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bulletnose bullet-nose bullet nose champion convertible ragtop studey commander

Make: Studebaker
Model: Champion Regal Deluxe Convertible
Type: Convertible
Doors: 2 Doors
Year: 1950
Mileage: 3,207
VIN: C654419
Color: Purple
Engine: 2.8L 169cid Flathead Six
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Burgundy
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

1950 Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe Convertible Additional Info:


1950 Studebaker Champion

Regal Deluxe Convertible



169 (2.8L) Straight 6

3-on-the-Tree Manual w/

Rare Overdrive!


2 Owners!!


Rare “Bullet Nose” Studebaker






Vin # C654419

Trim Tag# 9G-S2 2231

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We purchased this from what is believed to be only the second owner, who’s had it since 1980!




Evolve Motors is pleased to present this American classic, the 1950 Studebaker Champion!

The 1950 Studebaker Champion. A timeless piece of American automotive history. The Champion and Commander were actually the first new cars built after World War II in 1947. It was one of the most popular selling cars throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and for good reason. It’s sleek styling and big, comfy interior made it a perfect candidate for everyone from single 30-something’s, all the way up to the family of 4! Just say the word “Studebaker” and the image that usually comes to mind is the 1950-1951 models, aka the “bullet nose” or “airplane” Studey. One of the most often heard cliches - “they were so ahead of their time” - is truly exemplified by the bullet nose. Designed by industrial designer Robert Loewy, and built in nearby South Bend, Indiana, these “3 box” or “envelope” body stylings were some of the first full-width cars in the industry, creating a trend for the likes of Ford and Chevy to compete with. There’s no doubt these cars were true icons of their time, but the fact that you can still find a clean original survivor of those bygone days is remarkable. We have one here at Evolve, and it is a fantastic example!

We received a phone call from a local gentleman here in Chicago asking us to come take a look at an “old car” he had for quite some time and was ready to get rid of. Without knowing too many details we headed on over. When we opened up the garage what we found buried beneath 20 and 30 year old boxes of old toys and bicycles, laid one of the most original survivor Studebaker’s we’ve ever seen. It wasn’t long until we had it pulled out into the alley and were dusting it off like we’d just found an old family photo album in the attic. Once we got the car back to our shop and up on the lift, we started to realize just how original this old car really was. Sure, it’s had a repaint at some point long, long ago, but beyond that this car has the original interior, original top, original motor, trans, and even the original tag on the differential cover out back! The best part is, none of it was in terrible condition or beyond repair, and we were able to get it up and driving in a few hours on a Saturday morning. Running on the original 6 volt system, this comfortable cruiser was catching attention at every turn, with people rolling down windows to ask questions, to folks at the gas station pulling out their phones to take pictures. What a conversation piece!

As we mentioned this was a “barn find” (garage find for us Chicago natives), and shows some of it’s age throughout. The good news is that it’s definitely more “good” than “bad”, and any of the “bad” isn’t really that “bad”, which is also good. Follow me? Good. I do recommend scrolling through the pictures towards the bottom of this listing, as we pull no punches with the camera. Our job is to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. So let’s take a walk around this 56 year old dreamboat. You’ll notice right off the bat that the chrome is in fantastic condition, showing no signs up rust, rot, or even major pitting. Sure it’s got some light surface rust from sitting in a garage, but we were able to remedy a fair amount with a thorough detail. The body panels seem to be all original, and line up nice and straight. We do note that there are some chips in the paint, and some scrapes and scuffs throughout, giving it that 56 year old patina. There is also a dent in the chrome deflector on the driver side rear wheel well. The car was originally a Tulip Cream, but had undergone a full purple repaint sometime in the lacquer paint era, and well before 1980, as the previous owner states that he did not paint the car that color, but had acquired it the way it sits today. The original rubber is all intact, but is showing some signs of age, along with the vent windows in the doors. The convertible top is in great shape, and stretches out nicely over the rear deck. Overall this car is at the proverbial “fork in the road”… Leave it original the way it sits and drive the hell out of it, or bring it back to 1950 with a full (or even light) restoration. This would also make one bad-ass hot rod convertible, but either way, this car is undeniably cool!

The interior, much like the exterior, comes with it’s original patina. And, like the exterior, it’s all there. The old thick leather seats are worn perfectly, and show no signs of tears, repairs, or even scuffs! The floorboards are in good condition, as is the black carpet that covers them. The door panels are in good shape, but do show some wear on the inside handles and around the edges of the door pockets. The inside of the convertible top seems to show more age than the outside, being just a little dingy as it is the original 56 year old top on it. The convertible frame is all in good condition, and shows the original cream color that the car was originally. The dash is in great order, as we notice the amp meter does work. However, it appears that the fuel gauge does not work at this time. The radio cranks right on, although it does take a minute or two to find a station to tune into. The only thing that appears to be missing from the inside of this old cruiser is the interior kick panel covers, which could be easily ordered or re-created. Drive it, or restore it. The choice is yours!

The highlight of this inspection came when we hoisted her up on the lift and were able to sneak a peek at her undercarriage. This car is in fantastic condition underneath, showing just minimal rust and only in isolated spots just beyond the rocker on the driver’s side, as noted in the pictures below. The floor pans are in great condition, as are the wheel wells where the fenders meet the car, a very common rot spot in these old bullet nose beasts. As expected, the bushing show their patina, and if this was a car that would see extensive miles, a new set of bushings wouldn’t hurt to give it a little smoother ride. It even has the original steel gators on the rear springs! All in all the car is surprisingly solid throughout. It won’t take much if someone wanted to do a light restoration on it and drive it as she is.

Mechanically the car is as original as they come. From the numbers matching 169 cubic inch 2.8L flat head 6 cylinder, to the 3 – on – the – tree manual transmission, to the original axles and gears. The best part; everything runs well! We have updated the brake booster, as it was having a hard time coming to a halt when we first test drove it. It starts up without much work, and with no clouds of smoke! The clutch is nice and smooth, and it seems to find all of the gears without being too sloppy, or falling out of gear. All in all the car is a solid little driver. It wouldn’t hurt to run through it if you plan to take it on a long road trip, but just from out short jaunts around town with it, we trust it to head down to a local show without any problems. Once again, we make no representation that this one is a fully restored hot rod with a fresh crate motor.. It is a garage find that has sat for the better part of the last 25 – 30 years. The odometer reads 3,207, but we aren’t able to confirm if they’re actual. We went through it lightly to get it running and driving and stopping, but it is sold as is. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of aftermarket parts and Studebaker clubs all over the world, and finding help or parts is usually a breeze. These were touted in the 50’s as the most fuel efficient mid-size car built of it’s era.

Still interested? Good! Give us a call today and we’ll tell you everything we know about this gorgeous survivor! The 1950 Studebaker Champion convertible, a revolutionary time piece in the pages of automotive history. Call Evolve Motors today to put your offer in, before it’s too late!

We are here to answer any questions that you may have. We would love for you to come see the car in person but understand that many of our buyers are out of state or international. Please do not hesitate to call us and have one of our sales representatives do a 'walk around' with you on the phone. It is our goal to do everything we can to make you comfortable with your purchase and to ensure that no questions are left unanswered and that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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