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1951 Studebaker Bullet nose 1952 Chopped Cruiser Custom

Make: Studebaker
Model: Champion
Year: 1952
Mileage: 120,000
VIN: 940594
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

1952 Studebaker Champion Additional Info:

Here is a chance to own this unique 1952 chopped Studebaker Starlite Coupe. Obviously, it’s a 1951 nose. The title does say 1952 if you want to change that it’s up to you. I’ve owned this two years. Looking to change as I do every so often and I’ve owned many old cars and motorcycles.

There are hundreds if not thousands of builder hours put into this car in Southern CA – that’s all I know about the build. I believe the car was built in the early 1990s, finished about 1995 as I have a Best in Show trophy from that year. It also won a trophy in the 2017 Santa Fe Car Show on July 4th. I purchased the car exactly as is and other than changing the oil, I haven’t done any other modifications. I’ve never driven it without at least one if not a half dozen people trying to find out about it, what year it is, or telling me what a bad*** car it is. People are always taking pictures driving next to me or stopped at a light. Do not buy this car if you don’t want to be noticed! I doubt you could build this car today for even double my reserve on this auction.

The car has a(70's?) 350/350 Chevy motor and transmission with a 9” rear original drum brakes all around. Single original master. Runs good, sounds good w/dual Supertrapps & drives good. I believe the transmission has a shift kit in it. Original front end/steering. Stops okay. All the lights work. The interior is purple and orange velour and is period 90s, but is in great shape as is the paint on the car. People ask what color it is, to me it’s a red fade to magenta depending on the light/angle. There are whitish ghost flames on the side, see photo. There is a minor nick here and there but overall still is a 9 or 9.5/10, in my opinion. I consider myself very picky.

There are so many details, I know I won’t cover them all, so please see contact info below if you have questions after reading the listing. The antenna has been frenched on the driver’s side fender. The hood was modified with port/vent openings, one on either side as well as the rear quarter panels. There is a lot of chrome/gold adhesive-backed detail-striping on the wheels, under the hood, around the trunk, as well as logos and emblems on the motor-console, dash etc that can be left as is or removed. Everything in the car has been customized. The glove box is customized with wood as is the trunk battery box cover and tool box. The engine compartment has been highly detailed with a lot of custom chrome covers. The back side of the hood has reflective/mirror material show off that chrome engine. The trunk also has that. Though the whole top, interior, trunk and engine have been detailed, the bottom of the car has not. It was meant to be a driver. Tried to show that and the interior in the photos. Don’t see any rust but have not looked at it on a lift.

I drive the car once every week or two, just locally, never on the highway and always just in town usually under 45mph. Only have been on the highway once and it cruises fine at 70mph.The title says 0 miles(MV didn't care) but the odometer says 16764. I don’t know if that means 116,764 or 216,764. Mileage will change as I will drive it a bit.

The car has a door popper on the driver’s side door and because I’ve had battery issues, I usually just leave the driver’s window down to reach in and open it.

The car has minor issues/quirks for a 66 year old vehicle, but I still drive it as is and have just not addressed them.

· Could use a tune up/oil change. Runs good but a little rough at idle at this altitude (7500ft) being it came from sea level. I’ve never re-jetted the carb.

· Sometimes the starter spins and motor does not, but does always start.

· The speedo cable has gotten very noisy and bounces around at a higher mph than you’re actually going.Mileage probably higher than stated.

· On right turns the back right wheel seems to rub sometimes.

· There are a few switches on the console which you need to figure out – one is the aux electric fan, one is the lights.

· The signal needs to be turned back to the original position to turn off and stays on, if you leave it on, even with the ignition off.

· Horn does not work.

· Radio has a lot of static, probably just a ground, but the cassette works, also noisy.

· The battery goes low after a week or so, don’t know what’s on or if there’s a short, but I keep it on a trickle anyway and it’s been fine for the last two years.

· Leaks transmission fluid from the front seal I believe. Local shop told me about $350 to drop and reseal it and the rear engine seal also.

· One drum brake (I believe the right front) has locked on me a few times under panic stops only.

· Driver’s seat adjusting/reclining does not work so it’s in one position. I sit against a pillow as I’m probably a little shorter than the previous owner.

· There’s a bubble in the paint above the windshield in the center roof line area.

· Appears to have been re-VINned, see photo. There’s a VIN tag over the original VIN plate that I originally had checked out when I bought it and there was no issue. I don’t know why, that’s how I bought it. The car was checked out in CA with PD and DMV, and it’s registered with a clean title here in NM. Just being honest so there are no surprises.

Car has no heat, A/C, PS, PW or PB. Guess builder ran out of $. Car shakes, rattles, but rolls nice on smooth roads. Some dash gauges(like fuel & temp.) don't work but accessory ones do.

I have four new shocks, not installed, that come with the auction/car as well as two trophies and an old photo from CA taken at a car show. I do not have receipts or the builder’s name or any previous info. If someone sheds light on this, I’ll post and add to this listing.

I welcome in-person visits to inspect and am willing to pick you up at the airport if needed. I will not let anyone drive the car as the car has specialty insurance in my name, not even my wife is covered to drive it. If you have questions not addressed here and are serious, please call 845-656-5916.