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Triumph TR-8 convertible 1980

Make: Triumph
Model: Other
Type: Convertible
Trim: convertible
Year: 1980
Mileage: 69,000
VIN: tpvdv8at213942
Color: Blue
Engine: V-8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

1980 Triumph Other Additional Info:

1980 Triumph TR-8. Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. I have two TR-8s and I love them both but one has got to go. I am selling the better of the two. Brand new $4500.00 professional paint job in original color with national 5-year warranty. Paint shop owned by Triumph racer/collector who was painting his own TR-8 at the same time as mine. He did an incredible job. I have a TR-8 decal set that will go with the car. You should wait a few months for the paint to cure before applying them. Car was treated with Zeibart rustproofing when new ( black tar material injected into doors, sills and crevices). That stuff really worked. Solid floors, doors and sills. In the pictures you can see that there is rust proofing sprayedon the top of the shock towers and the inner fender wells. I started to remove this black tar material (plastic scraper and a lot of effort) to improve the under hood appearance but I changed my mind.This stuff has protected the car for 36 years. Who am I to mess with success. Original equipmentair conditioningis all intact but not working. Conversion to Freon 136 would be required but most A/C shops can handle this. Car has headers and a 4-barrel manifold. New (not rebuilt) Holley carb set up by the Wedge Shop.This engine just purrs. Smooth and powerful. Instant starts and no smoke at startup or when warm. Clutch and shifter work like new (because they are). All gauges work even the clock. Headlights pop up and down. This car has no radio. It came with an original Blaupunkt that I am keeping for my other TR-8. Radios are a personal choice. You can buy a state of the art Bluetooth nav system or a vintage 8-track. The first thing most new owners do (including myself)ischange out the radio. Buy what you want. The interior of the car is all original and in great shape. There are excellent door panels, seat covers and rug sets available at reasonable prices but a car is only original once. Like the radio this is a personal choice. I could replace the interior and pass the cost on to you but that may not be what you want. I think the interior is the best one I have seen in a TR-8 in twenty years. The door panels have some fading but there are no rips or splits and the vinyl is supple. The seats have minimal fading and wear but there are two small (less than 1/2 inch) tears both repaired. I don't think they detract from the car at all. I really value originality (and so do most show judges).Following is a list of new parts (there are certainly more that I don't remember.

Clutch and pressure plate and bearing

clutch slave and master and fluid line

shifter bushings

tires (0 miles)

exhaust mufflers

carburetor (Holley 4-barrrell)

turn signal switch

wiper switch

hazard warning switch

steering shaft bushings

gaskets for tail lights, sidelights, and door handles


throttle cable

water pump and thermostat

convertible top (new 2012)

Ok, so here's my sales pitch. This is your last chance to get a cheap TR-8. Look at what happened to jag xke's in the last five years. You can't touch one for less than $100,000 today. TR-8's are the next car to be "discovered". Beautiful, powerful and very low production numbers (about 2000 cars total). The first person to bring one to a Mechums auction will likely get $25-30,000 and then it's off to the races. Think how good you will feel having this baby tucked away in your garage. Bid often, bid high. Remember, the more you pay me for the car the more it will be worth when you sell it.

I have described the car as best I can. I welcome inspections. Sale is final, owner must arrange for shipping. Car to be picked up within ten days of sale date.

Also, the convertible top boot cover in the pictures is an excellent fitting cloth cover that I am also keeping. The car will come with a black vinyl cover in excellent, like new condition but the snaps are the wrong size and will have to be changed. Take my advice, buy a cloth boot cover. Your fingernails will thank you later.