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1957 Chevy chevrolet 2 dr post 210 150 Gasser 1956 Belair 1955 hardtop Nomad

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air/150/210
Year: 1957
Mileage: 99999
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Mandan, North Dakota, United States

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 Additional Info:


Please ask me for the video of it running/driving.

Here is my 1957 Chevy gasser. I'm not sure if it is a 150 or a 210.Really cool car.Runs and drives great. Unlike most gassers which are stripped down shells, flip front ends, fender well headers, this car is still a complete 1957 Chevy. The windows still function, it still has a back seat, its not tubbed, it has a full exhaust, etc. So 10 years from now you change your mind and don't want a gasser anymore, a couple weekends in the garage, you remove the straight axle, bolt on stock stuff, and wow you have a stock 57.

Body and Trim:The car was painted semi flat green. It is not primer. The body is fairly straight. If you wanted it painted a different color all your really going to do is wetsand it and shoot it. Unlike many gassers, this car has steel fenders, hood, trunk lid, etc. The only fiberglass part is the hood scoop, which could be unbolted if you desired. The chrome/stainless are original, so they have flaws but show very well.

The interior : The interior is grey, just because it is a lighter color, there are a few marks here and there, but it looks nice. It has bucket seats from a newer car for comfort. The original rear seat has a cover which matches pretty close with the front seats. The stock speedometer is still hooked up. Most of the other gauges, oil pressure, temp, charging are running through aftermarket gauges. These gauges along with the tach are mounting on top of the dash. It would be very simple to move the tach to thesteering column and the rest under the dash if desired.There is a radio mounted in the glove box and the car also has a tilt wheel. The rollcage is designed to be unbolted if you didn't want it.

Engine/drivetrain: Ithas a very strong running 350 backed up with a turbo 350.It runs and drives great.It hasheaders, mufflers, and exhaust soyou can drive it around town without getting tickets or your wife complaining about the noise. The car still has inner fenders, mostgassers have them removed. The car has a newer aluminum radiator and a transmission cooler, you can drag main and it won't overheat. The rearend is from a 1968 Chevelle, it is a 12bolt with middle gears. Tires don't have many miles and the brakes work great.

Cars from the 1930's had straight axles. 1930's cars drove and handled completely different then cars from the 50's.I mean they did have 20 years to tweak things and make updates and changes. This car drives excellent, however basically when you make a gasser your installing a straight axle like a car from the 30's. So any 55-57 Chevy gasser won't drive or handle as nicely as a 55-57 with a stock front suspension.

I'mlosing somestorage so something has to go. If you don't buy me you will regret it. This is the bestdeal on ebay !

If you already have a 55-57 Collection, nomad, hardtop, etc this would be a great addition to your collection. Set them side by side at a show andWOW !

Any questions please call me 701-471-3376.

I know many truckers, if you need help with transportation let me know

Any questions call me 701-471-3376

I will expect a $1,000 deposit within24 hours of the auction ending. I will expect the balance within 48 hours of the auction ending. I will only accept cash when you pick it up or a bank wire transfer. I would like the car picked up within 30 days of the auction ending.