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Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Type: SUV
Year: 1981
Mileage: 110,000
VIN: 00000000000000000
Engine: 2B / 4 CYLINDER / DIESEL
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: FREEBORN RED
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Temecula, California, United States

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Additional Info:

Hello. I am selling my extremely RARE 1981 BJ44 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER ( vin number is BJ44V003745and has clear Title ), nbsp;ONLY PRODUCED FOR 2 YEARS AND THE RAREST LANDCRUISER EVERMADE. My Cruiser spent its life in Japan, s RIGHT HAND DRIVE, FOUR SPEED TRANSMISSION, AS WORKING FACTORY A.C.that is currently blowing cold air,transmission iseasy to drive ( my wife drives it )and is in very nice STOCK condition other then the rust area's that should be fixed at some point if you end up winning the auction. The UNDERSIDE CARRIAGE is rock solid, ery little rust, he FOUNDATION, ODY FRAME AND OVERALL CONDITION of the under carriage steel components are all in good condition. The interior is the original beautiful STOCK color paint, ever painted since factory. The EXTERIOR has been painted. The match to the original interior paint is perfect.The color is FREEBORN RED. Here is what I have done to the Cruiser since I have owned it and some other information on the condition.

< JUST did COMPRESSION check a few weeks ago: 450 psi / 460 psi / 460 psi / 460 psi. FANTASTIC numbers and a very healthy diesel engine. Keep in mind that a brand new, ff the factory line BJ44 in 1981 had compression numbers right around 500 psi so mine are very good numbers and that engine should be problem free for many years, any miles, ven up to 500k miles in the future.


< VALVE adjustment done last week. New Valve Cover Gasket.

< Land Cruiser just detailed.

< The 2B Diesel Engine, he Clutch, ransfer Case, ransmission, rakes, lectrical including all lights andAll Gauges are working properly and functioning as they should.

< THIS BJ44 is NOT a Troopy. It is only 16 inches longer then the BJ41 / FJ40.

< THIS BJ44 HAS a front facing rear bench seat. Extremely rare and very nice condition.

< My BJ44 has FACTORY AC that is running fine and blows COLD AIR as it should.

< I have receipts from all work that I did. Those receipts will go to the winning bidder.

< The Cruiser has FACTORY OEM TOYOTA white wagon steelwheels. These wheels are original to the Land Cruiser and are not even produced by Toyota any longer. They are extremely rare and extremely valuable. If you were to change them out for GRAY STEEL WHEELS AND HUB CAPS (which is also an original stock look ) then you would be able to SELL the existing wheels for at least $200 per wheel.

< The 2B DIESEL ENGINE gets 26 - 28 miles per gallon and runs perfect. What a great motor this cruiser has in it. I am convinced that Toyota builds the JDM Land Cruisers even better then the others since the JDM cruisers are staying home in Japan andbeingpurchased and driven by the Japanese people.This Land Cruiser is not only rare but stock original, ough, as low torque and will climb anything. It is like a small tractor when in Low 4 wheel drive. Just amazing ability. It is also a 4 speed so it drives easily on the freeway and mine could be a full time driver if someone wanted it for that purpose. I believe it would fine for many years of driving. It was well taken care of in Japan. Other then theattention it needs due to some rust coming back from being fixed perhaps 10 years ago, y BJ44 IS IN OTHERWISE wonderful mechanical condition. Interior is original paint, ever painted since factory and in very nice condition. The SEATS are also in good ORIGINAL CONDITION. Since the seats are the LX version, xtremely rare stock seat material will NOT have to be changed out. It should be cleaned and left alone. It is too rare and again, hould NOT be changed out. KEEP THIS LAND CRUISER STOCK ORIGINAL and its value will continue to go way up. The rarer, he better. I have a lot of money into my Land Cruiser, collect them, rive them, estore and refresh Land Cruisers and have owned many diesels. All the body parts are the SAME as domestic cruisers purchased here in the United States so parts are ez to find. SPECTOR OFF ROAD has the appropriate and correct DIESEL ENGINE PARTS for the 2B. I AM NOT able to give this cruiser away but I have set the RESERVE fairly, ased on the rarity and condition of the Cruiser. I can get you any extra pictures you need. Feel free to have an ASE Certified Licensed Mechanic ( Mobile Mechanic ) come and check it out. I offer FULL DISCLOSURE and will answer any questions you may have. I just would like to see it go to a good home and especially to someone who understands the RARITY of this Land Cruiser. The BJ44 IS THE RAREST Land Cruiser Toyota ever made. It is very cool to have the FRONT FACING REAR CARGO SEAT, veryone sitting in the back can face forward for a change. The Land Cruiser has the ORIGINALTOOL BAG and TOOLS( rare to see the originaltoolbags ), he ORIGINAL JACK and all proper OEM stock JackComponents.My Cruiser runs perfect, as good power, dles perfect, oes not leak and again, s in wonderful condition mechanically, eats are comfortable and interior original and in good order. I am selling the cruiser because I had to decide which I was going to sell. I have another diesel LC and did not want to sell my rare 69 Nissan Patrol so am hoping to find a good home for this 44. If you have always wanted one, ll stock and in good running condition then I would seriously take a second look at this one. In my opinion, ne could drive this cruiser anywhere in the United States, s it sits right now, ith zero issues. Good luck with your bidding and I will add anything that I may have forgotten over the course of the next 10 days. THANKS.

On Mar-16-16 at 09:54:03 PDT, eller added the following information:

Hello Bidders,,,,,,,,, few people have asked me about the similarities betweenmy BJ44 DIESEL and an FJ40. Well, irst of all, ine is a Diesel and gets between 24 - 28 mpg. The FJ40 is a Gasser and gets approx. 15 mpg. NEXT,,,,,,,,,,,My BJ44 is approx. 17 inches longer then the FJ40. NEXT,,,,,,,,,,,,My BJ44 has the "front facing rear seat" allowing the 3 - 4 passengers in the back to face forward while driving. The FJ40 seating in the cargo area is different. BOTH cruisers are extremely rugged but the 2B / 4 Cylinder / Diesel Engine in my BJ44 is built for long last and if taken care of properly should go 400k - 500k miles without issue. My BJ44 has near perfect compression with over 100k miles on it and it has never been rebuilt. In my opinion, ne of the best Land Cruiser motors out there. NEXT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, few people also asked about the Title. It is CLEAR. No issues and the cruiser can be Registered and Titled in any State. NEXT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, arts for my 1981 BJ44 can be found at www.sor.com / Land Cruiser specialists in Chatsworth, alifornia. Remember, ll the body parts areidentical to the domestic Land Cruisers. Engine parts and misc. can be purchased throughSOR.I hope this information is helpful.

On Mar-16-16 at 12:30:53 PDT, eller added the following information:

Hello Bidders,,,,,,,,,,A few people have asked me how much I would have to spend to paint the exterior and deal with the surface rust that is reappearing from the Repaint and resto done several years back in Japan. As it was my plan to keep this Land Cruiser in my collection I was able to research as to how I would properly deal with refreshing it. In a nutshell, he cruiser is all set to go right now. Daily Driver. If you end up with it then my plan would have been to pay $5k to a good painter, se the services of Cool Cruisers of Texas to get your steel parts, herever needed. Cost about $1000. Job done right. A classic then back on the road in complete repair. Hope this info helps.

On Mar-18-16 at 10:04:11 PDT, eller added the following information:

Hello Bidders,,,,,Somebody below ask a question about Painting and Repair work. The Cost is $5k painter for painting and repair,approx. $1k parts from Cool Cruisers if needed.Approx. another $1k for misc. parts and labor. If winning bidder wants us todo that work for them then we can arrange that. Hope this info is helpful.

On Mar-18-16 at 10:36:35 PDT, eller added the following information:

Hello Bidders,,,,,,,,,From question below. Yes, rice includes exterior painting only. Yes,repair donenext to backseat, an be seen in the picture and in my opinion,should be redone orleast smoothed out. Interior originalpaint andsteel in nice condition. Hope this info helps.