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1986 Toyota Camry. All Original, Classic, Garaged, Mint condition! 85K All OEM!

Make: Toyota
Model: Camry
Type: Sedan
Trim: Base
Year: 1986
Mileage: 84,700
VIN: JT2SV12E6G0449565
Color: White
Engine: 2S-E
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Morrisville, North Carolina, United States

1986 Toyota Camry Base Additional Info:

Excellentcondition 1986 Toyota Camry! This is in collectible condition. I am looking for a buyer who wants to collect this car, not a buyer who just needs a car to drive around.
Why? This car is a mint condition 1986 Toyota Camry owned by a woman who used to come see me to get the car serviced. She was the original owner and purchased the car new. She didn't drive it much, never at night or in the rain and parked it in the garage. She still visited me regularly at the Toyota dealership to have it serviced. Then a few years ago she passed. Her son inherited the Camry and kept it maintained for sentimental value. Last year he became very sick with a terminal illness, and in the beginning of 2017 he asked me if I would buy the car. He asked me to either keep and maintain the car, since he knew I love and collect many old Toyota's, or find a buyer that would love it and care for it as much as I would. So I purchased the car from him and promised him that I would.
Even though I've had it less than a year, the Camry has been a great car. I put a lot of work in to the car and kept my promise to the man that sold it to me. The car was already in mint condition, but I wanted to make it as perfect as I possibly could. Since I bought the car I have:
- Replaced wipers with factory blades (I am including extras also)- Changed oil with Mobile one and a factory filter.- Replaced Spark plugs with factory plugs- Replaced Distributor Cap, Rotor with factory parts- Replaced distributor o-ring with factory parts- Resealed the Cam tower with factory FIPG- Replaced the valve cover gaskets with factory gaskets.- Replaced The timing belt, water pump, timing tentioner, timing idler with factory parts- Replaced the oil pump, cam, and crank seals with factory seals- Replaced the coolant with factory coolant- Replaced the thermostat and gasket with factory parts- Replaced the PCV valve with factory parts- Replaced the air filter with factory filter- Replaced/built all 4 struts with KYB units which was the manufacturer of the original struts- Polished and waxed the exterior with 3M products- Vacuumed and wiped down the interior- Balanced tires and aligned suspension- Replaced all the brake fluid
This car was garage kept up until I bought it this year. This is part of the reason I am selling it. I have too many classics to fit them all in the garage and this will just waste away in the sun if I don't sell it soon. I recently tinted the windows to legal spec and put a film on the windshield to block UV so the interior would stay nice. The tint is new so if you decide to remove it, it will peal easily. Currently I have to wax it regularly to prevent sun damage to the exterior. All exterior rubber and plastics are still good and black. It was almost never driven in the rain or up north. There is virtually no rust at all anywhere on the car. It was also driven almost exclusively during the day. All of the bulbs in the car are original and still look new like they have never been used.
Almost everything else on the car is original with three exceptions:1. The original owner replaced the factory radio with a CD Player. I wish I had the factory radio but sadly I do no.2. On the left side, I believe someone scratched the car years ago below the pin stripe, but above the body side molding. At least is seems so. Someone painted it between to cover the scratch but there is no body filler and no panels were replaced. They did not remove the factory paint to do it either. They just painted over. There is one spot were this paint over has come off and below it there it still beautiful undamaged factory paint.3. The A/C was recharged a few years ago with R-134. It still blows cold and has not needed any R-134 added.
Almost everything on this car works the way it should with one exception and that is the remote trunk release. Cable latch and lever are all in good condition, but I suspect cable is stretched or damaged in the middle where i can't see it. I will investigate and update this listing if I fix it but at this time you have to use the key to open the trunk.
There is minor damage to the hood. You can see it in the pictures. The hood has not been repaired other than the original owner trying to touch up the scratches. I would have repaired it but I would rather just leave the paint original and let the next owner decide. It is not rusting.
There is wear in the drivers carpet. There are some finger nail marks in the headliner were the original owner reached for the sun visor and there are a few minor dings on the right side. They can be removed with PDR.
I have made a few videos of this car and posted them on YouTube. Search for the VIN number,JT2SV12E6G0449565 on YouTube and you will see the videos. Please look at the videos before you bid. I highlight the good and the bad in more detail that i could in these photos. I want you to know everything about the car before you bid.
Again, Please only bid if you are looking for an original collectible car. This car needs a good home where it can be garaged and appreciated. This would NOT BE A GOOD DAILY DRIVER. Well you probably could, since it runs perfect, but parts are hard to come by and you would want a car that is easy to find parts for if you are going to drive it a lot.