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1979 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 1 Owner 28k Original Miles Not another one like it

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: FJ40
Type: 2 Door Removable Hard Top & Doors
Trim: FJ40
Year: 1979
Mileage: 28631
VIN: FJ4O3O6967
Color: Original Correct Toyota Mustard Yellow
Engine: Inline 6 Cylinder
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Drive type: 4 wheel Drive / Locking Hubs
Interior color: Grey
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Palm Beach, Florida, United States

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Additional Info:

  • Reduced for Sale before Going to Auction at Barrett Jackson this April!
For all you "barn-yard-find" dreamers - this is a rare one, but better than any barn find. I have only come across one similar to this FJ in the entire country over the past 5 or 6 years that had similar qualities and it sold for $100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Dollars). However, that FJ40 (Jonathan Ward's)was a 78'. This one here for sale is an original 79' one owner, having the original bill of sale from the original purchase in 1979 and being sold with Title from it's original owner. This is nota nut-and-bolt restoration, not a customized one, but a factory original 1979 FJ40 that's spent all of its life with one owner.See link for a very interestingcomparisonand storyhttps://www.autoblog.com/2018/04/04/5-000-mile-toyota-land-cruiser-fj40/

Originally purchased in 1979 this FJ40 was bought with all the bells and whistles including the option for power steering and a 10,000 lb Warne winch (and a few other items listed on the original bill of sale). The original bill of sale from the Toyota Dealership where it was purchased back in 1979 is included in the sale and it documents this FJ as a true original one owner.
This FJ was primarily used to go hunting and fishing on a private 100 acre plus property. In the winter months the FJ was kept in a heated garage and minimally driven just to keep the moving parts in motion. The average 700 miles a year of easy driving wasprimarilyout to the lake on the property on a nice smooth grassy terrain. The "original tires" and "original wheels" (yes that's right) from when bought new remain in perfect shape since they really did not see much asphalt. The Original "Steelie Wheels" are in absolute perfect condition and you would have to see them up close toappreciatehow beautiful they are.
Everything works as it should. The oil was changed every 6 to 8 months. The only real mechanical work done to this engine of only 28k original miles was an oil pan replacement, a couple of regular tune-ups and a full carburetor rebuild a few years back which one would expect to have taken place over this period of time. The carburetor rebuild was only the result of time - not misuse or neglect. Nothing else to report as far as repairs besides the regular oil changes, oil filters, and a few batteries over the past 39 years. This truck was driven so minimally and taken care of so routinely it simply did not sustain any mechanical problems. It really had a nice easy life with zero abuse and zero traditional off-road use. The short rides on the property over to the lake on a very smooth terrain are not at all what one would consider off-roading or anything of that nature. Sure some mud may have found it's way up in the wheel wells on occasion but the truck did not see any rough-housing or abuse.
All the gauges work and illuminate as they should. Gears shift smoothly (including the four wheel drive and locking hubs) and with the power steering option (available in 79') this FJ drives like a dream. Everything on this truck is original and stock with only a custom front light rack installed toaccommodate the additional lights. From the shocks and bushings, to the brakes and mostly everything else in-between, this is as close to an all original survivor as you will ever find. If having the original wheels and tires doesn't impress you, or anoriginaljack that was never removed from it's holding station, how about a removable top andremovable doors that were never even taken off, ever!! I know that is hard to believe - but it is true and the new owner of this truck will be very pleasantly surprised.
This is the true definition of a time capsule FJ40 that was very well preserved over the years. There are two areas of surface rust and a few paint bubble spots that have surfaced just in past years. It was decided to not make any replacement/repairs as it would lose it's "original" status. Once there is body work or implementation of any patch work no matter how minimal, well, there goes the "all original" status and you can no longer make the claim of being such.
If you are looking for these full restoration "frame-off's" popping up weekly and coming out of central and southAmericaat a dime a dozen, you are in the wrong market. Those NON US SPEC trucks don't come even close to this original truck.Andgoodluckfinding OEMpartsfor them. Sure you might see some imperfections or a less than perfect undercarriage that doesn't shine with new glossy-black undercoating as these imports with lipstick show. But there is a lot to be said about an all original US Spec FJ 40 vs. a "frame-off" Non-US Spec for the serious vintage collector/buyer of FJ40's. It is apples and Oranges....period. One should check with the new owner of Ward's 78' who paid $100k and ask him if he paid all that $$ for a new shinny black undercoating or a frame-offrestoration from South America.
These trucks have been increasing in value at a truly unbelievable rate over the past decade. They will continue to increase and especially one so desirable as this one here. How many FJ40 owner's can actually say they bought their truck with 28k original miles? There are very few true originals out there of this caliber.Even the regular worn-down and beaten-up, multi-owner FJ's are fetching ridiculous money.
This is a bitter-sweet story to see such a beautiful original go. But all car/truck ownerships do come to an end at some point in time. Some are just better ownerships with betterhistoriesthan others.
If you are looking for an almost impossible to find original FJ40 to add to a collection or to be the coolest original FJ40 owner on the planet - here it is. Some lucky buyer will walk away with one of the great ones if not "the great one".
All Original Books/Manuals and even the winch manual is all here and come with the sale. Winch was never used, other than running it a few times to keep the moving parts lubed. The original jack has never left its original location and never used. Also included are the original set of Toyota Keys, an original CB radio with 2handhelds as part of the set. They were used tocommunicate when way out on the property.Backin the late 70's early 80's there were nocellular phones.
I also have a full set of additional wheels thataccommodate bigger tires that were bought and have had very little use. They were installed but went right back on the shelf. They come with the sale too.
Come inspect this one-of-a-kind original to appreciate it for what it is. Please contact me to arrange an appointment or if you have any questions. No Disappointments with this great find! I reserve the right to sell locally. I do not require any help to sell this FJ so please, nosolicitationsor marketing scams.
Thanksfor looking.