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1977 Triumph Spitfire Red

Make: Triumph
Model: Spitfire
Year: 1977
Mileage: 55577
VIN: FM63981U
Color: Red
Engine: Overhead valve 4-cylinder in-line, water cooled
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Irvine, California, United States

1977 Triumph Spitfire Additional Info:

This 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 is a modified vehicle. The owner has had it for 3 years. The vehicle runs great and was used as a daily driver.

Vehicle Details

Make: Triumph

Model: Spitfire 1500

Year: 1977

LHD, 49-State U.S. version

VIN: FM63981U

List price: $5000, and transport from current location in Orange County, CA is the buyer’s responsibility


Previous ownership history was not detailed at the time of purchase. The current owner has had it since early 2021, in North Carolina from 2021-22 and then California from 7/2022 onwards.


I love this car and it runs very well (used to be my daily driver in North Carolina, 2021-22). Unfortunately, it has several modifications that mean IT WILL NOT PASS a California SMOG in its current condition. I managed to find a temporary solution to help it pass the first SMOG, so the title and registration are up to date, but I can’t afford the restoration it will need to pass a California SMOG every 2 years.

DESCRIPTION: Chassis and frame are rust-free. No collisions under current ownership and no history of salvage on the VIN. The car was a daily driver (10-15 miles per day, 3-4 days/week) between 2021-22 in North Carolina. Since relocating to California in July 2022, the car has been driven rarely due to poor road conditions in Los Angeles. Routine service (oil change, brake checks, transmission, etc.) has been performed every 3-6 months during current ownership. New wheels, tires, and brake pads are in great shape. Front pinion seal occasionally leaks a (very small) amount of oil.

There is some cosmetic damage. There are several paint chips on the exterior (photos included). The interior is in functional condition, but could use restoration (especially a new transmission tunnel cover). There is a new leather soft top installed but it was off for several months so it needs to be re-stretched and some of the snaps need to be re-attached to make it watertight. Radio antenna was damaged during transport from NC to CA (2022) and needs to be fixed.

Modifications/repairs by current owners:


Replaced original wheels (rusted and bent in several spots) with 13" Minilite Replica Wheels and new tires (2023). Tires are covered by Discount Tire/America’s Tire for their lifetime.

Fuse box connections repaired (loose)


Had exhaust pipe and muffler position adjusted to avoid scraping the road surface (poor road conditions and steep inclines in Los Angeles). Also improved vibrations while the engine is running.

Upgrades to alternator wiring and mounting so the car can use modern alternators (installed a GM) because the old Lucas alternators/replicas constantly fail


Wiring harness completely replaced to address multiple faults and burned out segments

Battery cutoff switch installed for electrical safety (and theft prevention)

Breather valve added to valve cover gasket to reduce crankcase pressure

Converted to Weber downdraft carburetor with manual choke

New exhaust headers installed

New spark plugs, spark plug wires

New handbrake cables installed to replace worn cables

New turn signal indicator switch and horn push button installed

Fuel tank cleaned, new fuel line installed

New shock absorbers, springs, and wheel bushes (front and back)

New brake shoes and wheel cylinders

Clear glass halogen headlamps to replace old frosted headlamps

Replaced bulbs in tail, reverse, and indicator lights

Hydraulic hood (bonnet) lift kits installed

New battery

New seatbelts

New windscreen wipers

Passenger side mirror installed

New horn

Known modifications/repairs by past owners:

Replaced mechanical fuel pump with electric fuel pump

Added a second fuse box

**Additional tan canvas soft top and Haynes manual included