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1973 Jaguar E Type Coupe

Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
SubModel: 2 +2
Type: Coupe
Trim: Camel
Year: 1973
Mileage: 23,300
VIN: UD1S 74216
Color: Regency Red
Engine: V-12
Cylinders: 12
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Camel
Drive side: LHD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lenexa, Kansas, United States

1973 Jaguar E-Type Camel Additional Info:

This Regency Red E Type V-12 is looking young at 44 years old. I sold a twin E-Type V-12 OTS and a Mark II Jaguar 0ver the last few years. This car has been in my care for about 9 years. I have multiple cars, collector and 4 motorcycles so I need to thin the herd as I get older. This is my last Jaguar and it needs a good, caring, new home.

A Jaguar owner today is a custodian of history. I hope to sell to someone that thinks this is true of our old vintage cars. All you need to care for the car is easily available- join your local Jaguar Club. If you do not know these cars you will have a wonderful time with the learning and the family of Jaguar owners.

My E Type V-12 has23,300 original miles. I drove it to the Kansas City Crown Center Jag show yesterday 5/20/17. Runs strong and a joy to drive and as always, the car is almost a traffic hazard from the looks, distracted drivers and thumbs up that come your way.

Original Regency Red down to metal respray professionally completed at a cost of $15,000 in 2008. From the pictures, you can see the trees and reflections from quite a distance. New interior (check out the pictures, embroidery and details). All gauges, switches work. The car is original in most all respects, save the awesome modern Alpine Stereo with Bluetooth, CD mp3 AM FM. It has always lived indoors and for the last 8 years, when not on the road it has been stored in a subterranean limestone cave in Missouri with 60 degrees and 60% humidity ambient surroundings- year-round (Google- Innerspace Storage in Missouri). Never driven in rain or snow This splendid example is now looking for a new custodian of history.

Front end suspension has been totally rebuilt (local Carriage Motorworks) but front tires I believe need alignment as the wear is a tad bit more on the inboard sides. Some jags need to be held in compression to adjust the alignment, it's a big deal with the right equipment needed. A sale at reserve will buy a throw in for new tires and an alignment. Tires are not too worn, but so few miles driven makes them too old to be safe.

Car is 44 years old and is not a #1show car just a lightly used very low mileage, excellent example that desires to be driven more that has lots and lots of life and fun left in it.

In March 2008, 34 years after the last E Type was made the Daily Telegraph named the E-Type as the top of the list of the most beautiful cars ever made, receiving four times as many votes as any other car. Listed by the Daily Spikes, #6 on the list as one of the best cars to invest in and it also suggested there might only be about 6000 E Type left in the world today. This is consistent with the famous quote of Enzo Ferrari as “…it is the most beautiful car ever made…”. Quite the compliment from Ferrari!

The car had a down to the metal professional respray in, just before I bought the car from an officer of the Atlanta Jaguar club, 19,000 miles on the ODO (about 4,5000 miles- 9 years ago). The respray was about $15,000 and as you can see is the attention grabbing original Regency Red. It is a gorgeous journeyman result. I just waxed it with Banana Cream wax from Auto Magic. The new interior and headliner is in Camel color. I think this is one of the cleanest V-12 E type on the market that I have seen come up for sale. Prices will likely only climb further. Equipped with modern chrome luster wire wheels, great tread on tires (older), ready to drive and enjoy, show or driver.

Only 14,983 V-12’s models were ever made and are the most sought after of the E-Types. Only 7,310 Series III E Types were ever produced. How many are left and in this condition, is very hard to say.

Colloquially dubbed the cat with 12 paws, it handles as if it were on rails. The purchase includes numerous books articles, portfolios, period articles and original ad material. MPG is never good on these cars.

History has shown the E-Type so advanced in mechanical and aerodynamic fields that it rightly spawned books about the E-type as a portrait of a design icon.

Starting in 1971 there was only the 105-inch wheelbase Coupe or the OTS Roadster. The track was 4 inches wider at the front and three inches at the rear. The price went up 20% for the V-12 over the straight 6 XJ motor. The Coventry publicity machine referred to the V-12 as “a Ferrari at half the price. Perhaps shy of the lawyers and the Prancing Horse, in fact a Jaguar was about 1/3 the price of a Ferrari.

There is a reason the Museum of Modern Art has had an E-Type on prominent display since 1996. It truly is one of the most beautiful car designs in history. No great car collection would be complete without an E Type.

One of the few indulgences to modernity is a rocking Alpine Stereo (CD Bluetooth, AM FM, etc.) and Speakers, very professionally installed. The 6 X 9’s are plug out removable and sit in the luggage area.

Possible car dealer trade for low mileage 2006 or newer Porsche or newer yet (2014) BMW 335 I convertible or nearly new Grand Sport Vette. No other trades considered.

Items I know that need attention:

Clock is slow- I just re set it when I drive and it is accurate while you are driving, but it is not having a lot of miles on it, so to me not worth fixing yet.

Left mirror adjustment knob is broke, so manual movement to set is needed. I have a line on the part needed should be in this week.

Oil leak I think is due to poorly seated oil filter seal at last oil change. I'm looking in to getting it fixed it this week and the oil changed.

AC blows hard cold, but the seal of refrigerant needs an oil barrier seal which is undermined by the lack of year- round use. This car is used lightly in the spring and fall only in Kansas. Every time I have it recharged it works fine until I put it away for a few months.