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1991 Toyota Corolla All-Trac AWD Turbo ST205 3S-GTE Swap 440hp GTX3076R 2400lbs

Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla
SubModel: All-Trac AWD Turbo
Type: Wagon
Trim: All-Trac
Year: 1991
Mileage: 218,404
VIN: JT2AE94V5M3027742
Color: Blue
Engine: 3rd Gen 3S-GTE 2.0L Turbo
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: AWD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

1991 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Additional Info:

Prior to asking me any questions that I have already answered below do yourself a favor and just read the 4 pages of the English language that I typed out below, and yes this is a no reserve auction. There is a solid 2 pages of preaching below I don't have a Facebook or post much on forums so I have to let it out somewhere, it's just an opinion if you don't like it feel free to use that scroll button over to the right and go straight to the bullet points lol. The brand new turbo kit is $2800 alone with the latest greatest Garrett GTX3076R 2nd Gen II billet wheel. If you tried to duplicate this car A. good luck finding all the stuff B. good luck ironing out the 4 years of bugs and C. it would cost you north of $10,000 easily. I don’t want to part the car out because it is a very well sorted machine perfectly balanced and it needs to go to a young person’s hand so he or she may lay smite to all the asses of those who think basic bitch common ass cars are cool or who have forgotten what a Toyota Turbo can do or think stancing a car is somehow a good idea.

You ever notice how you have seen every movie without really watching that many percentage wise, or how you can predict the story line with one judgmental gripe? How most of the new music sounds like cheap plywood compared to the solid oak stuff they made a decade ago. How they took away a perfectly great soda like Sierra Mist and replaced it with some high fructose syrup garbage called Mist Twst? How we seem to be creating a race of people that communicate through grunts and emojis which when you include our current president into the picture looks very like the movie Idiocracy lol. (great movie by the way I highly recommend seeing it, yes this is back when there were new ideas for movies). Do you feel like we have done everything or perhaps the simpsons already did it? Do you feel like every time a new mustang or corvette model comes out the previous model magically disappears? Granted the 2015+ Mustang is in every way a better car than the 2014ish body style, but wow I don’t think I’ve seen a 2014 body style on the road since the 15 came out unless it is a GT500, the rest were apparently placed into a large paper shredder. The great news though is that a 2017 Camry is faster than a 1990 Supra Turbo, or a MR2 Turbo, or a Celica GTS, or a bunch of other previously sporty cars. Basically if you agree with any of this it means you are OLD. I used to laugh at older people talking about how great the original star wars was when they saw it in theaters, or how they didn’t want to learn how to use a computer, or especially when they would talk about how great carburetors, pushrods, solid rear axles, ford 9” swaps, yada yada yada. Now I am OLD and see why they said all of that, they were not stupid. They were just from a different generation who were shaped and cultured different.

Fast forward to today, I am now OLD. This means that to me the 90’s were yesterday, I hate OBD2 cars and know everything there is to know about every OBD1 Japanese car ever made because when I was in high school the first fast & furious movie came out which changed the car culture forever. Some for the bad some for the good, you can love it or hate it but you cannot deny the effect it had. Prior to that movie in the state of NC street racing was a slap on the wrist, shortly after it was a felony where they took your car no questions asked and then used your car to catch other street racers like the Borg. Back in my day! A car like this would have mopped the floor with every other person I knew including the rich kids with the stock C5 corvettes and mustangs that had no idea how to actually build a car. This car was built because I wanted to see what I could do with the experience money and resources that I have now that I didn’t have back then. I definitely had a LOT more free time back then but not much of the other 3x categories lol. This car is really meant for a 40 roll street racing but can also be drag raced if you are skilled enough to launch it properly. On paper it should wax most cars made prior to 2005. Also if you cannot tell by the length of this I am passionate about the car and have put a lot of time into it so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me I cannot tell you how fresh out of stock on fucks I am to give you. It runs a mid 12 in the quarter all day long and could do a half mile if you're brave enough with GTS brakes and a lap belt lol.

I have owned this car for 5 years now, and have tinkered and toyed and built and changed and changed again every component in the car until it was just right. I am a Toyota T-Ten grad w/ASE master tech cert and have been working on cars since I was 14, primarily on Toyotas. Hence why I knew this swap was possible and cannot believe more people have not done it. Especially on the 89’ corolla all-trac SEDAN which I was never able to get my hands on, I got really close a couple times but never managed to snag one so I settled for the wagon which honestly is great for the space and doesn’t weigh much more (like 40lbs difference). The outside looks bad ON PURPOSE this is a built Toyota sleeper, every bit of the drivetrain/powertrain is brand new, every single thing down to the bushings. It weighs 2400lbs maybe and is pushing 423hp at the engine, about 360whp at the wheels on 18psi with 93 non-ethanol pump gas. It has been dyno tuned using a very simple reliable Apexi AFC Neo and an Aeromotive adjustable rising rate fuel pressure regulator, so you get all the nice daily driving characteristics of the stock ECU. Has a very safe tune running 11.8 under full boost and holds a perfect 14.7 when cruising around light throttle no boost (great gas mileage and keeps plugs from fouling) and runs EXCELLENT even on race cams. I originally built this car to be a daily driver sleeper and I’ve stayed true to that idea throughout the whole build. If this was your only car and you had to drive it to work every day you could, I actually use it to haul supplies because I can fit more in the back than I can in my short ass truck bed sometimes. Hell I almost put a tow hitch on it and used it as our race bike vehicle (we race motorcycles as well). THE ONLY REASON I AM SELLING IS BECAUSE I AM NOW OLD. This car needs to go to a younger person who needs to destroy his/her friend’s cars I no longer have any friends with cars sadly. If you have a grudge with some basic bitch that owns a Subaru or Mustang, or you just want to ACTUALLY be DIFFERENT, if you want to own the ONLY AWD Corolla with a ST205 3SGTE swap on the east coast if not possibly the entire country, then this is for you. I would also wager this is the most built ST205 swapped production corolla in the world, I’ve never seen anyone else do this swap but its not hard. Nothing about it is custom minus one engine mount, all the other parts can be bought at a friggin Autozone or junkyard. It is also super strong, the entire time I’ve owned it and made many passes at the drag strip nothing has ever broken aside from one CV axle which is literally $40, and the car comes with a spare, AND it was just because I tried to launch it like a retard and that was AFTER about 300 launches prior. The stock corolla center driveshaft and solid AE86 rear axle (comes with stock, just no LSD stock like the AE86 had the option of) have stood up to all the power never had an issue. The difference between this car and any Subaru prior to the later STI’s where they finally fixed their weak ass drivetrains or any DSM WITHOUT a Shep built trans is exactly that, this car you can dump the clutch from whatever you want it doesn’t matter. The E154F trans in this car is BOMBPROOF, and on top of that I put it in a car that weighs 1000lbs less than the car it was meant for! This drivetrain is basically on permanent vacation in this chassis. Everything about this drivetrain was meant for a real WRC car, it has provisions on the stock exhaust manifold for anti-lag, it has a ram air scoop for the friggin alternator, it has cooling lines for an external oil cooler ON THE MANUAL TRANSMISSION! I could go on and on about how great this swap is, and if you purchase the car I will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about any Toyota you have a question about, I’ve been there done that raced it or built it at one point in my life. Here are the deets (check out my young person speak).

  • 1991 Toyota Corolla All-Trac 5-Speed Wagon Chassis 218404 miles currently (2nd to last year produced, best to obtain for several reasons)
  • 1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC edition ST205 half cut w/50k kilometers from Jarco (one of the last they imported)
  • That means this has a 3rd gen ST205 3S-GTE w/e154f 5-speed AWD transmission swap
  • Sold the WRC edition manifold put a stock 3rd gen exhaust manifold ported on
  • Has upgraded Toyota based WRC viscous LSD center diff
  • Wiseco forged pistons with coated skirts, all new OEM Toyota only from the dealer rod bearings, didn’t touch the crank.
  • OEM Toyota headgasket
  • ARP head studs
  • OEM Toyota gaskets/seals/waterpump/oil pump etc…..
  • HKS Purple Timing belt
  • HKS old school purple/teal adjustable timing gears
  • GSC 3rd Gen Stage 1 high lift 264/264 Race Cams timed PROPERLY with a timing wheel and then adjusted for max power gains. Shimmed properly as well (good luck finding 3rd gen under bucket shims I had to buy an entire other cylinder head)
  • BRAND NEW (less than 50 miles and 5x 1/8 mile passes) KO RACING Garrett GTX3076R Gen II turbo kit. Most of the car’s life it had the CT20B on it but I HAD to see what it could do on a bigger turbo. This turbo kit alone is $2800 and it has barely been used, I just wanted to dyno tune it and see what I could get on the stock ECU and cam timing. I have dyno videos loaded to youtube if you just search ST205 corolla dyno, not the final pull but shows you where we were going with it. This turbo is ridiculous, the 2nd gen GTX3076R is brand new from Garrett and features a billet wheel with TRUE brand new Garrett tech not the patched together stuff Precision sells on outdated tech.
  • Tial purple 38mm waste gate w/water cooling ports and all of the springs
  • Legit old school Greddy Type-R racing only blow off valve, good luck finding one of these
  • ST215 side feed intake manifold
  • True 4” air intake & filter with all the factory breather stuff plumbed in correctly
  • Stock 550cc injectors flow matched and balanced work great with the aeromotive AFPR
  • All the pro sport color changing gauges you need, electronic boost, electronic fuel pressure, voltage, wideband AFR, tachometer (I use the Apexi SAFC neo for RPM usually), LED shift light mounted to the gauge cluster, coolant temp, and oil warning.
  • Braille Lightweight AGM Race battery (not cheap at all)
  • OEM fuel filter
  • All new sensors including o2 sensor, new distributor cap rotor and ignition module
  • New brake and clutch master cylinders along with new clutch slave cylinder and extended pushrod pin for perfect engagement every time
  • Removed all emissions crap
  • Prosport manual boost controller
  • 4” thick trans mount ram air intercooler for use with a brick of dry ICE from any grocery store cheap, way colder and faster spool than a front mount when used with the dry ice. Even comes with a sweet as shaker scoop. Have another cowl scoop on the hood to get the heat out of the smaller engine bay
  • $260 Magnecor racing wires
  • MSD ignition coil
  • Powdercoated valve cover
  • NGK iridium plugs one step colder
  • SS braided fuel lines from the tank all the way to the fuel rail
  • Solid filled engine mounts
  • Engine torque dampener (can’t remember the name of the brand but WAS NOT CHEAP)
  • Centerforce clutch pressure plate w/DXD 6 puck unsprung disc and lightended STEEL flywheel none of the weak ass aluminum shit.
  • Brand new KYB struts and shocks all around, w/helper spring shocks in the back to prevent squat under a hard launch.
  • New lower control arms, tie rods, sway bar links, control arm bushings, etc….
  • Basically new (less than 2,000 miles) Falken Azenis sticky 205 tires on AE92 Corolla GTS upgraded rare ass wheels
  • AE92 Corolla GTS front brakes which are bigger than stock all new rotors calipers and pads, they require 14” or larger wheels to clear (stock are 13”)
  • All new drum brake components in the rear but axle & suspension is the exact same as the AE86 GTS corollas so if you wanted to do a disc brake swap or a multitude of LSD options or coil over options you can do all of that direct bolt on. Panhard bar is reversed but that wont stop you, just flip the AE86 one backwards done deal.
  • Legit walboro 255 fuel pump with new fuel filter and strainer, have only run non-eth 93 in it.
  • Adjustable 2-Step digital launch control with a switch hooked up to the E-brake lever
  • Aluminum shifter base bushings with brass shift cable bushings which are no longer produced and hard as shit to find along with a brand new OEM toyota shifter housing bushing greased with mobil 1 synthetic axle grease for fast redneck shifts!
  • Entire wiring harness was professionally done by phoenix wiring who do most engine swap harnesses for people these days
  • Mobil 1 full syn fluid in the rear axle and transmission/center diff along with some Pennzoil synchromesh
  • New ST185 CV axles in the front along with new wheel bearings in the knuckles and all new ball joints + strut tops (like I said it was all replaced) Comes with a spare brand new axle
  • Auto trans thicker corolla radiator with dual electric fans and a 10 degree lower TRD thermostat, never comes close to overheating always runs the same temperature no matter how hard you run it.
  • Dyno’d 360whp which with all the calculations is about 420-440hp at the engine on 18psi in a 2400lbs AWD car with a solid rear 4-link axle and a bombproof transmission/clutch that have zero issues ever (unlike 3000GT VR4’s that grenade transfer cases like there is no tomorrow)
  • The 3rd gen rods are the strongest rods the 3S-GTE ever got, the 95’ blocks have no issues, the cranks never break, now it has Wiseco pistons and ARP studs so you are good to hold whatever power you want for the most part, easily capable of 500-600 with more boost& better fuel, we had to pull fuel out don’t let people fool you the 550cc injectors are plenty big with just a little extra pressure from the AFPR (only 5-10psi more)
  • Full 3” mandrel bent exhaust with 2x flex sections properly done to 3” downpipe and a 3” warlock muffler that you can run straight through or quiet, it is noticeably more powerful straight through picks up about 3psi.
  • Some random steering wheel I robbed from a AE92 GTS
  • Probably forgetting something but that is all I can remember right now

Mechanically: The car needs nothing, it doesn’t knock smoke click tap leak a drop or do anything it should not do. No check engine or any other warning lights, it does have the easy to jumper diag terminal inside the cabin instead of the engine bay something that is built into the wiring. To drive it, aside from being ridiculously more powerful and having a stiffer clutch you would not be able to tell it is different than a new stock 1991 corolla. Power steering and power brakes all work great. Shifts like butter into every gear no grinds or popping of any sort ever. Clutch start switch disabled (don’t press your clutch in to start your car it wears out the thrust washers on the crank you noob). It is also slightly louder, and it doesn’t have A/C (but neither did about 90% of the cars prior to 1975 and people survived just fine by rolling windows down), but it does have heat and everything else works like it should. It has zero vibrations, tracks perfectly straight, will cruise at 100mph comfortably if you want, or it can do 35mph, whatever. You can put all season tires on it and do snow with the AWD, you could do rally, you could do drag, roll racing, autocross, daily driving (it gets 20+mpg if you stay out of the boost), you could tow stuff with it, haul stuff with it, or just hoon the shit out of it. It has had all the maintenance in the world possible done to it, air filter was just cleaned when I put the turbo kit on, fresh plugs were just installed, the battery is kept on an AGM battery tender, when I say it needs nothing I mean I actually check the tire pressure on a car I don’t even drive often. It stays under a car cover in a very temperate climate. Drive it to Canada, I would have no second thoughts about handing you the keys. She is in her prime and ready to do whatever damage you need done. Every now and then I think I can hear a noise from the RF wheel bearing but it never gets any worse or affects anything, so I could be totally wrong could be a noise from the exhaust no idea, probably just me being super anal about it.

Interior: It has a super awesome rear bench seat that we cut in half for weight balance. You sit left front your friend sits right rear and has awesome leg room. The front seat is out of a 95 Celica GT and it is great, all the gauges and everything works, it has awesome roof speakers from the factory in the back and the stock dash speakers as well, cd player/radio works great, heat and air controls all work all lights work everything works. No electrical issues, cig lighter works etc…. It’s a toyota what do you expect. I removed the carpet because it was easier than cleaning it lol.

Exterior: I have never once washed this car, I put rust prevention spray on the existing rust to stop it where it is, great to sell the sleeper aspect I just wrote notes next to the holes about how they are high tech weight reduction. The only rust it has is on superficial outer panels. The actual unibody frame structure of the vehicle is sound, I made sure of that when selecting the chassis for the project and it has not been driven in the snow since as it has always had sticky falken azenis on it and even with AWD that would be suicide. It has a dent on the tailgate but it doesn’t affect anything, half the stickers on the car where on there when I got it (found the car in boone) so I left them to again say it with me……sell the sleeper aspect. People love this car when they figure out how fast it is. All the wipers mirrors lights antenna hatch doors windows etc work fine, one of the back doors only opens from the inside handle but that is the only issue. Sometimes you have to help the gas tank door open which is typical for older cable release doors but you can always get it open.

In closing if I think you’re a poser when I meet you I will not sell you this car, if you think it is only worth $2000 keep that ching chong potato opinion to yourself because you have a sub par IQ. If you have not raced on every legit road racing track in the southeast I don’t want to hear your opinion about how great of a driver you think you are on the street. I have for sale the ONLY built 3S-GTE AWD swapped corolla that is for sale anywhere in the world right now. It has a clean title, it is ready to smite basic bitches, and it comes with a LOT of stories and a soul if you believe in such a thing. I really am a nice person if you can believe it I just love this car and am not letting it be ruined, but sometimes if you love something you have to let it go so it can continue on its path and I have to grow up (into something with a V12 and a couple turbos). I have taken this car as far as you can humanly go while hanging on to the daily driver ideal. You now have to decide will you take it back to being more streetable or will you take it further down the racing tree? Will you go for more power or more gas mileage? This is not some car I am flipping, this is out of a short list of cars that I have personally built from top to bottom and invested a LOT of my personal valuable time into, a short list of cars that will be remembered by someone at some point in time a long time from now. If you have any questions about anything I missed on here let me know.