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1957 Chevrolet (Chevy) Apache Pickup Truck 3100 series with a '58 Fleetside Box

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Year: 1957
Mileage: 70,000
VIN: 3A570115510
Color: Black
Engine: Small Block 400 V8
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Vancouver, Washington, United States

1957 Chevrolet Other Pickups Additional Info:

I'm selling my '57 Chevy Pickup. This was my first truck that I bought and built with my dad over 20 years ago. We completely rebuild this truck from the ground up as my first car when I was in high school. Sadly, it's time for it to move on. :( I have a complete picture album of the build from start to finish if you're ever curious to see more of it.
It's a '57 Chevy Apache, with a '58 Fleetside Box.I didn't put the box on it... it came this way when I bought it (1996).Quite a unique truck, one that everyone looks at when I take it out and about... and one that really confuses people who "know" old cars. :)
The truck has been garaged for the last 15 years, and rarely driven, although it runs and drives quite well. A few years ago we replaced the inline 6 with a small block 400 V8. That engine probably has less than 5000 miles on it. We also had the radiator re-cored in Sept 2017.
I'm just throwing this listing together to see what kind of interest I get, I honestly don't know what this truck is worth. I guess it's worth whatever someone will buy it for. :) I don't have great pictures of the interior, so I'll get it cleaned up tomorrow and try to get more pictures... it's all dusty in the garage right now. :)
I've included a couple pictures of when we first built this truck... again, in 1996. They are the "pictures of pictures", the last few pictures of the listing.

The body work is fantastic, the paint is literally like a mirror. Look at the reflections of the clouds and things in the first couple pictures, even in the shitty ebay quality pictures... they look awesome. :) My dad and I did all the body work, and paint. We also replaced a lot of the rusty sections completely... so it doesn't have most of the typical "rust spots" of these old trucks.
The paint is awesome, and FLAT... but it's also 20 years old. It's got a some chips and scratches here and there... but as you can see from 10 feet... it looks awesome. All the pictures are current condition.
It has a small block 400 V8 engine, it isn't all "pimped out"... it's just a good engine that is built to run and be driven and it does that well. You can pimp it out if you choose to. ;) It runs fantastic, and starts immediately. Unless it's been sitting for about a week, then all the gas evaporates out of the carburetor and you have to crank it for 10 seconds. :) But if fires right up and runs awesome. It has the original truck 4 speed with granny gear... and since switching to the V-8 I usually start from a stop in 3rd gear (2nd if I'm on a hill). It cruises at 65 no problem, but much faster than that and it gets pretty noisy and feels like it's just not geared for it. The current picture of the engine is just super dusty... it's been sitting in the garage for months while we've been building cabinets... so it doesn't look very good obviously. I'll try to get it washed and take a picture in the sun sometime this week... but it's December in Portland... so you know... sun??? Either way, it cleans up way better than shown. :) (But I'm just putting this listing out to get some feelers out... I won't have time to do a real cleanup until after Christmas!)
It looks like it's lowered a bit, but it really isn't... it's mostly stock, I just have smaller tires on it so it looks slightly lower than normal.
It also has shaved door handles, with remote entry. These used to work sweet, but stopped working since it's been garaged for years. Maybe I'll go through it tomorrow and see if I can get those working again. It might be as stupid as replace the battery in the alarm remote... the doors just open with the accessory button on a standard car alarm system (installed).
The bed of the truck just has weather treated plywood in it right now. We used to have a really nice oak floor (like hardwood floor) bed in it, but it was interior wood and didn't really last over the years. But that could be done again pretty easy. It's got the weather treated base plywood now, and works just fine for hauling my motorcycle.
There is no rear bumper, which we did intentionally when we build the truck... we welded in a custom roll pan for the back so it's pretty sharp looking. We also took off the stupid tailgate chains that just swing and scratch all the paint up on the original trucks. We put in some custom cables that fold up inside when the tailgate is shut. It's cool.
When we originally built this truck, we replaced the corners of the cab completely (see pics) and did away with all the spots these trucks normally "rust out". It's been garaged for over 15 years now, and is pretty clean in the rust department.
The interior has black carpet, and Teal/Pink bucket seats which match the paint. The seats are mounted on a custom console box we built, with 4 speakers and an amp for the stereo mounted in them as well. There is a stereo in it, which was cool 20 years ago with detachable face and plays MP3s... but it's old and occasionally possessed by demons. It works just fine for the most part though. It makes music and sounds good and loud if that's your thing.
The steering wheel is a grant custom wheel, and it's small... with no power steering. So muscle up!
If you have questions about this truck or want to come take a look at it feel free to shoot me a text message: 503.888.3008 Please don't ask or show up thinking you can buy this truck for $9000. You're wasting both of our time. I won't even respond.
This truck is not perfect, it needs a more recent love than I've been able to give it. But it's in really good shape for a quick easy fix a few things project to be a really awesome truck. It's already nicer than most of the '57 Chevy trucks I've seen listed on ebay, craigslist, and auto trader... and I'm not asking $30k plus for it. I honestly expect it will sell quickly... it's a great truck. :)
$500 deposit required within first 24 hours.