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Make: Jeep
Model: CJ
Type: Convertible
Year: 1983
Mileage: 32300
VIN: 1jccn87e4dt010225
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: BLACK
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


This listing is long and full of build details that a true buyers will want. It's a higher end built 1983 Jeep CJ7. It was built for the "Best of both worlds". For both Street driving and Off road use. ( Even "extreme off road use" if ever required of it). It's a west coast California CJ with nice body, frame and floor pans = SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO. Jeep is painted in a two tone finish. Chevy high gloss orange and trimmed in low gloss black with body armor. People love the look's of this CJ. It will draw a crowd of people when parked and turn heads when driving in it. The body was fitted with flat fenders for added tire clearance and suspension travel. The rear side and corners dressed in Poison Spyder body armor. Side of Jeep fitted with rock sliders. Hood vent is also poison spyder. A set of Xenon HID high output headlight replaced the stock headlights. LED taillights installed in rear. Outside body of Jeep and bottom side both fitted with LED off road lighting. A total of 12 outside body and bottom side LED off road lights fitted on and under this Jeep. ( It will light up area around Jeep 360 deg at night) Also 2 strobe light mounted below windshield. SEE LIGHT VIDEO. Fitted with poison spyder front bumper and a Smitty built 9,500 lb power winch. Custom rear off road style bumper fitted with trailer tow hitch and d-rings. Jeep comes with "new just installed" black diamond (Full Soft Top) and hard doors. SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO. The full top and hard doors both remove for open air summer driving. The inside floors finished in black water proof, rust proof epoxy raptor armor treatment to keep floors nice for many years to come. Full roll cage for added safety. Custom PRP on and off road high back bucket seat's with head rest. 4 point lap belts with over shoulder harnessfor added safety. Stereo with speakers. Jeep also fitted with a high output VHF all weather radio with emergency ban feature / 25w CB type radio. A 7 inch Nav touch screen added so you don't get lost. Heater box rebuilt and new heater core. The wipers, horn, emergency brake, gas gauge, temp, oil, volt, tac, switched, lights all work. The current mileage on the odo reads 32219 (not the original miles of Jeep). The newer 4.0 motor has 40k on it. Many other items installed in build have from 200 to 2000 driven miles on them. Jeep also fitted with Gps driven spedo for accurate MPH read out. The original 4.2 CJ motors came with carburetor and had a whopping 115 horsepower. * So a newer 4.0 Jeep motor with factory mopar fuel injection was installed under the hood. (Now closer to 200 horse power.) That's almost 2 times more HP than a stock CJ came with. *Motor runs outstanding, No lack of power of performance in this CJ today. A heavy duty 4 core aluminum radiator was installed for superior cooling. Power steering, Power disc brakes make it easy and fun to drive. Transmission is Jeep 5 speed manual. This CJ will cruise the roadway around town in 4th gear at 50 - 55 mph. (SEE DRIVING VIDEO) The extra 5th gear will let you run at highway speeds if required of it making it a CJ you can drive and enjoy. The 4 by 4 transfer case is Dana 300. Transfer case was also fitted with the (Tera 4-1 low conversion). Stock CJ is 2;75 in high and low range. * Now it's 4:1 ( when in 4 Wheel low range ) This gives you 30 percent more of a "low in low range" than stock Dana 300 CJ came with. The added Twin stick floor controls levers give you a better gear selection to pick from than stock CJ offered. Jeep also fitted with off road "hand throttle" for better throttle control "if bumpy off road" SEE VIDEO. *The transmission and transfer case both custom fitted above the frame = (high tuck) *Meaning nothing hanging below frame giving you a higher center of clearance under middle of Jeep. Bottom side oil pan also fitted with custom skid plate. The Jeep amc 20 rear end was custom built and fitted with heavy duty chromoly axles and a custom "axle truss" support bridge across rear end, making it much stronger than stock. Double cardan drive shaft CV joints fitted "both" front and rear drive lines. *Air locker installed in rear end for added off road grip "when needed," if needed off road. The on board air compressor has a bottom side "air storage tank" to fill up tires when returning back to the pavement. Front end is Dana 30 with HD axles, auto lockers and mile marker locking hubs. *4 inch spring suspension lift gives you better ground clearance, body stance and longer suspension travel. *Long travel Fox shocks fitted both front and rear. * High mount shock towers added all 4 wheels. New heavy duty "red head" power steering gear box. No steering slop, no free play - SEE DRIVING VIDEO. This steering box was built to have the "option to also install hydraulic steer" ( If you ever want to run larger tires in the future for some reason this steering box has "Hydraulic ram option" ( Will give buyer all extra parts for hydraulic set up). Jeep running BF goodrich MT/ TA 35 tall 12.5 wide tires on it now " so ram assist not required or needed". Tires still 85 percent of new. The front end is fitted with "high steer tie rod set up" for improved steering angleand better ground clearance of steering parts. Front tie rods and drag link upgraded to the larger 1 ton steering parts = Much stronger. The power steering gear box was also fitted with a gearbox cross support brace. This CJ runs and drives great (both on and off pavement) *It's adult owned, professionally built with many high dollar parts. It's maintained and cared for = not abused. To much time and money invested in this CJ to get stupid and trash it. ( Yes it's built to take off road with the best of the best ( But one can still drive with care, have fun and still protectthe investment) *Jeep will also be For Sale outside of Ebay . (If sold outside of Ebay this auction will end early and listing will be removed) *If you're reading this active listing today then Jeep is still For Sale. Bid to own! Jeep is garaged in Las Vegas Nevada. Buyers always more than welcome to inspect in person before buying. *Nothing to hide this CJ sells it's self when viewed in person or driving it. I will post 24 large photos inside and out showing jeep from every angle. It's loaded with options. It's sanitary, clean and nicer than most that get driven for sure. ( Not built to be a trailer queen that sits on a trailer) *It was built to drive and enjoy as they should be. I will also post a long detailed Video to give buyers a better idea of the quality of this build. Will also do some driving Video to show how nice it runs and drives out. Video done for out of state buyers who may not be able to view or drive in person. * In my option as a 40 plus year Jeep CJ owner, driver, builder and off road person of many years this CJ check'sall the boxes for what a nice higher end. quality type built, high optioned CJ should be. (it's turn key ready to drive and enjoy) It's also off road ready to adventure the (Rubicon trail or Moab). SEE PHOTOS & WATCH ALL THE VIDEO IF YOU'RE THE BUYER. (Any questions about Jeep just ask) I have been over ever inch of this CJ more than once) Factory vin number and vin plate on Jeep as it should be. Buy offers always welcomed. Call seller (702-592-2181.)

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