down, the engine stalls. Work Done in 2001 Info available upon request Work Done in 2012 Installed "engine kit" Installed new battery, battery cables, fuel pump, rubber fuel lines, and carburetor Checked engine compression, general condition, fluids, etc Inspected and adjusted brakes Fixed wiring issues in brake/running lights Mechanic's notes: "The van is a good driver. Feels safe and no known issues problems with running gear." "This van seems very dependable.. We let it sit a couple days and it fired right up.. I have driven it around the shop neighborhood etc.. and seems great.." Work Done in 2016 Topped up brake fluid Drained and filled transmission Cleaned out old gas and gas tank Flushed fuel lines with clean gas Installed new fuel filter Carb work (not sure what) Cleaned distributor Timed engine If you'd like any more info, photos, or videos, please ask. I'll be happy to help. I'm reachable through eBay or by phone at 805-500-3232 (PDT time). - Eric