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1967 67 FORD BRONCO UNCUT U15 w/ 289 FREE TOW V8 EARLY CLASSIC 1966 1968 1969

Make: Ford
Model: Bronco
Year: 1967
Mileage: 7,793
VIN: U15NLA01782
Engine: 289
Fuel: Gasoline
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

1967 Ford Bronco Additional Info:

1967 Uncut U15 Ford Bronco with Clean Tennessee Title. The frame VIN matches the kick panel VIN.
Car is in Knoxville Tennessee. I can get it towed up to 200 miles for FREE to its new home (Using my AAA membership).
I have TONS of photos and I can take more if you want them


It has a 289 that supposedly ran fine a few years ago and was parked (As they always do). I performed an oil and filter change, sprayed some carb cleaner and then starter fluid in the carb and put a battery in it and it started up turnkey. I didn't run it long and I've never "driven" it. Based on the engine running the car looks solid. The fuel system will need to be gone through and the exhaust looks rough and will need work.

Power Steering

Manual Brakes. The brakes need work as they currently don't work.

New Battery

Missing oil dipstick (Weird, I know)

Rear drive shaft not installed (Not sure why this is but I got Bronco with another one and there were 2 spare driveshafts. One likely goes to the other one and one to this one. I'll have to measure them to figure out which is which)

Believed to be original 289 / 3 Speed on the column

2 Fuel tank car however fron ttank is not present. The switch for them under the driver’s seat is present


Odometer reads 7793 and I'm not sure if this is original

Not sure what gauges work as I've never driven it

Vacuum wiper gear looks to be there but I have not tested it.

Missing Dash pad

No front seat belts but it looks like they were once installed.

Looks to be all original dash/interior.

Looks to have factory grab bar on passenger side of dash

Doesn't look to have ever had a rear seat (No holes for it at least).

Glass overall is great. The windshield has a rock chip (Smaller than a quarter).

Passenger door bottom-hinge needs to be repaired as it doesn't have bolts going through it to the door jamb. (The door still opens and shuts).

Car looks to originally been a bench seat. All bucket seat holes are not drilled as it was a factory bench so the front seats are currently in with minimal hardware.

No window crank handle for passenger side. No door handle or door panel on driver side.

Trans Hump looks to be solid.

Driver window likes to drop down if you slam the door too hard. The window mechanism needs some adjusting to keep it on the track.


Original color was dark green. I have green seats that came with it too. Some owner painted yellow but left under the front seats green. Yellow Paint is not perfect but it looks good. Green can be seen throughout the various body panels where they didn't paint or it peeled off. Overall it Looks pretty stock but someone wanted a yellow Bronco!

Missing front bumper

Windshiel Hinge doesn’t look to be too rusty. I've taken more photos so you can be the judge. I've never folded it doesn't.

No passenger side mirror as that was an option in 67’

The hood looks to have been green as the rest of the body was and it has caps where the hood windshield mount was.

The car is rusty but seems to have solid panels for the most part.

Top is rusty and has spoiler installed (Ridiculous I know). A buddy of mine said it is a GM spoiler for G-bodies but I'm not certain on that. I didn't want to mess around with removing it but whoever does can likely sell it for a decent chunk.

It looks to still have the factory hardtop headliner installed still

Hard Top unlock handle doesn't work right but top can be opened.

Comes with the set of 4 original green body-matching wheels (One appears to have had a blowout so its in the bed of the truck with another bronco spare in its place on the car. 15" wheels with P235/75R15 tires.

Frame has rust overall but I'm not sure how to evaluate the structural impact. It was originally from kentucky I was told. I took a TON of photos I can send a link to. I can also take any photos you'd like.

Front Passenger Grille/Fender were damaged by tow company when It was getting loaded on rollback. The cable ripped off from the frame and it slowly rolled into an RV next to it. This was due to the tow truck driver not hooking it up correctly. I have photos of the incident. The fender bent right back to 95% perfection and the grille is pressed in a little still. I think they can easily be repaired by a body guy (Barely noticeable). The rear bumper has a mounting bracket bent downwards where towing incident happened (Not original bumper anyways)

Would be a good restoration candidate

Comes with a key which works in the ignition (Untested in doors)

I have a Clean Tennessee title with my name on it

Call (805) 405-0765 with any questions!

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