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1992 Jeep Wrangler Renegade, RARE, DIRT CHEAP! BEST PRICE EVER 4 A RENEGADE!

Make: Jeep
Model: Wrangler
Type: SUV
Year: 1992
Mileage: 90500
VIN: 2j4fy69s7nj519594
Color: White
Engine: 4.0L Gas I6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Red
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Houston, Texas, United States

1992 Jeep Wrangler RENEGADE Additional Info:

Long story short I bought at beginning of pandemic to kinda hv something to do(mainly dye original gray color interior red, did dye but still needs a little touch up here/there(it’s super EZ to do, it’s just HOT as ....)!
Picks, BIGGEST PICK, previous owner repaired left rear frame with maybe angle iron? Looks like a GOOD weld/fit?!
Actually found piece online for $130(replacing these r pretty common). Rest of frame is under coated, looks ok to me?.
And floor probably had some ROT too and somehow it’s lined now like maybe rhinolined? Feels rock solid to me!
Left seat belt isn’t bolted down(think it needs to be replaced).
Will need tires soon, all match but left rear has a plug on it.
Last pick I can think of is left door panel’s levers r off inside so door isn’t latching(I noticed this whenever I popped door panel off to dye, again, was just sooooo HOT I honest didn’t feel like messing with it).
So these r it’s PICKS that I am aware of!
Now for the AWESOMENESS!
And I’ll tell ya, this baby drives as TIGHT AS NEW, MOTOR RUNS LIKE A NEW ONE!
Dummy ck engine lt comes on with key, goes off immediately whenever u start it! VERY IMPRESSIVE!
And it’s front end is super tight too!
Gas gauge works perfectly(it even has a full tank of gas rt now)!
I bought new black carpet for it, never hv put front part in tho(dyed it tho).
Besides the HEAT being the problem, I just don’t hv a lot of x to do anything these days with a baby girl, more than a handful of dogs, and an online class.
I actually had/hv “6” unfinished projects like this, one being a Mini Cooper’s interior dye that’s about in the same state as this one.
I LOVE Renegade’s!
I’ve had a few before, one was MINT with 49k act mls but it never ran as GR8/AWESOME as this one runs!
I added a cool/vintage Alpine CD stereo to it too(first thing I did).
Even its dash lights light up like they r brand new!
2 weeks after I bought it I bought an Electric Lime Green TJ and since GREEN is my most fave color I’m just going to concentrate on keeping it.
I’m not making a penny on it at this low price either(side by side’s cost more than this)!
I hv 6 vehicles in an area we r going to hv concrete redone in and this and 5 more need to go!
I’m FIRM at $4,350! I don’t hv to make any $ on it but I’m surly not going to lose any on it either!
I was actually offered $5 for it whenever I first got it but I didn’t want to sell it then.
***NO TOP!***
It had a soft top whenever I bought it, then I gave $500 for it and a hard top to a CJ7 but hard top never fit rt?. I was told they were the same but even soft top didn’t line up that good on CJ?.
Soft top fit perfectly tho on it.
It is what it is but we both know at $4,350 it’s a LOT of Jeep(Renegade part is a freebie at this price).
Can recommend a fast/reliable auto transporter if needed.
A no refundable $500 PayPal deposit will be due immediately if u pop buy it now and full balance will be due within 3 business days, CASH if coming in person or a bank wire transfer if u r far away.
If it didn’t need new tire’s I wouldn’t hesitate to drive this baby ANYWHERE, again, it runs/drives that GR8!
Last, note my almost(was perfect) feedback!
I always want to be HONEST whenever I list anything and I hv now clue why those guy’s gave me neutrals on CHEAP Hummer parts(they were exactly as described) and then a JERK bought a Hummer spare tire carrier from me, his $ wasn’t cleared and he wanted me to send so I just refunded $ and told him to buy elsewhere and I got a negative feedback(wasn’t my fault), besides this my feedback is pert!