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1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Gasser Coupe 1964 Monza Gasser Used Manual

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvair
Trim: Monza Gasser
Doors: 2 Doors
Year: 1964
Mileage: 26895
VIN: 40927W179932
Color: Green
Engine: 327 V8 Supercharged
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Gasser Additional Info:

WOW!!! How is this for a radical ride??? This outrageously modified 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza harkens back to the early years of drag racing when Gassers ruled the quarter-mile. This mechanical masterpiece was built by one of the all-time greats of hotrodding, the late, great Kermit Harper. Kermit's expertise as a master craftsman is never more evident than in the overall presentation of this electrifying tribute to the good old days. The "Monza Missile" is ready to launch!!! Honestly, this little two-door coupe is such an eye-catcher that it's really hard to say what grabs your attention first. It definitely embraces that vintage gasser look, raised high all the way around with a solid straight axle up front. The original front pan was cut out and transferred to the rear to establish a sleek, wrapped-from-the-bottom contour. It has a deep metallic green paint job that is pops in the sun and looks great. A gorgeous custom grille is a nice backdrop for a polished aluminum Moon tank mounted up front. Augmented by an assortment of decals, the hand-painted Monza Missile graphics accentuate the drag strip decorum. Every modification to this machine further emphasizes the competition-based theme. Classic wide whitewalls grace retro 15 inch tires mounted on Radir wheels. Mounted on the rear, a custom-made wind-up key is a stark reminder that this Corvair is anything but a toy. Oh, and you might have noticed a little something sticking up through the hood. Uh, that's just the tunnel-ram, two 4 barrels and supercharger. More about that later! A quick survey of the inside reveals that the foundation of the interior is basically stock in appearance. The original-style black vinyl seats are in good condition with very little wear. The door panels look great and you'll find no cracks or distortion of the dash pad. A small diameter steering wheel enables you to maintain a firm grip while chilling out to your favorite tunes on dual 8-track players. And as with any high performance vehicle, the inside has been tricked up with a few tools of the trade. The precision-crafted V-Gate shifter allows for flawless shifting of the four speed transmission . You'll hit every gear every time. Easily within reach of the driver, a control panel allows convenient access to the ignition, fuel pump, and fan switches. Tucked under the dash, a three-gauge instrument cluster monitors the vitals of the power train. Meanwhile, atop the dash, a big highly-visible tach keeps track of just how loud this beast will scream. For added safety, the battery and fuel cell are located in trunk while a harness bar is located just behind the front seat. Really, the inside of this Chevy could not be laid out any better. It brings comfort and functionality together in one package. Now let's talk power! Obviously, the original rear-engine configuration of this Corvair has been forsaken in favor of a more conventional set-up. Hit the starter on this bad boy and you'll hear a potent 327 Chevrolet roar to life. And that combination protruding from the hood is more specifically a pair of Holley four-barrel carburetors feeding fuel through a hi-rise tunnel ram intake into a Weiand supercharger. That's an ensemble that can churn out some raw horsepower in a big way. Headers with cutouts carry the exhaust out in a hurry, while an aluminum radiator keeps this car cool under the harshest conditions. This small block has way too many upgrades to list. And there is enough chrome and polished aluminum under the hood to hold your interest on appearance alone. Put this car on a lift and you'll be blown away by what you find underneath. The undercarriage is super sanitary and has been handsomely finished in red and flat black. You will be amazed at the precision workmanship that the builder employed in fabricating this immaculate chassis. Four-wheel disc brakes... Coil-over shocks... You name it, this Monza has it. There were no cutting corners on this build. Everything was done correctly. This Chevrolet Corvair Monza is a fitting tribute to an era when racers lived by a simple mantra: run-what-you-brung-and-hope-you-brung-enough. Obviously, in this case, somebody brought plenty. Now you can too. Call today!