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FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser - Diesel - 3B Toyota Engine - (BJ40)

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: FJ40
Type: SUV
Trim: FJ40 - Diesel - 3B Toyota Engine -
Year: 1980
VIN: FJ40 318182
Color: Green
Engine: Toyota 3B Diesel
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Park City, Utah, United States

1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 - Diesel - 3B Toyota Engine - Additional Info:

FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser – 3B Diesel For Sale with many Extras! VERY LOW RESERVE.

This FJ40 was purchased about 3 years ago with a 5 Speed, Toyota 3B Diesel 3.4 liter with Turbo. It is unknow how many miles were put on the 3B at the time of the conversion, but it has very good compression in all cylinders. The 3B engine came from a 1985 BJ60 from Canada (per prior owner). Over the past 3 years, this FJ has had a number of upgrades/improvements, but unfortunately, I cannot complete the full restoration I had intended to do because of other financial responsibilities. I am not a mechanic nor an auto body shop guy; so all work has been completed by professionals. Here is a list of what all has happened in the past 3 years.

*Totally redone, sand blasted front hood with new latches.

*Totally redone top roof with all replaced rivets, pant, etc; As well as a new interior headliner.

*Fully sand blasted and tub sides w/ new Spector Off Road tinted side windows.

*Fully sand blasted, refinished doors with new hardware inside and outside, new locks, door handles, after market door covers, new interior lock mechanism, and new window regulators.

*New fiberglass front apron (old one was rusted out).

*New front head lights.

*New front fenders (after market from Spector Off Road)

*New front turn signals.

*Fully sand blasted front window frame and painted with new gasket, new rear view mirror, new shades.

*All new wiring harness.

*New 20 gallon poly Downey after market gas tank with new sending unit.

*All new knobs on dash.

*Fully refurbished main gage cluster (not all the other old after market gages in photos are connected because when I replaced the main gage cluster, they weren’t needed).

*New kill switch (it is the “T” handle to the left of the main gage cluster in photo).

*New intercooler for the turbo.

*Real sheep’s wool front seat car covers and new rear ‘pack saddle’ seat cover.

*Full carpeted interior with insulation underneath for a quieter ride.

*New FJ40 Tuffy Center Console. There is a Pioneer stereo in the dash but the Tuffy Console has a stereo deck sleeve if you want to mount it in there.

*Bird’s Eye Maple shift knobs.

*Custom stereo speakers boxes.

*Glasspack exhaust.

*New block heater with plug in the front bumper which was very nice to have in the winter.

*Fully refurbished heater with new heater core & lines.

*After market side mirrors (although the seal on the side of the mirror is already bad and I would replace with Toyota side mirrors).


*Fully refurbished Rear Spare Tire Holder with Toyota latch.

*New tub sides (both sides)

*New rocker panels (both sides)

*Green Paint used for the body work already completed as well as the activator, and said to be enough for the rest of the body work.

*All Toyota specific Emblems (not aftermarket): 4Wheel Drive, rear “Toyota” emblem, and side “Landcruiser” emblems.

*New Aftermarket antenna.


This FJ came with a steel aftermarket tub. Its in good shape, but the rear edge of the tub is too high and whoever mounted it, cut the interior lower end of the ambulance doors off so it would fit. I had planned to have someone modify the tub rear edge and bring the ambulance doors back to how they should be, but had not gotten around to it. I would also change the angle of the gas filler neck going to the tank because it’s too low, but was going to do that when I had the new tub sides put on. There currently isn’t a parking brake. I had priced it out with my mechanic, but had it low on my ‘to-do’ list because I never use them. I think I remember it being about $350 installed. The high beam on the column does not work, but there is a high beam button on the floor of the tub near the gas pedal. The low setting on the fan doesn't work, but the high setting fan works great. Also worth mentioning that the turbo is producing boost, but not as much as it used to so that might need a look. The aftermarket rear bumper has the brake lights and turn signals so the ‘oval’ lights on the rear tub are not connect which won't matter once the new tub sides are put on.

Past that, someone is going to get an FJ that has had a LOT of work done in the past few years and my reserve price is extremely low due to the urgency with having to sell it. Please don’t try to low ball me outside of the auction. It is being sold AS-IS with no warranties implied or given. I know there are other smaller things that I may have forgotten about but I think that covers it. It isn’t easy letting this go, but I need to do it.

Contact me with any questions.